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The following guidelines are now in effect for the Marketplace, and may be modified or expanded in the future:

Note that BUYERS AND SELLERS HAVE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR TRANSACTIONS. We will not resolve disputes, and purchases and sales are done at your own risk.

"For sale" threads may be removed for failure to comply, and repeated issues could result in strikes / administration action.


  1. Items must be numismatic in nature.
  2. No spamming. Group your for sale items into as few threads as is reasonable. Attempts to take up front page real estate by creating multiple threads for no reason are not allowed.
  3. If selling directly from here, you must list specific items with purchase prices. It is acceptable to bulk price, and/or to note that package discounts may be available, but you must list a starting price that you WILL sell for (links to auction sites like eBay are an exception).
  4. Include pictures showing the grade, or at least describe the grade for offered items.
  5. Include estimated shipping costs, times, and methods.
  6. Include acceptable forms of payment.
  7. If posting a trading thread you must list a dollar value price for the item that you WILL accept in TRADE VALUE, and you MUST put "TRADE ONLY" in the title of your thread if you will not accept money.
  8. Threads may be bumped once per day.
  9. BUYERS - when you reply to a sale thread with multiple items indicating that you'll buy something, you must indicate what item you're buying. Otherwise, if someone else claims a specific item before you have done so, their offer will take precedence over yours even if yours was first.

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