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Don't think I ever posted this coin here... one of my favorite coin in my collection to look at. I have many coins worth much more, but this one is just so cool. I had the opportunity to go through 200-300 freshly graded 1909 VDB cents that had been put away for many years and I spent over an hour going through them picking out the most eye appealing examples. Bought around a dozen of them that day, but this one is my favorite:



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I am no indian expert but wasn't the cn notorious for incomplete strike?


Either way I am a fan of strong strikes and I like this one.


Thanks CT - yes the hard Ni alloy metal made for weak strikes and rapid die wear. This one is struck well despite being die state B where the die is cracked - see reverse bottom right side of the wreath, and there is a die break along the obverse rim at 7 O'Clock. That crack and the obverse die break are diagnostic for Snow 2's, which have an R5.


Best, HT

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1810/09 1C PCGS VG10BN (undergraded?)



A nice example. These are super tough to find nice.




(thumbs u

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