1829 CBH and Morgan Dollar

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Really like the older American coins but have not bought many for some reason. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Before this my oldest is a seated liberty. I don't know much about the pricing for these but I think for the detail it was a decent buy at $60. Unless I m wrong and got taken then let me know.  


Also picked up a Morgan dollar for $22. 

Was nice to come back from vacation and have these waiting in the mail for me. 





1829 Half dollar obv.jpg

1829 half dollar rev.jpg

1885 Morgan dollar obv.jpg

1885 Morgan dollar rev.jpg

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The 1829 was a fair price @ $60 nice honest wear that has not been harshly cleaned in the past, you just have to get past the black spots on the obverse, other than that, you did OK.

The Morgan however looks like a light cleaning on the obverse, it could just be the image but for $22 just to heft it in your hand is a thrill. This would be an excellent choice for a pocket piece.

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