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We've created this new board primarily to give a place to new collectors (either to numismatics or just to a given specialty) to get grading help and education from other members of the boards.


Calibrating your ability to grade is one of the big hurdles of the hobby and can contain some painful lessons, especially if you're committing money to the lessons (buying raw coins, paying submission fees, etc.). We would like the community members to be able to help each other to develop perspective and knowledge on these issues so the education process can be enjoyed without any unnecessary bruising.


Also, this board can serve as a kind of practice area for even knowledgeable members to quiz each other and keep their skills sharp while simultaneously providing grading discussion and examples to those who can benefit from it.


By separating this to its own forum we hope to allow those who enjoy this kind of thing to have their own space to do it in, and to encourage members to seek the help and advice of those who are willing to give it.


NOTE: It's important to realize that there's only so much perspective you can get from a photo. Quality of the photos vary wildly, and there are some things that just can't be captured reliably in one shot of a coin. Grading from photos can obscure flaws, under represent attractive toning, etc. etc..


So we hope that the discussions here will be helpful, but we also caution that accurate grading is a coin-in-hand process.




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hi i am new here and have done one or two posts and i don't think this is the right place for this but i need to ask a question. i have several i.c.g. coins that i want to submit to N.G.C. but i do not know if they will accept them in the holders i can not find that information anywhere. 1 is a 1834 p 50c bust half ms60 and the other is 1880s morgan mspl 66. and if they do not accept the holder as is , just how do you crack these dang things open as to not damage the coin inside or should i just leave them in ? but i would rather submit them here. thank you for your time. also if you would like to answer me direct it is danny fricker

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"Non-PCGS-holdered coins must be removed from their holders and submitted raw."


The above quotation is from the NGC website. If you click on the above link and scroll down to "crossovers", you'll find the quote.


As for cracking out the coins from their holders, maybe someone with experience will chime in. There have been several threads on these boards where various methods have been described but I've never cracked one out myself.


Welcome to the boards.

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Okay, I just submitted a pic for review and gradestimating. Then I read your purpose thread. I have to say.....I AM HORRIBLE AT GRADING!!!!! Usually I can narrow a coin down to somewhere between incorrectly cleaned/damaged to MS65; but I cannot get any more accurate than that! I am very new at the old golds. I have been stocking up on small amounts of eagles (the new ones) for awhile, then I was given the chance to buy what I thought would be a good coin (1907 $10 Indian, supposedly around MS62, but I have yet to get it graded by NCS).


My point being, hopefully one day I too will be able to tell the difference between a cleaned and an uncleaned coin. Sure would love the expertise!

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