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  1. I see a 1964 D Lincoln cent. Has a theoretical melt value of about 2 cents, but a real world wholesale value of about a half cent and a retail dealers nuisance value of about 5 cents.
  2. transitional error

    With the partially reeded edge, I would suspect contemporary counterfeit. There is no way a sac dollar from 2000 would have anything but a plain edge. Possibly one of the South American fakes?
  3. Anyone interested???

    And in circulated condition such as those you have, they are worth a quarter each.
  4. transitional error

    In that last picture,does it have a partially REEDED edge?
  5. transitional error

    I can't tell what you're trying to show us with that edge nature it needs to be clearer.
  6. 1959 Lincoln with Wheat Reverse?

    Yes it's the same guy. You pay the fee, they'll look at it. How hard they will look I can't say.
  7. I don't know if NGC would slab it, frankly I doubt it. However ICG probably would., Although they would probably do it in one of their yellow label counterfeit slabs.
  8. Anyone interested???

    I see six well circulated Washington quarter's worth collectively a dollar and half.
  9. Question about Morgan Dollar in bags or rolls

    As a commercial product the paper coin roll wrapper didn't exist until the 20th century, but paper existed before that time and it would not be impossible for someone to have wrapped rolls of coins in paper. Of course these paper rolls would not be marked in any particular way and would just be folded over at the ends, not rolled at the ends like the ones we see today. Matthew Boulton in England were shipping the coins and tokens that he produced wrapped in paper rolls back in the 1790s.
  10. 1996 Wide AM

    From 1994 to 2008 a wide AM was normal for the proof sets. Close AM's are known for 1998 and 1999.
  11. Can anyone explain these terms?

    It would be the eighth different reverse doubled die discovered for that year.
  12. Can anyone explain these terms?

    DDR-008 = 8th doubled die reverse reported/cataloged 8-R-II-C+VI = 8th doubled die, it is on the rev, and the II and or the VI refer to which class of Doubled die it is, there are I believe nine classes. EDS = Early die state MDS = middle die state. EMDS is early middle die state, LMDS is late middle die state LDS = Late die state
  13. 1776 Continental Currency- Real or Fake??

    It is a better copy than is what usually is seen, but unfortunately it is still just a copy.
  14. It took a hit from the finger on the coin rolling machine.
  15. 1992-D Close AM Lincoln cent!

    I can't tell you what it's worth, but I can confirm that is a close AM. Congratulations you found a good one. While I don't normally recommend getting coins slabbed, this one is worth slabbing because it will be much easier to sell if it's in a holder, and its value is significant enough to be worthwhile.