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  1. Attractively toned. $200.00 OBO. Paypal F and F only. Thanks!
  2. Attractive blue toning. Asking $200. or best offer. Photo Vision Photos. Will also consider trades for MS66 nicely toned Franklin Half Dollars. No FBL. Paypal F A F Thanks!
  3. Good luck! They can be tough to come by! if you are in the registry, what is the name of your dime set? Lonnie
  4. That is one of the toughest of the set. Not sure what your goal is, but you can get that coin in an MS68 very reasonable compared to the FT. That is what I have in my set. good luck!
  5. How do I request a score correction or get an explanation as to why a coin does not get the top grade for the slot Coin in question is 2019-S Silver Proof70 Grade. My coin only shows a score of 143. Thanks!
  6. In MS67, in this series a nice set can be assembled relatively easy. Throw in the FT or FB designation and the complexion of the silver series changes completely. Look at actual auction and sales data and prices can go the moon. Find an MS68 with FT or FB and many issues bring well over the $1000. mark. Also keep in mind there is a lot of crossover that happens in this series so a lot of populations shown in FT and FB are not correct. i think a very similar circumstance exists with Franklin halves as well. MS65 and MS66 sets can be assembled fairly easy. Add the FBL designation and look at prices in MS67 grades.
  7. To the OP. You need to make sure your coins are worth having them graded. If you are not comfortable with judging the grade of your coins, go to a reputable dealer to help you screen them. Grading can be expensive so you need to make sure your coins are of high enough value to cover grading and auction costs if you expect to make a profit. good luck.
  8. Roosevelt Dime basic set - silver composition without FT designation for 1946-1964. Similar to the basic Franklin Half Dollar Set.
  9. Cert. No. 4962707-091 says not correct coin for slot 54 on the America The Beautiful Silver Quarter National Park proof series. However it is acceptable in the Clad and Silver proof set for the same slot.
  10. 1960 Roosevelt Dime certified by NGC as MS67FT. Please see the pictures. Asking $250. including shipping. Well below what they have been bringing at auction. I will consider trades for other silver Roosevelt Dimes of equal (or greater!) value. Paypal F&F preferred but money order is fine as well. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there!
  11. Ali, in my slot for 1946 roosevelt dime, it still says pending approval.
  12. I have had a coin awaiting approval for over a week. Seems unusually long.
  13. There are quite a few coins that auction on GC that day from the Sunset Collection. Seem to be in quite a few denominations with high grade and most have attractive toning.