1939-S Jefferson Reverse of 1940 in MS-67 posted by James G. Berline

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Reverse of 1940 just doesn't measure up in quality like the Reverse of 1938 does. Most in this type were worn and just didn't show eye appeal.


It's been quite sometime since my last post but I had to show this beautiful coin. This was haunting me for years trying to find one in this grade.


I never actually thought I'd come across a 1939-S Reverse of 40' in MS-67, what makes this particular coin special to me is the quality and luster presented here, really tough to find like this,photos will show you this reverse of 1940 stunning piece.


B. Nagengast


These coins are not as nice as the reverse of 1938' often seen with off-luster and

weak strikes-Gem coins are quite rare.


Ron Guth


As a date, the 1939-S is attractive because of its low mintage. The Reverse of 1940 is even more attractive because, compared to the Reverse of 1938, the former is almost

ten times as rare as the latter. The typical grade for this variety is MS65, and the

finest example certified by PCGS is a single MS67.


As of Sept 2016'


PCGS POP Total Certified 221 / MS-67 (1)


NGC POP Total Certified 94 / (4) in MS-67 with (1) MS67-FS!



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Congrats on the rare grade Jim. Great to see you still involved with the Jeffersons. :cool:




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