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  1. That is NOT my "major argument". Other people have used that argument, but it is not the basis for my own narrative.
  2. The riskiest aspect of what I do is the potential for losing a finger. PS: I already had a file at the NSA long before I ever had a mint.
  3. How do we know DCarr is not Beelzebub? Come to think of it I've never seen them together mark Ha ! I had to look up "Beelzebub". If you want to get all metaphysical (I normally don't, but since you started it ...) ... My "number" is "9". My birth time, day, month, and year all have a "9" in them. My "zodiac" sign is "Virgo" (also associated with the number 9). In a Tarot card deck, card number 9 is "The Hermit" (following one's own path, illumination), and it is also associated with Virgo. This card has special associations with two other cards: "The Moon" (Moonlight Mint, night-owl habits, illusion); and "The Devil" (collecting, hoarding, evil, deception, entrapment). The Hermit's lantern sheds light on illusion and deception, counteracting the effects of night and the Devil. Translation: You won't see me and "Beelzebub" together because I scare it away. If you believe any of that then ... I'll be sure to keep my eye (and my lantern) on you
  4. 1917-D (obverse) 50c: VF20 1839 (with drapery) 50c: EF40 1851 $20: AU50 NET to EF45 due to edge dings 1934 25C: MS67 1938-D 5c: MS64 1895-S 25c: MS65 1917 50c: MS65 1920 1c: EF45BN 1878-S $1: MS64 DMPL 1917-D (type 2) 25c: MS64