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I just created a new NGC Registry set for "Early Half Dollars, 1794 - 1839, Circulation Issue". ALL the coins had been previously (and are currently) registered in my "US Type Set, including Modern Issues". I "added" these 3 coins to the Early Half Dollar set using the "Best Available Coin" link.


For some reason NEITHER the 1829 Large Letters or Small Letters Capped Bust Half has ANY Registry Value unless, it appears, if there is some Overton number associated with it. My coin is an old MS63 PCGS rattler, and is just listed as 1829. I've figured out it's a Small Letters, but that's about it. My MS63 1829 CBH is worth 2489 points in my US Type Set, but ZERO in the "Early Half Dollars..." set. That seems screwy, to put it mildly.


WHY does the coin have ZERO registry points in the "Early Half Dollars..." set?


FWIW, I showed the coin to David Hall last year, and he thinks it would comfortably upgrade at least one grade, but I've owned the coin for ~ 25 years and like it in the old rattler. I have no interest in regrading it any time soon, as I have no plans (the good Lord willing) to sell it any time soon. Here's a pic of the coin...




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Lovely bust half, Sky!


Last month I bumped into the problem you encountered with NGC bust half registry sets. Your coins have zero registry points because they are treated as not qualifying for the variety slots.


The NGC system will only accept 1829 large letters if a PCGS cert look-up shows it to be an O.110 (that's the only 1829 die marriage that IS large letters). Similarly, it will only accept 1829 small letters if the cert shows it is O.101 - O.109, or O.111 - O.120 (all the rest).


PCGS doesn't cite "small letters" for 1829 halves because PCGS and the Redbook don't consider 1829 small letters a variety...just the large letters O.110. The rest are simply 1829's. (Oddly, if the coin goes through variety attribution the cert will include both the Overton marriage and "small stars".)


If your 1829 large letters has "large letters" on the cert -- regardless of whether it also says O.110 -- NGC will accept it. I needed David Lange's help (dlange@ngccoin.com) to find a workaround for their software.


If your 1829 large letters does not say "large letters" then that is PCGS's screw up. The large letters is a major variety and it should have been cited. PCGS will fix it free of charge.


BTW, the same problems exist with other varieties. For example 1834 is a real bear with small and large dates and letters. NGC wants Overton numbers but if the certs specify just the date and letter types, you can get them slotted if you persist.


As for your gorgeous 1829 small stars above which doesn't say "small stars" on the cert, I'm not sure if Mr. Lange can help. But it's worth a try. Otherwise it might be worth having regraded and attributed. Maybe it will get bumped a grade!



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  • Administrator

Thank you for the inquiry, SkyMan.

PCGS coins must go through an approval process for the NGC Registry. Once you add a PCGS coin to an NGC Registry Set and SAVE, this generates a process where the coin will then be verified with the PCGS certification web site.


This process can take up to a few days. Until it has been approved, your PCGS coin(s) in your Registry Set(s) will show "PENDING," and they will have zero score.


A coin does receive a zero/no score if it is in a "non-competitive" slot, such as the 1830 Large Letters.


If you have further questions, please email the certification number to us at registry@ngccoin.com, so we may look into this further. Thanks very much.

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