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go to eBay and click on one of your auction listing. Search other items for your ebay userID. Highlight the URL and use CTRL and simultaneously C to copy. Go back to the reply here in the forum. In the upper right there's an earth with paperclip--that allows you to insert a link into your reply. Click on it. Name for link would be sometheing like eBay auctions YourUSERID and then your will CTRL v to paste that URL that you copied from ebay for your auctions.


hope this helps

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On 3/2/2005 at 10:09 AM, Architecht said:

Making a sticky post for board members to post their EBay ID's. Just reply with your EBay ID and perhaps a link to an auction page for you.

sgorem1949....................not listing any coins this week, but check me out:)

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