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Ideas: 2 war nicks

Group of worn indians

A silver dime ($3)

1 worn indian ($2)

A common date UNC Roosevelt silver ($5)

Roll of common wheats (2.50 plus 2.50 postage)

Common worn barber ($4)

A common date worn Ike ($3)

Or whatever common stuff you have or junk that you want to dump on me.

I am open for cheap offers :)

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Show me something to buy for $5. I'll send cash :)


Is the $5 firm? Would you be looking for other cheap coins (e.g. $30-50)?

Yes, I am already making deals. Preferably within $10, as my budget is on hold temporarily, but I am open to ALL OFFERS.

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This thread is a good way for u to acquire a bunch of junk coins you won't want have in 3 months.


:) Junk coins? You keed hm


:signfunny: I am keeping my coins. In all my time of collecting.... * computer crashes *

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