GreatCollections Auctions Starting at $1 ~~~~~~ Certified Morgan & Peace, Toned, CAC, Currency, 2009 UHRs & More

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Hello fellow NGC forum members,

I consigned the items shown below to GreatCollections and they are all closing tomorrow (Sunday, 6/11). I am the owner of Orange County Rare Coin & Bullion and I consign exclusively to GreatCollections based on many factors.

Our store easily consigns over $1,000,000 of numismatic items per year to GreatCollections. Everything that I consign is completely unreserved, meaning that each item starts at $1. I have dozens of items closing each and every Sunday without exception.

If you see anything that you are interested in bidding on, simply go to and enter the title in the search bar. Please contact me via this forum if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Thank you, Dennis


Auctions 1.png

Auctions 2.png

Auctions 3.png

Auctions 4.png

Auctions 5.png

Auctions 6.png

Auctions 7.png

Auctions 8.png

Auctions 9.png

Auctions 10.png

Auctions 11.png

Auctions 12.png

Auctions 13.png

Auctions 14.png

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