Charmy's 2017 FUN Show Report w/lots of pics!

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When I post my show reports, I used to upload all the photos to Photobucket, and copy each photo link into a Word document, write the text, then copy and past the whole thing into the PCGS, NGC, and CoinTalk forums.


However, now with the new PCGS forum, all I have to do is upload each photo right where it fits in the narrative directly in the post. However, with NGC, I would also have to do it the old way which is very time consuming.


Does anyone have any suggestions how to best create my show report without having to do everything two different ways?


For now, here's a link to the report on the PCGS forum:


Show Report on PCGS forum

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Fun report Charmy. :applause:


I had been getting progressively more and more disenchanted with Photobucket (and other image hosting sites). I have to say, given Coin Talk's boards image drag and drop capability, once PCGS allowed direct drag and drop images onto their boards, I stopped adding any new images to Photobucket. Now if I want to show a Newp, I'll do it only on PCGS and CT. I'll still post images to the NGC boards, but they are from the images I've previously downloaded onto Photobucket. The NGC boards REALLY need to move into drag and drop capability (with a fairly good file size, say maybe 600 - 800 K per image), or they are definitely going to be left behind.

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After about the first six images all the rest just show placeholders and I have to right click each one and open the image in a new tab to be able to see them.


OK found the better solution, just reload the page. Each time I get a few more images. Had to reload the page ten times to get all of them.

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