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  1. Conder101

    Counterfeits being sold locally

    Well for starters I see a link in the ad for reporting it to whoever is hosting it. If the reporting link lets you enter and explanation point out that under the Hobby Protection Act it is illegal to sell copies or replicas that are not marked copy, and that agencies the aid in selling them can also be charged. Carrying the ad once they have been notified would constitute aiding in selling. I like how he says it is "perfect". Everything about that coin is wrong compared to a real one, it's a joke.
  2. Conder101

    1969 Matte proof Kennedy half-dollar

    All business strike 1969 Kennedy halves are from Denver, and this is NOT a proof coin.
  3. The 1880 S maybe, but you will spend almost as much getting it slabbed as it will be worth afterward. The second image is a 1896 not an 1898 and it is not uncirculated. It definitely is not worth slabbing.
  4. Conder101

    Worth saving?

    Usually foreign exchange places won't take coinage. Too heavy and too low value to ship back to the central bank for redemption. You may also get less than melt for silver that isn't 90%, sterling, or 999 fine. Higher refining costs
  5. As on the other threads, it is still a fake.
  6. It appears to be the 2016 cent they posted in another thread.
  7. Conder101

    What happened here?

    Looks like deliberate abrasion that has worn through the copper plating.
  8. Yes, most if not all of the ones posted in this thread are domestic copies not imported ones. Frankly I think if the Chinese started copying these they would be of much better quality, unfortunately.
  9. So a PF-70 with damaged rims. OK... Personal opinion, NGC blew it.
  10. You can retire and not have to go to work tomorrow. Of course eventually your going to have to figure out what you're going to do for money. The cent has been plated by someone AFTER it left the mint.
  11. Conder101

    Worth saving?

    Fineness is expressed as so many parts per thousand. Canadian silver after 1920 through 1967 is 800 parts per thousand or 800 fine. Could also be expressed as 80% silver. US silver coins are 900 fine silver or 90% silver
  12. Conder101

    11.7 g 1966 Kennedy?

    Because the strip the blank was punched from was a wee bit thicker than it should have been. The weight is still within the allowed tolerance though.
  13. Conder101

    Help with Sacagawea?

    Not burnished and the prototype reverse with the detailed tail feathers is a P mint issue.
  14. Conder101

    DDO 12.5 gram kennedyP accent hair?

    Well it isn't a proof so it will be the normal hair. The accented hair is on seen on proof coins and only on a minority of those.
  15. Conder101

    1965 Quarter Question

    I think it probably is a clad coin but weight would be the simplest way to be sure. A clad coin will weigh close to 5.67 rams, a silver one will be close to 6.25 grams. There is a tolerance range on those weights but the ranges do not overlap.