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  1. Help me identify?

    Looks like a souvenir "coin", not a real coin.
  2. NGC "Brilliant Uncirculated" holder

    Radical thought, how about look at the coin, evaluate it's condition, and price it accordingly. Collectors and dealers evaluated and priced coins for close to two thousand years before the TPG's came along to tell us what they think their grades are.
  3. Bulk Coins That link is from 2013 and the link at the bottom of the page to the rates may no longer be valid. This might be a better link In oth cases you would have to log in to get the rates information. I'm not a member so I can't see them.
  4. Smithsonian Collection visit

    That's what the SI commemoratives coins were originally supposed to do. As originally proposed the surcharges from the coins were to be earmarked as an endowment to the Numismatic collection for such research. As if finally ended up the NNC got a pittance and the rest went into the SI's general fund. I believe the amount the NNC got went to fund the curators salary for a few years.
  5. Help - 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    It didn't, the branch mints often made their own collars and even in Philadelphia the reeding would sometimes vary from year to year, sometime even during the same year. Especially on the older coins. For example the rare 1871 to 74 Carson City dimes can be identified by the distinctive edge reeding that was not used at any of the other mints in those years.
  6. Help - 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    Maybe so, but most people would have to be very familiar with the particular issue to be able to tell the difference in the milling.
  7. I got this and I'm selling it

    That's nice but this isn't the proper forum for selling. You need to move over to the Money Marketplace forum.
  8. India 1933/2 Half Rupee - Over date??

    Doesn't look like it is over a 2, looks more like a repunched 3
  9. 1928 Oregon Trail Memorial, Rotated Reverse?

    With that much slope they would have to be applying the wheel brakes pretty hard or the wagon would overrun the poor oxen.
  10. Scheduled for Grading

    No, it merely means it has been moved from the holding area for received items into the vault that holds the coins waiting to be turned over to the graders for examination and grading. Just moving from one storage area to another, it hasn't been examined yet.
  11. I got this and I'm selling it

    You have a 1944 H 1 shilling from East Africa mintage of 10 million coins, grading maybe XF or a little better but the surfaces appear to be litghly porous or etched. It is 250 fine silver and has .06 oz of silver in it. So it has a little over a dollars worth of silver in it and the Standard Catalog lists it as a common coin. The catalog I have is a little old and lists an XF @ $17. With the surface problems it is probably closer to $10 to $12. You might try checking ebay to see if any others have sold recently to be a better handle on the current value.
  12. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    Sure, because there would almost certainly be fractional gold coins as well just as there used to be. Most likely that $1200 coin would almost never be used except got very large purchases (new care with cash maybe) just as the double eagle was probably rarely used in day to day transactions. In theory you could walk in an pay today with a $1000 or $10,000 bill. They don't print them anymore but they are still legal tender. The economy seems to be handling that just fine. The gold surrender order was almost a year before the act that allowed the revaluation of gold, and as I pointed out that legislation was passed by Congress and signed by the president before it was announced so it was perfectly constitutional. The gold surrender act was based on legislated power passed by congress in 1918 so it was probably constitutional as well. We didn't officially adopt the gold standard until 1901, even though we had been unofficially on it since 1853. I'm not familiar off the top of my head of any legislation mandating the paper money be on par with gold during the Grant administration, My understanding is more that it was a normal adjusting of the markets to conditions, a reduction in the printing of unbacked paper and continued convertibility of paper into gold and silver resulted in trust in the paper and the rising of it's value til it was on par. If putting the country on the gold standard was constitutional (it wasn't mentioned there) I can't see how taking it off the gold standard could be unconstitutional.
  13. Conder Collectors - Post Your Images

    Not sure why the "circular pattern" on the reverse would bother them. That's as made.
  14. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    It probably would be, but the President didn't do that, the Congress did and they DO have the power to regulate the value of money. (Gold reserve act of Jan 30, 1934. Passed by the House on the 20th, the Senate on the 27th and signed by the President on the 30th.)
  15. Heritage Auction

    I saw that Heritage has opened an office in the UK now. I wonder how that will affect the buyers fees (typically higher in Europe), and what it might mean about taxes (Europe has a 15% VAT tax on top of the sale price/bidder fee.)