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  1. Unless you think these are counterfeit, you have posted these in the wrong forum. You want these in the main US, World, and Ancient forum. This subforum is just for counterfeits.
  2. Well considering the spot has already decreased the value considerably, how far much further down can it go? And if after the spot was removed the eye appeal was improved, even if you can tell there was a spot removed, the value could increase. I agree with David though that even if it did the final value would be low enough that it would not compensate for the conservation and grading fees.
  3. But weren't those thick 1941 cents considerably overweight? Closer to 4 grams if I recall. Even in MS I can't see a coin only .06 grams out of spec having much if any premium.
  4. I don't know how Mexico was making their dies at that time, but since it seems to be exactly the same on both S's and there seems to be no irregularity to the other lettering, I would suspect they used punches to creat a Master die and then used that to create working hubs and working dies. If that is the case the S punch itself was defective. I would try to check other pieces of the same date and surrounding dates to see if this is common to all of them. I suspect you will find that it is. If not then I'll have to re-think the matter.
  5. As you mentioned if you use the priority flat rate box you will be charged the priority flat rate plus the registered mail charges. I would not be surprised though that is you use a priority EXPRESS box you might be charged the Priority Express rate plus the Registered mail charges. And the package would then just be handled as a regular Registered mail package. This is probably where people get the idea about Registered Express. They think if they use an express box and pay the higher fees that it will get there won't.
  6. looks like a polished regular 1969 S cent. definitely not the major DDO, and I seriously doubt it is an impaired proof.
  7. Not an error, just a five cent piece that has had the surface ground down.
  8. Yes it has some value, how much would depend on the condition of the coin. Do NOT try cleaning it.
  9. We all do have a deadline approaching, the problem is we don't know where/when it is. Of course once you get there there is no prize for completeness. It doesn't matter how far along you are, and you won't care either.
  10. Same thing you would do with them if they weren't.
  11. The only way a 59 D cent would be silver would be if it was struck on a silver dime planchet. Weight would be the first thing to check. If it weighs close to 3.1 grams it is a plated cent. If it weighs close to 2.5 grams then you may have something.
  12. Well the quarter is low grade and it is a Philadelphia issue and none of the Philadelphia barber quarters in that grade are worth slabbing.
  13. The 1 reale would be nice, if it didn't have a hole in it. It has some value but the hole brings it down a LOT. The half real has some value but I can't say how much. The Jefferson dollar is worth a dollar, and the half dollars are worth whatever the going rate for silver is. They don't really have much if any premium over that. The 1856 seated I believe is a dime (could be a half dime, they are kind of hard to tell apart when all you have is a picture of the obv and no size reference) Don't know which mint it is from but there isn't much value difference between them until you get to XF or better. Wear wise this one looks fairly nice probably a VF. If there is no damage this is probably the best coin in the group.
  14. Planchets at are internally flawed (laminations) may not ring like they normally would, These are referred to as "dumb" or "mute" planchets. The composition can be perfectly fine, but drop them and they go "thud".