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In cleaning out my mother's house (she's moving to a nursing home), I came across a small collection of 7 gold coins, just wrapped in tissue and stuffed in a little cardboard box. I have no knowledge about coin collecting (and don't wish to have any!), but would like to sell them and get a fair price and not get ripped off due to my lack of knowledge. From the little I've read on eBay, I've been able to identify what they are called. Do I need to get them graded by this NGC company? Go to a dealer? Any dealer? Take potluck on eBay?

Any advice/recommendations would be gratefully accepted!

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Getting these coins authenticated and graded might be a good idea. You should do your homework and I am sure there are some on here that could give you good advice on a sensible plan to liquidate them, but that is not our focus.



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