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I'm probably a bit dense for this, but the more I read about So-called Dollars (H-K and friends), the less I understand about what differentiates one of these small medals from other similar-seeming medals. The old and new book versions only confuse me more. Am I looking for something that does not exist or am I missing it entirely. (Did that on the Beltway just yesterday afternoon....)

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Perhaps the "wide umbrella" has something to do with the fact So-Called Dollars have been so strong in the market. The more items you get in the book, the pieces some collectors think they need.

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On 11/1/2016 at 7:08 PM, coinman1794 said:

There are hundreds of medals and tokens listed in HK, and many more that are not. I'm not sure there really is any rhyme or reason to it.

I find it impossible to collect SCD's without owing and cross-referencing Both Editions of the book. There are enough discrepancies in books and including the app to determine the proper HK number. In many cases (see HK-299-304, with stars),

"NOTE: Two varieties are known, With or without a star on the map at St. Louis: variety without star rarer " 

The Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. medals, HK-364 - 378 are represented by different pictures in both editions which demands the question, A well planned 3d Edition of "So-Called Dollars" to tie together both Editions.

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