Need coins added to the Buffalo VarietyPlus list ?? How??

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I've been a coin collector for 40+ years and in the last 15 or so I have been slowly submitting my collection for grading at NGC.

I'm currently working on my Buffalo variety coins now and I have submitted coins listed in the NGC Variety Plus list BUT-

I have a few very popular varieties that NGC doesn't offer / have on their list of coins for verification.

So how do I get these coins on their list? PCGS has them listed for verification / grading but I'm trying to keep my collection of Buffalos all NGC

Just to name a few Buffalos I need added. 1913-s Type 1 2 Feathers & No F both on same coin,  1917 No F.

Here is a Buffalo I bought at auction a few years a go I need to resubmit for the 2 Feather verification58cda6c464fd4_2Feathers.thumb.jpg.5a5c14f6119e3caeadc8f396c9395a57.jpg

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Hello Steel City, 

Thank you for your inquiry.  Any questions regarding the labeling/variety of your coin should be directed to our Customer Service department.  You may reach them at or at 1-800-642-2646.

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