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Roman Republic • Q. Antonius Balbus 83-2 B.C., Serrate Denarius

3.63g, 5h, Rome Mint.

Laureate Head of Jupiter right, SC behind/Victory driving quadriga right, holding reins, palm frond and wreath, B below horses.

Crawford 364/1dSydenham 742b, Antonia 1.

CNG grade: Superb EF, lightly toned. My annotation: Reverse struck off center.






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Intentional as struck. Thus the "Serrate" Denarius designation...

The description here:

"The use of a serrated edge is fairly common on Roman Re-publican coins of this era. It is not certain why this was done, but the best theory we have heard is that these coins were used in payment to Northern tribes who did not always trust the Roman silver and would cut into it to make sure it was not silver-plated copper (silver-plated copper denarii are called fouree and are fairly commonly encountered even today). The serrated edges made the coins look like they had already been shows every sign that the serrations were made by chisel cuts to the flan prior to the coin being struck.


BTW, Larry, I love the coin! Beautiful strike and booming luster for a 2100 year old coin!

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First time here,I see not many posts on ancients which is a shame as its a great area to collect but very broad.I just bought some coins at a brick and mortar auction old family estate.I paid a couple of hundred for these the question is are they legit.I need to send out for grading.If legit I hit the jackpot if not makes for interesting items to talk about.I identified most of them.


However I cannot figure out how to post an image

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Figured that this thread could use a little activity ...


This is a little Roman Denarius (Crepusius 82-81 BC) produced by the mint in Rome. The coin is not well centered on the reverse and the obverse is damaged but shows off the locus privy mark well





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These represent my last year or so's worth of ancient coin purchases and swaps.


All eighteen of these just went off to NGC Ancients.


I got five more Romans this weekend in a surprise swap from somebody. (By "surprise swap", I mean he just sent 'em to me outta the blue, and basically said, "eh, send me whatever you like in return". Those can be fun.)


th_TeosAR-original.jpg Teos, Ionia AR trihemiobol, 10.5 mm


th_MiletosAR-original.jpg Miletos, Ionia, AR 10 mm.


th_Erwindoc-trade-MysteryGreek.jpg Macedonia (Phillip II?) AE 17.5 mm.


th_Erwindoc-trade-Alexander2.jpg Alexander the Great, posthumous drachm, AR 17 mm.


th_AdramytteionAE-original.jpg Adramytteion AE 12 mm.


th_SeleucidAE-original.jpg Seleucid Kingdom, Antiochus VIII Grypus, AE 19 mm.


th_RS020-Roman-AEasCaligulaca14-37AD-017900.jpg Caligula, Caesaraugusta, AE as, 26 mm.


th_RS027-Nero-preslab.jpg Nero, AE as, 28 mm.


th_RS034-Roman-AEasGalbaca68-69AD-019700.jpg Galba, AE as, 28 mm.


th_RS036-Vitellius-preslab-scan.jpg Vitellius, AR denarius, 19 mm.


th_RS041-Titus-preslab-photo.jpg Titus, AR denarius, 17 mm.


th_RS047-Trajan-preslab.jpg Trajan, AR denarius, 19 mm.


th_RS051-Hadrian-preslab.jpg Hadrian, AR denarius, 19 mm.


th_RS062-LuciusVerus-preslab.jpg Lucius Verus, AE sestertius, 33.5 mm.


th_Erwindoc-trade-AntoninusPius2.jpg Antoninus Pius, AR denarius, 18 mm.


th_RS088-Roman-ARdenariusJuliaMamaead235AD-003900.jpg Julia Mamaea, AR denarius, 19 mm.


th_RS099-PhilipI-preslab.jpg Philip I AR antoninianus, 23 mm.


th_AntoninusPius-coin.jpg Antoninus Pius, AR denarius (Victory/toned), 17 mm. Ex-ANACS EF45.


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A Roman Provincial medallion of Claudius II 268 -270 AD, struck in Cyzicus

AE 42 (diam in mm) abt EXF, ex Gorney & Mosch, ex Goldberg's






I like the Military Crisis era of the 3rd century AD.


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Hey guys,

It's been a bit but I am still here. I just picked up a few ancients over the past couple of months. They are all Roman Empire coinage..














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Not ancient but old. I just purchased this one about a week ago....

The bitterness of low quality is remembered long after the the sweetness of low price is forgotten.




Not sure I agree with your motto. Many years ago, before I knew what I was doing [i still really don't], I purchased a lot of silver coins from a Dr. I was paying the standard price for silver then, 2.6 x face value. He sold me an 1875-S (the common date) US 20 cent piece, VG, for $1.35 (one dollar & thirty five cents). While I've looked at nicer ones, I still never regret buying that coin: especially as it's my only 20 cent piece. An example of a low grade, common coin that has nonetheless, never been regretted.

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Just one I found before the 1800s.

The GODFATHER type... 1765italy6duc.jpg


Very nice, if I was this old I'd be considered ancient. Why is this one called "The GodFather Coin"?


I should also point out that this is not considered an "Ancient Coin". Those usually apply to pieces made up to and including the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.


Coins from then on until approx 1485 AD are termed "Medieval", and pieces made from 1486 on are "Modern". However this 1485 distinction is a lot less well defined. Many people use 1500 AD & on for Modern.

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So, I will start off with an apology. I JUST got home from a LCS with this no photos...BUT I'm smiling from ear to ear. Read on, and you'll see why...


Here's what I came home with for THE MELT VALUE OF THE SILVER COINS:


(Coins I think I'll probably sell)


Australia: 1985, 1986, 1987 $10 Silver Proof w/OGP


Canada: 1987 RCM Proof Set w/OGP; 1987 $20 Figure Skating Silver Proof w/OGP; 2004 $20 Hopewell Rocks Silver Proof/Gilt w/OGP


France: 1977 "Fleurs de Coins" Mint Set w/OGP


Great Britain: 1970 Proof Set (9-coins) in OGP


Vatican City: 1981 Mint Set w/OGP


(Coins I think I'll probably keep)


France: 1986 100 Francs w/OGP


Cayman Islands: 1977 $25 Silver Proof w/OGP


Panama: 1979 $5 & $10 Silver Proofs w/OGP; 1979 $20 Silver Proof w/OGP


South Africa: 1964 Unc Set (7 coins) w/OGP

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This one was actually gotten semi-early in 2015. Unfortunately it is my only Ancient aquisition in '15 as I lost the Johannes solidus out of NAC. However I made some numismatic digressions this year (in high grade Polish thalers of all things which I haven't bought for 14 years) which accounted for the Ancients inactivity this year.


Anyhow I have been focussing a bit on late Roman and while a nice Romulus Augustus is out of the question right now, this is the guy just before him at 474 - 475 AD: Julius Nepos. Since Romulus Augustus was not approved by the East he's technically not a legitimate Western Roman Emperor, thus Julius Nepos is the Last True Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Plus this is not a ratty one, (as any reasonably priced Romulus would have to be) but is actually of decent condition.



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