please grade this coin from a one dementional crappy photo

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in hand the coin is not cleaned or worked on and it is genuine


in hand coin is rose gold with no trace of prooflike surfaces


the coin HAS frosty surfaces and full cartwheel lustre


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What the Hell...I'm feeling cocky today...gonna crack my first slab....maybe...


I'd go MS 64. I really don't see anything too distracting that a small scratch connecting the left ribbon to the leaf above?? Still...a beauty...and I love the rose color!!

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I am thinking MS-63 on this piece. There appears to be some minor marks in the field that would preclude the MS-64 grade. It appears that the hair detail about Ms. Liberty's forehead in complete with sign of a rub. That is an indication of a Mint State coin.


Here are a couple points of reference for grading the type.


This is a PCGS MS-63.




And this is an NGC MS-64. I sold this piece for strong price (at the time) to a very well known expert gold dealer and author.



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thanks for the responses the reverse has no rub and is a full ms62


obv is an au 63


the coin sits in a pcgs au58 holder


but this is a coin that will grade one day ms 61/62 especailly so at ngc


and the next day au58

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