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I would like to request a new set to be added to the registry.


A complete US coin set with every US coin ever minted, including Proofs & commemoratives.


Thank you.


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Dear SPHansen:


There will not be a separate set made for the birth coins. However, they will be added to the appropriate proof and mint state sets. This should happen in the next couple of weeks. You can always check the NGC Registry Updates thread to find out when the slots are made available.


Best Regards,

Kathy Timoshenko

NGC Registry Coordinator


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I wanted to request new NGC Registry Sets. I'm assuming this is where it is done. Here are the sets I am requesting:


Niue - Proof Coins

Niue - Star Wars Proof Coins

Australia - $1 Proof Coins

Australia - Kangaroo - Gold $2

Australia - Koala - Silver 10c Proof Coins

Australia - Endangered Series Piedfort Proof Coins

Tuvalu - Wildlife In Need Series Proof Coins

Tuvalu - Dragons Of Legend Series Proof Coins

Tuvalu - Silver 50c Proof Coins

Tuvalu - Endangered & Extinct Series Proof Coins

Tuvalu - Ships That Changed The World Series Proof Coins

Macao - Lunar Series Proof Coins


Best Regards,

Dan Hughes


P.S. Some additions:

Canada S$10 Special Issue

2012 Canada S$10 R.M.S. Titanic

2012 Canada S$10 Dragon


Canada S$15 Royal Vignettes

2008 Queen Victoria

2008 King Edward VII

2008 King George V

2009 King George VI

2009 Queen Elizabeth II


Canada S$20 Goalie Mask

2009 Ottawa Senators

2009 Calgary Flames

2009 Edmonton Oilers

2009 Toronto Maple Leafs


Canada S$30 Canadian Achievements

2006 Canadarm

2007 Panoramic Niagra Falls

2008 Imax Great White Shark

2009 International Year Of Astronomy

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Any possibility of adding the American Silver Eagles from the 2003 U.S. MINT Legacies of Freedom US/UK Silver Bullion Coin Set, and the 2007 UK Mint Symbols of Freedom Silver Proof Set to the Registry (as was done for the 2000 Millinnium Set)? Have no idea of mintage for the Legacies, but the Symbols set only had a mintage of 1,500.

Thank You,

Don Boren

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Hi Kathy,


In the Presidential Dollar Proof set, there is only one slot for the Grover Cleveland coin... would you please add the slot for the second term coin? Thanks!



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I was told to come here and inform Kathy that I am having a problem with my variety set. The link to my quandary is here


I think it's self-explanatory from what I've posted there but if there are any questions please message me and see if we can figure out what's going on.

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There are many Indian Princely States and many many coins issued by them. I am very surprised there are no registry sets for Indian Princely states.


I request addition of


Gwalior State

Kutch State

Hyderabad State

Indore State

Travancore State

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I am requesting the Philippine Republic (1946 - present) coinage be added to the World registry set.


If possible...


Philippine Republic, Proof Issues (1946 - present)


Philippine Republic, Complete incl. proof (1946 - present)


Philippine Republic Type Set (1946 - present)


Philippine Republic, Commemoratives (1946 - present)

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I think we should add a key date coins registry set. Like the type sets but just of the key date coins for the series'. Example. 20th Century Non-proofs - no gold Key Date Set. It would have the 1909 S VBD 1c - 1914 Barber Half - 1921-D Walker - 1928 Peace - etc

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