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  1. Conder101

    1993 Steel Lincon Penny

    In the picture it looks black and corroded.
  2. Conder101

    1966 cent reverse die error?

    Looks like a die chip to me as well.
  3. Conder101

    Help on this coin

    I don't see a D on the coin. I see a scratch and I see a corrosion spot, neither one in quite the right place to be a D. I think you have a small date copper cent from Philadelphia.
  4. Conder101

    A Numismatic Time Capsule

    Don't know where that site got their values for the 03-O, but before they started coming out of the vaults the 03-O was THE key of the series followed by the 98-O. Almost unknown in UNC (fewer than 10 coins known) the 03-O would sell at auction for $1500 or more right before the bags started coming out. And that is $1500 in early 60's dollars, the rough equivalent of $15,000 of todays dollars. (Unfortunately the CDN didn't begin until after they came out and the earliest listing I have is Dec 1963 @ $30 per coin.)
  5. Need to know more about it, but I agree with world colonial, unless there it is some very rare date/mintmark it is not going to be worth certifying. So lets see the other side.
  6. Looks like a heavily worn 1924 buffalo nickel with typical circulation marks.
  7. If you right click the image and select open link in new tab you will see both sides.
  8. Conder101

    1969 S Nickel with Full Steps?

    It looks like an impaired proof to me.
  9. Conder101

    How to tell when a coin was certified?

    About the only way is to know which generation design your slab in and when that generation was produced. Even that isn't foolproof because if a coin has been reholdered it will have been certified at one time but in a holder not used during that period.
  10. Conder101

    Combining of Forums

    Just means I only have to go through two forums instead of four, so I'll be here a shorter amount of time each day.
  11. Conder101

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    But once she posts it on one, it is just a matter of cut and paste to post it to another. I enjoy her show reports, but not having a super fast internet connection it's a matter of opening it and then go do something else for ten minutes or so while all the images load (and sometimes they don't all load which means refresh the page and go do something else for another ten minutes) so I try to catch them when they are first posted and never go back again to see the comments.
  12. Conder101

    why is my 1944 penny rusting?

    Probably not "rusting" but it may be corroding. Iron rusts, with the oxidation flaking and spalling, Copper corrodes and the oxidation tend to remain as a solid well attached lump. Do you have images?
  13. Conder101

    When will NGC.......

    They used to allow crossovers from other companies, but so few crossed (other than PCGS) and they had to deal with too many people upset that their coins wouldn't cross that they eliminated the crossover option for non-PCGS slabs. As mentioned now if you submit slabs from other services you have to give them permission to crack them out. So sorry BIGTEE, you missed the boat.
  14. Something has been done to it, I suspect an early stage dryer coin, You will note the copper plating is gone from the edge. Something has compressed the edge, probably with a rolling motion, and that has widened the edge while wearing off the copper.