2 1881 cc Morgans

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Appreciate a grade on these coins

I'm thinking 63 for the first.

62 for the second.

What do I know?

Thanks for the help

Genuine newbie.


These are Carson City slabbed uncirculated from

the big treasury sale. HAve the packaging and COA.





and the other one.





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I'm liking 63 for the first and 61 for the second. Both nice but this is not an area of strength for me. The second coin is just a little too chomped up on the face to be much higher than a 61/62. JMHO.



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I like 63 for the first. The Rev looks good but the Obv has a few nics in front of and on liberty and looks like a something going on behind the cap.

The second seems to look 62 to me also. Face is pretty beat up and also looks like a bad rim spot above the A in states. Still nice CC's!!

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