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What if the points were asigned by rarity???????


Being a collector for over 50 years, NOT a dealer, I have come to appreciate what it takes to build a high grade set in ANY denomination. There will always be those few coins that make completing a set a challenge to locate and acquire at a "affordable" price. In most cases the "KEYS" are just that and most time NOT affordable but a must have to have the complete set. I like many think coin collecting can be an addiction because when you start getting close to completing the set alot of times we tend to through all caution to the wind to acquire that particular coin.

I believe if you are in the regestry for the points you are missing the joy of building a set. I have coins that will probably not be worth what it costs to get slabbed but they were another piece of the set puzzle needed to complete my set.

So what about having the point system srt up on population? I don't understand how a 1953 Jefferson Nickel MS67 with a population of 6 should have the low point value that it does compared to a 2011 1/10 oz gold eagle but it doesn't stop me from trying to build a MS67 set of nickels. Take the GOLD EAGLES for example. The points were just "adjusted" and bu the points I moved up 30 spots in the regestry. Most jumped up substantually but the lowest mintage 1/2 Oz, 1991 didn't gain a single point and not sure why.

Some of my sets are spin offs from putting together mint sets but I do have my "favorites" like the Jefferson Nickels anad also a modern set the Gold Eagles in MS70. Both sets are a challenge but the challenge is part of collecting. I will spend hours just looking at the pictures of coins in others sets and the can really appreciate the amount of time money and effort ot takes to build some of the sets that are out there

Keep up the good work and happy collecting to you all.

God bless you all!



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Hello Jerry, pleasure meeting you! I'm right behind you in the Registry,

(jb4gpo) an' yes! you are most certainly correct as far as the point system

needs an adjustment. Both you an I know, that making a collection involves

alot of patience ,but also an ongoing love for the hobby! You'll notice on my

collection , (read my Bio) I have quite an assortment of (Everything) and again,

this makes a complete collection (Imo)... I don't give a hoot , really ' about

those points, to where ,,,,if I can find a great looking error/fs or variety,,,and I

think it should fit in my collection, I'll grab it! but anyways, I just wanted you

to know, we both are on the same wave length ,as for collecting these lil'

darlings,,,,take care jerry, an write / I'd like to hear from ya'!


Respectivly' Jim/jb4gpo

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