Coin is NOT VALID FOR SLOT. What do I do?
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RE: **NGC: Coin is not showing as AVAILABLE or is NOT VALID FOR SLOT


You may manually enter in your coin, although it may not appear as 1 AVAILABLE COIN.


When you are in EDIT SET mode and want to add a coin to a slot, go ahead and click on NGC or NCS as the grader. Then manually type in the cert. number in the box provided in the Cert # column.


Scroll down and SAVE your changes.


When you receive any automated messages that say,


There are coin(s) you entered not valid for the designated slot(s).

Are you sure you want to continue?


Please click on OK.


This generates an automated process where we receive the same message and all of the details involved. Then with a few clicks, we can easily and quickly add your coin to that set for you. After we add the coin(s), you will receive a message saying the coin was added to your set(s). If you have further questions, please let us know via email at


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