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Hello and welcome!

Do you have a new set request? Please reply to this post!  Please list your relevant NGC certification numbers in your request. :grin:



Tokens and Medals: Shawnee Nation,G$5, 2002-Date, Proof finished! 

Tokens and Medals: Shawnee Nation, Silver Dollar, 2002-Date, Complete finished! 

Type Sets: New Orleans Type Set, 1838-1909, One-Per-Denomination finished! 

Cents: Lincoln Cents, 1909-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 

Cents: Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse, 1909-1958, One-Per-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 

Quarter Dollars: Commemoratives: Morgan and Peace Dollar 100th Anniversary Set, 2021, Mint State, Complete finished! 

Quarter Dollars: George Washington Crossing the Delaware Set, 2021, Complete Proof finished! 

Half Dollars: Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1916-1947, Complete (Including Varieties) finished! 

Proof Sets 1999-Date: 2021 Clad Proof Set Coinage finished! 

Proof Sets 1999-Date: 2021 Silver Proof Set Coinage finished! 

Modern Special Issues: End of World War II, Coin and Medal Set, Proof finished! 

American Eagles & Bullion: Gold Eagles, 1986-Date, Complete finished! 


Australia - Commemorative: 

Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Bi-Metallic, 2016-Date, Proof finished! 

Australian Emu Series, Silver Dollar, 2018-Date, Complete finished! 

Silver $1, 2021, Proof finished! 

Twenty Cents, Copper-Nickel, Commemorative, 2001-Date, Mint State finished! 

Dollar, 2004-Date, Mint State finished! 


Australia - Bullion:

Kookaburra, Silver $10, 10 Ounce, 1991-Date, Proof, Including Varieties finished! 


Australia - Decimal: 

Cent, 1966-Date, Mint State finished! 

One Dollar, 1984-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 

Five Cents, Gold, 2001-Date, Proof finished! 



Karl I, 1916-1918, Complete Circulation Issue finished! 



  • 50 Cents, Elizabeth II, 1974-1989, Proof finished! 
  • Copper-Nickel $1, Elizabeth II, 1981-1998, Proof finished! 
  • Silver $2, Commemorative Issues, 1994-Date, Proof finished! 



Silver $10, Commemorative, 1976-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver $25, Commemorative, 1978-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver $5, Commemorative, 1976-Date, Proof and Prooflike finished! 

Penny, 1788-1792, Circulation Issue finished! 

Silver $5, Commemorative, 1976-Date, Proof and Prooflike finished! 

5 Cents, 1973-1984, Proof finished! 



Silver 20 Roubles, 2004-Date, Mint State finished! 

Gold 50 Roubles, 1996-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver 100 Roubles, 2003-Date, Proof finished! 

Gold 200 Roubles, 2005-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver 20 Roubles, Lunar Series, 2012-2023, Proof finished! 



Leopold III, Type Set, 1934-1950, Circulation Issue finished! 

Franc, Leopold I, 1833-1850, Circulation Issue finished! 

Franc, Leopold II, 1866-1909, Circulation Issue finished! 

Leopold I, Type Set, 1831-1865, Circulation Issue finished! 

Leopold II, Type Set, 1865-1909, Circulation Issue finished! 

50 Centimes, Leopold II, French, 1866-1909, Circulation Issue finished! 

50 Centimes, Leopold II, Flemish, 1886-1909, Circulation Issue finished! 



200 Francs, 1993-Date, Mint State & Proof finished! 



Silver 25 Cents, 1984-Date, Proof finished! 



Silver 250 Ngultrums, World Buddha Heritage Series, 2010-2015, Proof finished! 



Republic Type Set, 1889-1942, Circulation Issue finished! 

Reform Coinage Type Set, 1942-1967, Circulation Issue finished! 

Reform Coinage Type Set, 1967-1985, Circulation Issue finished! 

Reform Coinage Type Set, 1986-1989, Circulation Issue finished! 

Reform Coinage Type Set, 1990-1993, Complete finished! 

Real Type Set, 2002-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 

Silver 2 Reais, 2002-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver 5 Reais, 2002-Date, Proof finished! 


British Virgin Islands: 

Titanium $5, 2014-Date, Mint State finished! 

Copper-Nickel $5, 2008-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver $5, 1979-1984, Proof finished! 

Queen's Coronation and Silver Jubilee Coinage, 1977-1978, Complete Proof finished! 

1973-1984, Type Set, Proof Set Coinage finished! 



Ships Colonies and Commerce Tokens, 1835, Complete, Including Varieties finished! 


Canada - Type Sets: 

Edward VII Type Set, 1902-1910, Circulation Issue finished! 

George V Type Set, 1911-1936, Circulation Issue finished! 


Central African Republic & States: 

Central African States, Standard Coinage, 2003-Date, Complete finished! 


China - Commemorative:

Gold 10 Yuan, 1997-Date, Mint State finished!  

Vault Protector Series, Silver, 2019-Date, Proof finished!  

Vault Protector Series, Gold, 2019-Date, Proof finished! 

Vault Protector Series, Platinum, 2019-Date, Proof finished!   

Large Dragon Stamp Medals, Silver, 30g, 2018, Mint State finished!      

Peking Opera Masks, Series I & II, 2010-2011, Proof finished! 

(2005) Silver, 1st RMB of Notes, Mint State, Complete finished! 

Peking Opera Masks, Series III, 2012, Proof finished! 

Bronze Medals, 2010-Date, Proof finished! 

2022 Beijing Olympics Set, Series I, Proof finished! 

2021 Auspicious Culture Set finished! 

Silver Medals, Mint State


China - Empire & Provinces:

Empire Ch’ing Dynasty Unified General Coinage, 10 Cash, 1905- 1907, Circulation Issue finished! 



84.82g, Silver, Summer Palace, (2010), Mint State finished! 


China - Panda: 

2021 Gold Panda 5 Coin Set, Mint State finished! 

Panda Medals, Official Mint Medals, 2021, Complete


China- Provincial Period:

Shanghai Pure Silver Cake, 1856, L&M 589-594, Complete finished! 


China - Republic Period (1912-1949):

Type Set, 1912-1934, Circulation Issue finished! 

Sun Yat-sen, Junk Patterns, YR18(1929), L&M 91-103, Complete finished! 


China -Taiwan Province: 

Gold NT$2K, Commemorative Issues, 2008-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver Yuan (Fat Man Dollar), 1914-1921, Circulation Issue finished! 


China - Tibet Autonomous Region: 

Sho, CD57-CD60 (1792-1795), Circulation Issue, Including Varieties  finished! 

Sho, CD61 (1796), Circulation Issue, Including Varieties  finished! 

Tangka Coinage, 1895-1930, Complete Mint State finished! 



Cuba: Peso, Copper, 1988-1995, Mint State finished! 

Peso, Copper, 1988-1995, Mint State finished! 


France - 1870-Date:

10 Francs, Bi-Metallic and Tri-Metallic, Including Pieforts, 1988-1989, Proof finished!  

Silver 25 Euro, Commemorative Issues, 2009-Date, Mint State and Proof finished!  

Silver Franc, 1988-2000, Proof finished!  

6.55957 Francs, 1999-2001, Proof finished!  

Gold 50 Francs, 1992-2000, Proof finished!  

Gold 50 Euros, Commemorative Issues, 2002-Date, Proof finished!            

Silver 20 Euros, 2003-Date, Proof finished!      

Gold 100 Euros, 2002-Date, Proof finished! 

Gold 200 Euros, Commemorative Issues, 2009-Date, Proof finished!             

Silver 100 Francs, Commemoratives, 1984-1999, Proof finished! 


French Indo-China: 

2 Sapeque, 1887-1902, Circulation Issue finished! 


Great Britain - Pre-Decimal:

Farthing, George I, 1717-1724, Circulation Issue finished! 

Halfpenny, George l, 1717-1724, Circulation Issue finished! 

Crown, Charles II, 1662-1684, One-Per-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 

Shilling, Anne, 1702-1714, Circulation Issue finished!                                                                     

Shilling, George II, 1727-1758, Circulation Issue, Complete, Including Varieties finished! 

Penny, Victoria, 1839-1901, Complete Proof finished! 


Great Britain - Decimal (1971-Date): 

Copper-Nickel Two Pounds, Celtic Design, Elizabeth II, 1997-2014, Mint State finished! 


Great Britain - Sovereigns and Bullion: 

Britannia, Copper-Nickel 2 Pounds, 2015-Date, Mint State finished! 

Britannia, Gold 2oz, 200 Pounds, 2019-Date, Proof finished! 

The Great Engravers, 2019-Date, Complete finished! 



Double, 1830-1948, Circulation Issue finished! 

Gold 25 Pounds, 1994-Date, Proof finished! 

Silver Pound, 1995-2000, Proof finished! 

Silver 5 Pounds, 1997-Date, Proof finished! 



Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Shah, Type Set, SH1320-1358 (1941-1979), Circulation Issue finished! 

Nasir al-Din Shah, Type Set, AH1264-1313 (1848-1896), Circulation Issue finished! 

Muzaffar al-Din Shah, Type Set, AH1313-1324 (1896-1907), Circulation Issue finished! 

Muzaffar al-Din Shah, Type Set, AH1313-1324 (1896-1907), Circulation Issue finished! 

Muhammad Ali Shah, Type Set, AH1324-1327 (1907-1909), Circulation Issue finished! 

Sultan Ahmad Shah, Type Set, AH1327-1344 (1909-1925), Circulation Issue finished! 


Iraq:  all finished! 

10 Fils, AH1378//1959-AH1410//1990, Mint State and Proof

50 Fils, AH1378//1959-AH1410//1990, Mint State and Proof

250 Fils, AH1390//1970-AH1410//1990, Mint State and Proof        

Dinar, AH1391//1971-AH1402//1982, Mint State and Proof

Silver Medals, AH1394//1974-Date, Proof

Gold Issues, AH1390//1971-AH1402//1982, Proof



Independence Day Series, 1958-1980, Circulation Issue finished! 

Independence Day Series, 1958-1980, Proof finished! 



2 Ore, Haakon VII, 1906-1957, Circulation Issue finished!

Ore, Haakon VII, 1906-1957, Circulation Issue finished!

1/2 Specie Daler, 1776-1779, Circulation Issue finished!

1/2 Specie Daler, Type Set, 1819-1873, Circulation Issue finished!

1 Specie Daler, 1776-1785, Circulation Issue finished!

1 Specie Daler, Type Set, 1816-1869, Circulation Issue finished!

5 Ore, Haakon VII, 1907-1957, Circulation Issue finished!

50 Ore, Haakon VII, 1920-1957, Circulation Issue finished! 

1 Ore, Oscar II, 1876-1902, Circulation Issue finished! 

2 Ore, Oscar II, 1876-1902, Circulation Issue finished! 

5 Ore, Oscar II, 1875-1902, Circulation Issue finished! 

50 Ore, Oscar II, 1877-1904, Circulation Issue finished! 

Krone, Silver, Oscar II, 1875-1904, Circulation Issue finished! 

2 Kroner, Silver, Oscar II, 1878-1904, Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Kroner, Gold, 1874-1910, Circulation Issue finished! 

20 Kroner, Nickel-Brass, Harald V, 1994-Date, Complete Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Kroner, Olav V, 1983-1991, Circulation Issue finished! 

5 Kroner, Olav V, Type Set, 1963-1991, Circulation Issue finished! 

Haakon VII, Type Set, 1906-1957, Circulation Issue (No Silver or Gold) finished! 

10 Ore, Oscar II, 1874-1903, Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Ore, Haakon VII, Type Set, 1909-1957, Circulation Issue finished! 

25 Ore, Oscar II, 1876-1904, Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Ore, Silver, Haakon VII, 1909-1919, Circulation Issue finished! 

25 Ore, Silver, Haakon VII, 1909-1919, Circulation Issue finished! 

50 Ore, Silver, Haakon VII, 1909-1919, Circulation Issue finished! 

2 Kroner, Silver, Haakon VII, 1906-1917, Circulation Issue finished! 

1 Ore, Olav V, 1958-1972, Circulation Issue finished! 

2 Ore, Olav V, 1958-1972, Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Ore, Olav V, 1958-1973, Circulation Issue finished! 

25 Ore, Olav V, 1958-1973, Circulation Issue finished! 

25 Ore, Olav V, 1974-1982, Circulation Issue finished! 



Standard Coinage, Type Set, AH1393(1973)-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 



1.5 Rubles, 1835-1839, Mint State finished! 

3 Kopek Type Set, Nicholas I, 1839-1848, Circulation Issue finished! 

3 Kopeks, 1850-1859, Mint State finished! 

Silver 100 Roubles, 1 Kilo, 1995-Date, Proof finished! 

Palladium 5 Roubles, 1993-1995, Complete finished! 

Palladium 10 Roubles, 1993-1995, Complete finished! 

Type Set, Nicholas II, Copper Issues, 1894-1917, Circulation Issue finished! 

Type Set, Nicholas II, Gold Issues, 1894-1917, Circulation Issue finished! 



Burundi, Kingdom, 1962-1965 Issues, Complete finished! 


Saudi Arabia & Hejaz:        

Regular Coinage, AH1344(1925), Circulation Issue finished! 

Kingdom, Regular Coinage, AH1346(1927)-AH1348(1929), Circulation Issue finished! 



25 Ore, Carl XV (1859-1872), Circulation Issue finished! 

Gustav III Type Set, 1771-1792, Circulation Issue finished! 

Gustav IV Type Set, 1792-1809, Circulation Issue finished! 

Carl XIII Type Set, 1809-1818, Circulation Issue finished! 

10 Ore, Carl XV (1859-1872), Circulation Issue finished! 

25 Ore, Oscar I (1855-1859), Circulation Issue finished! 

Daler, 1715-1719, Circulation Issue finished! 



5 Francs, Commemorative, 1936-Date, Circulation Issue finished! 



United Arab Republic, AH1377/1958-AH1380/1960, Circulation Issue finished! 


United Arab Emirates:

Dirham, AH1392//1973 - Date, Mint State finished! 

Silver 25 Dirhams, 1998-Date, Proof  finished! 


United Kingdom: Great Britain - Decimal:

Silver 500 Pounds, Commemorative, 2012-Date, Proof finished! 

5 Pounds, Lunar Series, 2020-2031, Mint State finished! 

Gold 5 Pounds, Elizabeth II, 1990-Date, Proof finished! 

Gold 100 Pound, Lunar Series, 2014-2025, Mint State finished! 

Gold 200 Pounds, Commemorative, 2019-Date, Proof finished! 

2020 Annual Coin Set Coinage, Mint State finished! 


United Kingdom: Great Britain - Proof Sets

2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Silver Proof Set Coinage Sets


United Kingdom: Great Britain - Sovereigns and Bullion:

Britannia, Platinum 25 Pounds, 2007-Date, Proof finished!  

Britannia, Gold 1/40oz, 50 Pence, 2014-Date, Proof finished!  

Platinum 5 Pound, 2008-Date, Piefort, Proof finished!  

Gold 1000 Pounds, The Queen's Beasts, 2017-Date, Proof finished!  

Gold 10 Pound, Lunar Series, Elizabeth II, 2014-2025, Complete finished!  

Britannia, Silver 500 Pounds, 1 Kilo, 2018-Date, Proof finished!  


Yemen - Including Y.A.R. & South Arabia: 

South Arabia, Federation Standard Coinage, 1964, Circulation Issue finished! 



Kingdom, 1931-1938, Type Set, Proof finished! 


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Thanks for creating the Sweden 2 Kronor 1897-1938 Commemorative set.


Could you also create a Denmark Silver 2 Kroner 1892-1958 Commemorative set?












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Thank you for adding my request to the list.


I would modify your representation of my request from this:


"USA--Basic Type Set, No Gold,( ?-1965)"


to this:


"USA--Basic Type Set through 1964, No Gold."

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  • Administrator

We have made changes to the Finland 2001M slots in the Markka Bi-Metallic Commemoratives, 1995-2001 set. Now there is one 2001M LAHTI PL slot.


We have made the decision based upon what Krause catalog has listed. Your coin is now in that slot. (You made another post which stated that you were having trouble entering that coin into our Registry.) Thank you.

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  • Administrator

The new slot and coin have been added here:


Great Britain - Sovereigns and Bullion: Britannia Silver 2 Pounds, 1998-Date, Mint State


Thank you.

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How about a registry set for China Gods and Goddesses Silver Medals?


For example the set can consist of rare silver medals like

1987 3.3 taels God of Longevity

1989 3.3 taels God of War and Wealth

1990 5 oz Eight Immortals

1990 Four Blessings Medal 4 coin set

1989 5 oz Guanyin


This would make an awesome registry set of very rare sought after Chinese silver medals that have been graded by NGC


Just my 2 cents.

Edited by silverfever
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  • Administrator

At this time, we would not consider these coins for a Competitive Registry Set. You may, however, set them up as a Custom Set, if you wish. Thank you.

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Ali, I see the below sets in the list of requested sets. Are these intended to be added to the registry or it is still being considered? Is there something users have to do to show their support for these sets to get them on the registry?


India Princely States---One coin per Princely State

India Princely States---Gwalior State

India Princely States---Kutch State

India Princely States---Hyderabad State

India Princely States---Indore State

India Princely States---Travancore State

India---Republic of India 100 Rupee Coins

India---Republic of India Type Set

India---Portuguese India Type Set

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Hi Ali,


I think a great set to add to the Registry under World Coins would be a Type Set focussed on collecting certified 1 ounce gold coins (MS) from each major country that mints bullion. You guys may have something similar already for silver if I recall. I would bet that some have done this in their custom sets, but I think it would be neat to showcase in the competivie registry. Not being fixated on any one country, I like the idea of getting one coin per country vs a set from just one nation.


Thanks for the efforts and inquiry.

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Hi Ali,


Can you please include the following type sets of business strikes (MS) no proofs or restrikes. India has a very broad and deep numismatic field and is very under represented at NGC registries:


East India Company


India (British) William IV 1835

India (British) Victoria Continuous Legend 1840-1849

India (British) Victoria Divided Legend 1840-1859


Regal Series

India (British) Victoria Queen 1862-1876

India (British) Victoria Empress 1877-1901

India (British) Edward VII 1903-1910

India (British) George V 1911-1936

India (British) George VI 1938-1847


I also see some of the Indian Princely States sets request on your list, I second them too! If you need any help in putting the sets together do let me know. I have been a collector of British India coins for 15 years.




Edited by orangeflag
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  • Administrator

Good Afternoon, Harry.

I will forward your request to management and will notify you when I hear back from them. Thanks for your interest and support.

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Request for 2 Competitive Sets:


1. West Germany: 1951 2 Mark (KM 111), Circulation Issue


2. East Germany: 1948 - 1953 1-5-10-50 Pfennig, Circulation Issue


Thank you for the consideration !



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  • Administrator

RE: Can you please consider adding the following sets:


1894 Guatemala 1/2 Reals c/s on Peru Sols

1894 Guatemala 1/2 Reals c/s on Chile Pesos

Peru 1/5 Sols

Peru Dineros




We have added Peru 1/5 Sols and Peru Dineros Set Request list. We may consider adding those Guatemala coins in the future, but not at this time. Thank you.

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  • Administrator

re: Mexico Silver 5 Pesos 1947 - 1959 circulation issues


Management has approved your set request. We are adding it to the list. Thank you.

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