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From the ‘My Collection’ menu click ‘Add Coin’


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Select a Status for your coin, choose the appropriate grading company if applicable and enter a certification number for your coin if it has been graded.


If your coin has been graded by NGC or NCS you will be able to enter a certification number and select 'GET DETAILS' to populate information for your coin. If the information is correct click 'CONFIRM' to add the coin to your Collection Manager.


add single coin 2.JPG



If your coin has been certified by another grading company, enter the certification number, choose the coin type and enter search terms to populate information for your coin.


add single coin 4.JPG


For raw coins (uncertified coins) you would not have a certification number and would only enter the coin type and search terms to populate the information for your coin.


Once you have clicked to 'CONFIRM' and add the coin to your Collection Manager, you will see a screen where you may enter additional details for the coin as well as upload photos. When you are finished entering any additional information, click 'SAVE'


add single coin 5.JPG


Then, in the upper right area of the screen, you may select the link to navigate 'Back to Collection Manager' or 'Add Another Coin'.


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