1965 50c SMS kennedy half

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under coin census

1965 50c SMS Kennedy half.

When viewing the registry points chart, it appears to be totally incorrect for this coin.

For instance an ms67 is 1762 point (should be like 180)

under ms67 cameo it is 865 (which is less than the non cameo?)


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NGC Coin Explorer randomly pulls scores from TYPE sets and from DATE sets in Collectors Society. TYPE set scores are typically lower than other scores. I just checked one of the many Half Dollar DATE sets in the NGC Registry, and the PF, CA, and UC scores are in line with what they should be, respectively.


If you do notice an error in a DATE set within the NGC Registry, then please let me know.


Thanks for your interest, and have a great day.

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I don't think you understood what I said. I did not say the registry points were wrong on registry sets.


please do this:

NGC Research


US Coins

select PF Kennedy half dollars

select 1965 SMS

go to bottom of page look at the registry points chart

it is totally out of wack. look at my included jpg


just look at the the points for MS 67 Base (1762)

look at the points for MS 67 Base Cameo (865)

all are way too high.....

cameo less points less points than base coin???

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