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It appears that PCGS has multi-coin holders that they call jumbo for regular submission. However, NGC only offers to bulk submission.


I personally prefer the white background of NGC holders and the look is more appealing than the transparent PCGS holders.


I collect modern coins from Asia in silver or silver and gold sets. Some sets contain 2 to 6 coins and in series. For example, China Olympics 2008 coin issues, one silver and gold set in a series contains 6 coins. It comes in 3 series, in total 18 coins. If holdered individually, I will have a lot of slabs and storage problems.


It will be greener and less usage of plastic if the sets can be in multi-coin holders. Some coin sets are low in edition for a dealer to get 100 sets for bulk submission.


I really hope that NGC can put multi-coin holder back for regular submission.

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It's so sad that the multi-coin holders are gone. They look so good with coin sets in them.


The problem with modern coins I have is the heavy plastic smell from the original packaging, and very bad for the coins. I think it will be better to send in for grading and encapsulation before they start toning. I store the slabs in large Intercept Shield box.


These coins come in sets of 2-6 coins. I don't go for every single issues, only 3 to 4 issues per year. The quantity of slabs is enough to fill up the large Intercept box of 50-60 slabs in 3 years time! They will take up lots of storage space for long run.


I really wish to have 3-4 multi-coin slabs per year than 15-20 individual slabs. Sincerely hope that NGC can bring the multi-coin holder back.



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I like the multi's too. I have a set of BTW's, 18 coins in total. I can't figure out how to display them. They are all slabbed. I don't believe the holders go this high. Plus with slabs, a holder is out of the question. It would be huge for some sets.

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