1935 s peace dollar

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Hi Folks .

After learning a valuable lesson in grading was wondering about this new one here .





OK here goes . I am leaning towards a late 63 maybe a 64 although I am not sure of the marks on the face and the ding in the edge in America ,.


Thanks Martin

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Kinda hard to tell from the pics, they appear like they could be hiding quite a bit. If I were to try and buy based on those pics, I wouldn't bid any higher than 60, if that. The rim ding on the reverse really concerns me, and I would be afraid that the angle is specially designed to minimize the appearance of the damage. In hand or with better pics, I might see this going 63 or 64, again, if the rim damage isn't too severe.

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im seeing some diagonal lines above DOLLAR i think going through the rays. on the obv i seem to see 2 virtical lines running from Y down to date. and on here cheek it looks like 3 marks 2 being dark and one looking like a contact gash.


my eyes could be playing tricks on me due to so much photoshop'n

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