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  1. 1949-D NGC MS67*FT

    Nice toning with strong strike. Make me an offer! Certification# 2712344-007
  2. Good luster and eye appeal. Really strong bands. Certification # 253549-002 Make me an offer. Thanks!
  3. 21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only

    On the $1 Sacagawea Native American 2009 to date, it is allowing MS coins to be included.
  4. Request a new NGC Registry Set here! (Updated 3/16/2018)

    Would a Roosevelt Dime Proof Set from 1965-Date be considered without varieties? It is virtually impossible to have a competitive set with the scores for the varieties such as no S and Ultra Cameos being so high. Thanks!
  5. 1949-D Roosevelt Dime MS67*FT

    Attractively Toned. Slab number is 2712344-007 Asking $350.00
  6. 1949 Roosevelt Dime MS67FT

    Nice blast white coin with strong strike and bands. Asking $400.00
  7. Looking for some Colorful Roosies...

    Currently graded as 1951-S PCGS MS67
  8. 1949-S

    Currently graded as MS66. Thanks.
  9. 1949-S

    Looking for opinions on grade and torch lines. Currently graded/ Thanks!
  10. 1948-S MS67*FT Roosevelt Dime

    Really nice looking coin. Asking $300. but shoot me an offer! Thanks, Lonnie
  11. 1927 Peace Dollar

    Opinions are still appreciated. In my mind, the downsize risk is minimum. It's already in an older holder as MS62. Lonnie
  12. 1927 Peace Dollar

    Thanks everyone. The actual grade is MS62 in an NGC. I am contemplating sending it back in or cracking it out and resubmitting. Thought maybe I was missing something as my initial opinion was MS64. Lonnie
  13. 1927 Peace Dollar

    In an NGC holder.
  14. Picked this one up currently housed in a PCGS holder as MS 67. Would appreciate opinions on chances of having it crossover to a * designation. Thanks!