2004 Registry Awards are OFFICIALLY up

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Check out the article announcing the winners! Congratulations to this year's winners.





(This is the official announcement as opposed to TDN finding the article posting slightly ahead of schedule before we put it on the front page. wink.gif )




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Wow! Great growth of sets this year in the registry at large! angel.gif Congrats to everyone, but a special congratulations to TDN and monsterman, both of whom contribute to these boards often and with a wealth of information. thumbsup2.gif



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hoooooooooooooot......to quote adam sandler...why thankyou...and back at ya....as i see you always helping with the cerebral issues yourself



and while im at it...congrates to all who worked hard on their sets this past year and enjoyed sharing the passion...your all winners in my book



now off to fun i go....where its going to be.....well...a happenin






ps monsterman`s rule #21....one must to go to the shows because it is there where you cut off the monsters before they leave the boarse and disappear into that dark hole called.... somebody elses collection

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I would like to thank NGC for the handsome awards I received this week for my 1889 Proof Set, 1889 Mint Set, Barber Halves (one per date), Standing Liberty Quarters (one per date), and Type Three Standing Liberty Quarters.

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