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You're kidding, right? I mean, this is just a troll to see if anyone's stupid enough to attempt a serious reply? This is like me posting a message on an antique car forum saying I'm thinking of becoming a used car salesman so could you potential customers please tell me which cars sell the best?


Such a post would be pretty insulting to people who take cars seriously and have invested years of time and enterprise in learning about their avocation.




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All I am asking is which coins are the most popular and which sell the best. I am not trying to acquire customers. Take it easy Beijim. I have recently been passed on a huge coin collection which I offered to sell to raise money for those that need it and are close to me. I am looking for some advice, outside of a "coin collecting book" which I thought I could get on this forum. I though that you guys, as involved in the coin collectible market that you are, could give me that advice to maximize profits. That is all. Apparently coin collectors are not as forthcoming as comic book collectors.

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GoldenAge -

Sorry guy, and don't take it personal, but a first post on coins in thie section from someone that takes the angle yours did immediately makes us wonder where you're coming from.


So, let's begin again by taking your post honestly and at face value.


There are so many, many coins that its difficult where to tell you to begin. The one consistent thing you will hear however is that you must read first before trying to do much of anything with coins. If not, you will make lots of mistakes that will probably cost you dearly. That's not to say that you won't make mistakes even after you've made an attempt at educating yourself, but you'll have a lot better chance at success. Naturally, the reading/learning part of collecting coins is a never-ending thing.


As for what coins are the best - I don't know that there is a reasonable way to respond to that question. The best answer will be to focus on those coins that you know the best...which takes us back to the first paragraph. Some people focus on modern coins, but others won't collect any that is represented by currently circulating coinage. Many concentrate on one denomination, or one design, or even one type of metal - it really depends upon what catches your eye and stirs your heart.


Coins that always seem to be popular include Morgan Dollars, Indian cents, Lincoln cents, Buffalo nickels, Barber dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, Walking Liberty half-dollars, and St. Gauden $20 pieces. But, while I've named a few here, I'm sure that everyone out could add at leat 5 other types to the list and be just as correct.


Finally - the best thing about coin collecting isn't the chase for dollars...its the history and enjoyment of miniature works of art.


Best of luck as you decide to pursue this hobby.

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If you're just starting out I'd stay away from Foreign coins. Shoot, I've been collecting since I was 12 and I still don't know enough to collect Foreign!


Go with a U.S. series that interests you. Just pick one (like Ike dollars, for example). Get to know as much as you can regarding that single series. Read up on it and study eBay's closing prices on various types within the series and the different grades.

Possibly visit your local coin shop and check out his albums of inventory for that single series and select a few coins you believe have potential.

Even if you're wrong, your outlay is minimal and you'll learn quickly on how to improve.

Good luck! They say collecting and selling coins is not complicated yet complex.

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