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  1. Except they ceased to be exchangeable after the end of 2018. Interesting they were supposed to stop accepting them.
  2. Conder101

    Cleaned Morgans

    Do you clean it with a brillo pad? Comet cleanser? Anything else that puts thousands of scratches all over the paint? If you did do you think it would reduce the value of the car?
  3. Matt_Dac said that you could buy a circulated set for $300, I said that would be for a well circulated set, not an AU 50+ set as you described.
  4. A book you might want to pick up, World War Two Remembered: History in your hands, a numismatic study, by Fred Swann and Joe Boling. It is a catalog of all things numismatic issued during WWII. Problem is it isn't cheap, about $70 is the cheapest I've seen for a used copy. It's 863 pages. More information has been discovered since the book came out in 1995 but this is still the best all in one source.
  5. Conder101

    1972 d penny error

    From the perspective of someone who has spent over fifty years with experience in numismatics, it appears to be a die chip.
  6. Conder101

    Full steps ???

    It hasn't spent 60 years in cash registers, it spent those years in a collection or hoard and entered circulation recently. By impaired proof I mean this is a proof coin that was made intended to be sold as part of a set to collectors, which has been removed from the set and spent (yes it DOES happen) and has now picked up some wear, marks, and/or other impairments. The term is almost always used when referring to proof coins that have been recovered from circulation. The most recent picture even more fimly convinces me this is an impaired proof.
  7. Conder101


    I proposed a method to try and get as fair and widespread a distribution as possible. Strike the "rarity", and send half to Philly and half to Denver, then at those mints they rig up a device that drops one coin into the conveyors of coins going past from the presses to counting and bagging at a certain set interval. that would ensure that no ballistic bag gets more than a couple pieces. The bags go out as regular distribution. This would keep anyone from being able to get a large quantity of them without either buying them from collectors that find them, or buying up a lot of ballistic bags and searching them. Since the bags get shipped to Federal Reserves and banking services all over the country it should provide a fairly wide and somewhat equitable distribution without giving someone a chance to "corner" the market.
  8. Conder101

    Grading Period

    No, but the design of the label and hologram can narrow it down to a given time period
  9. Conder101

    Proof Like Wheat Cent Penny ?

    Can't really tell anything from those images.
  10. Conder101

    Too minor, not recognized?

    Picture is blurry but it looks like a large die chip.
  11. Conder101

    1845 Seated Liberty 1945/45?

    This is a repunched date 1845/5, sometimes called 1845/3 which it is not. It is not that scarce a variety, and I believe it will cost you more to certify it than it is worth. A nicer one sold on ebay recently for $31.
  12. Conder101


    My guess is it will be a low mintage regular circulation coin with either an S or W mintmark. Easiest thing for them to do, and it doesn't violate any of the laws they operate under. If they do that, then the only question becomes what they would consider to be a low mintage or a "rarity". They are used to mintages in the hundreds of millions or billions, they may decide that 10 million is a "rarity".
  13. That would be a well circulated set not an AU 50+ set. Individually.
  14. Conder101

    Grading 101

    For circulated coins it's science, for Mint State, especially higher Mint State it's sorcery.
  15. Conder101

    Full steps ???

    I also suspect from the reflectiveness of the fields, especially around OF AMERICA, that we are looking at an impaired proof.