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  1. There are collectors who really like the old PCI holders. I see nothing wrong with keeping the coin in the holder as it is. As for toning, the Peace dollars are difficult to find with attractive toning. Similar to most Franklin Halves n most years and mints.
  2. 1949-D NGC MS67*FT Cert No. 2712344-007 $145.00 Shipped Paypal F&F preferred.
  3. Great Collections by far. Most competitive rates of any auction house I am aware of and Ian is a real pleasure to work with!
  4. Hansen is a huge collector! Look at his sets across the street. I have a few slabs that have the Hansen on them. Also Dr. Long, Paul Kiraly, etc. I bought the coin not the holder so it doesn’t bother me. I also don’t think it is unusual for coins to be sold as upgrades are made. I see quite a few coins that I owned at one time that are now in other sets. Albeit I don’t have my pedigree label on them as I was too tight to spend the extra for the label!
  5. Mark, it is still listed as in option but when I submitted some last year for designation review they called and told me that the designation review is no longer available. Obviously they need to edit their site.
  6. Ali, Slot score discrepancies still exist for Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Alaska. In the slots for the Silver set all of those slots show having 453 points each. In the combined clad and silver, they range anywhere from 163 for Nevada and 674 for Wyoming. The slot scores are base on the PF70 UCAM grade.
  7. Statehood Quarters, Silver, 1999-2008, Proof Issue Statehood Quarters, Clad and Silver, 1999-2008, Proof Issue
  8. Some of the silver quarter proofs show a different score in the silver proof only vs. the proof and clad set. For example, my 2008 Hawaii has a score of 453 in the silver set. In the silver and clad set it has a score of 395.There are some other that show the same score difference. Thanks.
  9. That is a tough call. I would think you would do better selling individual but it could take more time. IMO the NGC value is kind of like MSRP on a car. You may want to look at auction archives such as Great Collections or Heritage and you can get a realistic price comparable to your coins. Good luck.
  10. Depends on the series IMO on U. S. coins. Take Roosevelt Dimes and Franklin Half Dollars as examples. The (FT) full torch designation is much more stringent than the (FB) full bands designation from PCGS. On the halves, NGC counts the upper bell lines as well as the lower to get the FBL designation. ANACS does as well. At any given time at auctions and dealers more Franklins seem to be available at almost a 3:1 ratio or so it seems. I do like PCGS on clad issues over NGC simply because they seem more consistent in their grading and I have seen toned clads rejected by NGC.
  11. I think both NGC and PCGS are good tpg's but do seem to grade some series a little different. On crossovers, my success has been about 75% from PCGS to NGC. i also find it better to purchase coins already graded sometimes to ease the heartbreak.