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  1. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    Full STEP as in one big one.
  2. Well I don't know what it is, but I know it isn't S-66. It would help if you show both sides of the coin, and try not to cut off the sides of the coin in the image.
  3. 5piso 1975

    Well it is a 1975 and it is from the Philippines, can't tell if it is 5 piso because you only showed one side. So what's your question?
  4. First get some good close in focus pictures of the coin and post them here. There are many experienced people here that can take a look and give you an opinion as to whether it is an easily recognized fake or if closer examination by a specialist should be done. The 1943 copper cent is a VERY commonly faked piece. If the opinion of the people here is that it has a chance at being real, then you will need it authenticated. Our host, NGC would be a good choice for this, and yes they can be trusted. A coin of that value if it is real is going to need authentication in order to bring close to its real value. 99% of the people won't risk that kind of money without some kind of assurance. If you decide to send it to them, then we can discuss the safest way to accomplish that. But right now we need images.

    How do they get a dealer account?
  6. Continental Currency 1776 - Real or Fake?

    I'm afraid that is a copy.

    Anyone can advertise NGC coins for sale. I would think the only time NGC would list a dealer for some reason is if they are an "authorized" dealer and all that means is they submit a very large number of coins to NGC, enough that they qualify for a discount on submissions. It really isn't a recommendation of the dealer. If doesn't submit enough they aren't listed as an "authorized" dealer.
  8. 1978 d penny "liberyy"

    It isn't an error. For some reason the T in LIBERTY seems to frequently get hit at the top making it look like a Y. It has been seen on a lot of different years. Since all the dies for a year trace their lineage back to a single master hub in order for there to be such a mispelling it would have to be misspelled on the master hub. And if it was then ALL of the dies for that year would have the mispelling.
  9. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    Due to the way they finished the surfaces of the die the 1909 business strikes typically have a grainy finish to them as well. The fields weren't finished to flat smooth look like they make them today. They seemed to be really into textured surface fields back then.
  10. What is a Fresh Coin?

    Mark can be right about it being a matter of perspective. Take those tired old Morgans that you have seen every month for the past two years. To you they are STALE. But then take those same coins and sell them to another dealer three or four states away and he puts them in his case. No one around here has ever seen them, THEY"RE FRESH!! Especially if the dealer says something about how he bought them out of an old collection...... Fresh only means you haven't seen them recently. It also helps if the other dealers around you haven't seen them recently either.
  11. Doubling submission 1874 one cent

    Longacre doubling was what I was wondering as well. It is really impossible to say anything for sure without good images of the coin and what variety you believe it to be. Even if it is a variety they recognize, and there are a great many valid varieties that they do not recognize, you still have to pay for the variety attribution. So we need more information.
  12. 3

    Do you have a question? Other than whether these are the expensive doubled dies, which they are not.
  13. PCGS coin "Did not Cross"

    It could mean either one. All you can really say for sure it means is they did not feel it would be accurate in an NGC slab at the stated cross over grade for some reason.
  14. Why A Male Hobby?

    It was the hobby of kings. for much of history it required money an leisure to pursue. For the most part until the middle of the twentieth century women did not work outside the home and the man was the primary income source. Even when the wife worked, traditionally the money went to the household accounts and the husband would dole out an allowance to the wife for domestic needs. The man kept control of the finances. The woman would not have that much access to coins, and those she had she needed to use. Men would be more likely to have the access to the money and the leisure time needed to form a collection, and it would be more likely to be an activity passed from father to son than father to daughter. Since women have become more of a force in the workplace I believe the number of collectors has risen but the growth has been slow.
  15. On my 1992 close am

    In focus images would help a lot.