New bannings at another coin forum.
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It would do us all well to remember we do not own these sand boxes we're permitted to play in. If you don't play nice the host is right to extricate themselves of the offenders. And, without notice if they so desire. They own the house...we're just invited guests. Trust me, if you invited someone to your home and they acted in the manner some do on these boards you'd toss them out...without notice too!


I find in business (such as email) as well as message boards people tend to get very bold and write things they would never say in person. The keyboard provides protection.


Let's just try to say something nice or not say anything at all. If you don't like some Thread and have nothing positive to contribute, please just move along.


Just my opinion for what it's worth...

Lablover, is that what you seriously think, that you can simply throw these bannings off on ethics violations? Seriously, do you see some of these names that got banned, there? How can you even think of suggesting to us that each and every one of these individuals are so clueless as to not know how to conduct themselves ethically as invitees in a public forum?


Let me ask you this. Is there any public forum that doesn't have ethics rules? Is there any public forum that allows ethics violations to stand? If you think there is, name it. You'll get banned, here, if you start flaming people, I guarantee it. No public forum will tolerate that kind of conduct from its invitees.


No, I'm sorry, I think there's a little more to what's going on, there, than what you let on; I hate to say it...

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