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Hello everyone,


Earlier this week, I started up a Facebook page for my coin business. I know many of you use Facebook and if you don't mind seeing a few new coins a week and some info about upcoming shows every so often, then I would appreciate you "liking" my page.


Link to my Facebook page:


I still plan to post updates of new purchases here on the forum when I add a group of coins to my website, but if you follow me on Facebook you may see something a bit sooner or come across something you miss in my other posts here. I don't expect to sell much (and perhaps nothing at all) through Facebook, but I think it will potentially be a good resource to expose new people to the hobby and educate more folks about numismatics, particularly the younger ones.


As an incentive for you to check out and to "like" my page on Facebook, I will be giving away one of our one ounce silver 2015 Glendale Coin Club medals struck by Daniel Carr to one of you who like my page. Since I may not be able to track your name here vs. your name on Facebook, if you want to be in the drawing for this prize, please send me a private message after you like the page. I'll select the winner by random draw a week from today, on May 4.


Thanks again for looking at my posts here and thank you in advance for your support with the new Facebook page. And if you don't use Facebook, you can still see my coins on my website linked in my signature line below.






...and here's a pic of the prize:




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Do you promote it? There are a lot of tricks to do it naturally without bots and cheating tools. For example,it important when to post on facebook, you can read about this here. It's not the only useful tip, there are many.

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