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First off, Dean this was a great thread to start and all of the coins are gorgeous!!! :applause::golfclap::applause:

Secondly, Boiler would you please stop teasing us with that pattern. It is unbelievable and makes me want to weep with joy every time you show it!! :luhv:

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Great looking coins, Greg! (worship) All you have to do to show images here is copy the IMG file from photobucket and paste it here... just like ATS.




DF, lovely coin! :applause: I was watching that one too. I decided not to bid on it as I already had a MS67* from the same seller. Here it is...




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not sure if this can be seen so here goes ( im still trying to gigure the site out )




Here are some star coins in honor of the monsterman's return to the NGC forum.









Is Todd going to be imaging your entire commem collection? Please say yes!



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My first Star honored CAC coin!

Purchased from Northeast Numismatics.


I guess I'll have to pay for my boy's braces next month :devil:







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