1795 Flowing Hair Dollar PCGS VG10 CAC! Gorgeous Circ Cam

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1795 Flowing Hair Dollar PCGS VG10 CAC Approved. 2 Leaves Variety which is deemed to be Three Times more rare than the 3 Leaves Variety.


There are dozens of Flowing Hair Dollars you will find on the market. Sadly many of them have been tampered with in one way or another. This example is not one of them. While this example saw a good amount of circulation, it has retailed extremely original surfaces with only faint hairlines from being circulated. The rims are full as is Liberty, Liberty's portrait, date, the stars. United States of America is full on the reverse as is the eagle's outline and wreath. The coin has a full "circ-cam" look with hardly any surface marks. The only defect that exists are a few small rim dings. Even the most picky collector would love the look and eye appeal of this coin.


Priced at $4600 which includes shipping within the US. Payment by check, money order or paypal + 3%.






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Yummy!! I had to at least check it out!! :)

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