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Does NCG offer a "holder check"?


Anthony Palombit   
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I just purchased a 1 oz gold panda coin on ebay. I verified the NGC certification on the NGC website and the photos match the coin I purchased, so I'm assuming the coin I purchased is authentic. Just to be sure, is there a service that NGC offers, where I can send the coin/holder in and have NGC validate that, yes, this is our holder and it hasn't been tampered with, without them opening the holder. If there is a problem, I would like to send it back to the dealer in the exact same condition I received it in. If it is an NCG holder and everything checks out, I would then like to upgrade to a scratch-resistant holder. Can't figure out how to do this on the NGC website and I have received two different answers from the NGC reps. 

I asked PCGS the same question and they were a bit more clear. They said I should check "other" and write in "please check holder." Could I simply do that with NGC? I'm not as concerned with upgrading the holder as I am ensuring my purchase. The upgraded holder would just be nice to have. 

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