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A few newps....


For my latest Half Set - AU 58 CAC Only:







For my overly neglected Proof V Nickel Set:






...and lastly { Barber wise: }


a Christmas present for my cousin's son - who I have gotten hooked on Barbers





He has an almost complete set of Barber Dimes in XF/AU because of his

interest in my collection - he needs the keys and a few semi keys.


Last year - he received an AU 58 - 1898 Quarter - with a 1998 Quarter

in a special Leather case - specifically made for Quarters - { he was born

in 1998 - so this was very apropos }



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1,700 + Hits since the last time I posted...

busy thread - too bad more people don't

post their coins more frequently....


Ok, - I have just won another Proof V Nickel.


PCGS PR 65 - Not a CAM & its not CAC'd { yet }




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My YN got around to edit some pics he took for me last Memorial Day -

I started bugging him a few months ago - as he was applying to Med School -

I cut him some slack.


He finished my Dimes - purchased from July, 2015 to May, 2016.

I have to chuckle... I think I'm going a little over the top with NEWPS.


Here's one of my favorites: Widest S/s I have ever seen.



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Just thought the readership here should see the time and effort my

photographer took to provide me with a look I'd like for my Proof Dimes:


He took three images of each Proof Dime:


1894 - My favorite image:





This is okay - a bit too overexposed...





My least favorite - much too bright - but it does cover any and all imperfections:






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Not being able to add new PCGS coins to my Registry sets here -

leaves me kind of at odds over posting any coin in a PCGS holder.


I had a great show at FUN - filled in many Liberty Nickels in MS & Proof

for my sets. Still, no AU 58 dates I need. Regardless of TPG holder.


One image that doesn't have a cert label - so - "its gender neutral" is a

neat Pattern I got from Rich Uhrich ....




I have waited for the right one to come along for close to 55 years...

Its a Proof 64 CAM - and its now at CAC for their blessing.



Last week I submitted this 1882 Pattern to CAC - and it Green Beaned !

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The new format takes a bit to get used to... took me quite awhile to locate this Thread...

I guess my "handle" ELBESAAR has been retired and my name has taken its place.

Considering my ELBESAAR Collections have been sold - and the new ones are named

after my two Dobermans - "GINJAMAX" -  should be the correct handle.


Long Beach Heritage Auctions provided a few things for my new Proof V Nickel Collection:









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Name change by NGC
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Well, first of all, I've tried getting back my old handle, "ELBESAAR" for the forums ....

however, they are only allowing me that name for dealing with my Registry account. 


My actual name , "Mike Hayes" is the account they would like me to use on the Forums.

My distain with their arbitrarily changing my handle with my name is that I have lost all

my point value on this thread. It should be 371,968 as it was on 03/06/17.



with no PCGS coins being allowed to be entered into the NGC Registry, I have been hesitant 

entering any new coins in any manner unless it's an NGC coin. 


I have added quite quite a few choice Barber coins over the past couple of months.

i'll be hard pressed to add any to this thread - even though I have worked quite hard

over the last few years to keep Barber coins on the top of these forums. 


FWIW: ELBESAAR  is MFH is GinjaMax is Mike Hayes .... Last post count on 03/06/17 is 371,968.



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I was very sad to read about his passing ATS.  I used to give the guy a hard time about owning every Barber coin there stuff.  Now I'm just sad.  My condolences to his family. :(


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