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I have decided to start a new auction web site that will allow members to buy, sell, and trade coins and related items.


I know that may people will say that there is no way a "new" auction web site can survive in the marketplace, but I think it can and I'm willing to take a shot at it.


The web site will be hosted on a dedicated server with plenty of power & bandwidth. Hosting fees have been paid in advance.


The software that I have purchased for this web site has many features that will make it very similar to the "Big" auction web sites like:


Picture Gallery Catalog:

Featured Picture Gallery:

Search Functionality:

Reserve Price:

Bold Listing:

Highlight In Listing:

Featured In Category:

Featured On Main Page:

Fixed Price Auctions:

Classified Ads:

Automatic Re-listing:

PayPal Payment Link for Sellers:

Add to Watch List:

Mail This Auction to A Friend:

Trade Sale Type:


Item (Hit) Counters:

View Sellers Other Items:

Forgotten Password Retrieval:

Renew Listing:

Profiles (About Me Page):

Store Fronts:


Once testing is completed I will be placing ads to help drive traffic to the web site, both online and print.


I would like to ask for you suggestions on what you feel will help make this a success.


What other features would you like to see?


What Numismatic publications do you think would be good to advertise in? (CoinWorld, Numismatic News, Grey Sheet, Etc.)


What Numismatic web sites do you visit often that accept advertising do you think would be good to advertise on? (,, etc.)


And I guess the most important question is would YOU be willing to give it a try?


I would also like to ask for you help testing the site.


If you could sign up, post items for sale, bid on items, etc.


Sign up now to get the user name you want. Also everyone who signs up now will receive unlimited free listings for at least a couple of months after the site starts charging for listings.


If you have any problems or questions please PM me or send email to


Thanks for your help!!




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