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  1. Start with the Redbook, just about everything in there has been counterfeited. Correct. And that series does come in both coppernickel business strike quality and silver in Proof condition. The weight does most likely match silver and not coppernickel. A copper nickel coin the size of the silver ones would weigh nearly 4 grams less. Looks like there are 19 pieces in the full set (38 if you get both compositions) You appear to have KM512a top right, middle left and right KM510a, KM511a, bottom left KM519a, and KM515a bottom right. The set numbers run 502 through 520 inclusively.
  2. Actually neither of those last two are errors OR varieties.
  3. I believe in ALL cases. Even the rolls the mint sells directly to collectors I believe are actually rolled by a third party.
  4. Some of the color can also be the result of thin film interference and the color is caused by the light that reflects after passing through the thin oxidation film interfering withthe light that reflects off the top surface. The light waves either add or subtract in intensity and the colors that result is a function of the thickness of the film.
  5. Not true, a coin can be a variety, with an error. Say for example a 1972 DDO struck on a clipped planchet would be both a varity and an error.
  6. I'd say at least AU (And I won't grade higher than that from images)
  7. Copper plated zinc 1982 D small date, very slightly out of tolerance, nice color. No premium value.
  8. The next step would be a specific gravity test. 90% silver has a SG of 10.34, 40% silver SG is 9.53, and coppernickel clad is 8.92. These figures are far enough apart that it should be fairly easy to determine which it is. The tissue test does seem to indicate silver or silver plated but I don't think you could silver plate a proof and still have the mirrored fields. So 40% or 90%, and if it was 90% with that low a weight the coin would be visually noticeably thin. I'm still thinking a severely underweight 40% silver planchet. (Assuming the scale is accurate.)
  9. Difficult to say for sure but there may actually be something to this one. But even if there is it is a minor DDO..
  10. From what I can see, I think it may have the "rabbit ears", and the die line in the T. Trying another TPG would probably be a decent idea.
  11. Unfortunately I think a lot of people have become plastic collectors. (And I don't mean people like myself that actually collect the slabs for what they are.)
  12. I don't think it should be UC and it does have contact/rub marks that break the frost.