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  1. Looking for an NGC ms67 FT it ms67* or + with nice color or even *+! Attractive toning preferred. Thanks!
  2. When there is a change to someone's set it would be nice to see what coin specifically changed. It shows the point increase or decrease but that is all. It would be nice if the specific coin that changed was highlighted.
  3. I know this has probably been asked many, many times, so please bear with me! I would like recommendations on coin photographers.
  4. I requested the 46 to be crossover at MS67 FT from same grade FT. Holder also has a QA sticker on it. Coin was BB due to being cleaned. The 51-D they would not cross from MS67. The 51-S they would not cross at MS66. Honestly, I cannot understand their opinion on any of the three. I thought the 51-S had a chance at a 67 even!
  5. I recently submitted a lot of 6 coins for crossover. Of the 6, three did not cross. I am attaching the pictures of the coins that did not cross and asking opinions as to what you think the grades are or should be andwhy they did not cross. Thanks!
  6. I agree that they are very good in the actual grading. However the assignment of the * Star designation is where I believe they are inconsistent. I think the * Star designation is more of an opinion, but there seems to be inconsistent assignment in my opinion.
  7. Would it be possible to add the certification number on the order status when an invoice gets moved to the finalized status? Thanks.
  8. These are a couple of my recent editions. I crossed over the half and thought the reverse gave it a shot at the * designation with no luck, but nonetheless a really nice toner in my book!
  9. I use these. All slabs fit well.
  10. Just some of my favorite colorful toned coins! Please add your some of your favorites as well!
  11. Looking for opinions on this 1957-D Roosevelt Dime currently housed in an older NGC fatty slab as MS67. Is this an upgrade candidate? Possible FT as well?
  12. Asking $650. Postage and Insurance Included
  13. Nice toning with strong strike. Make me an offer! Certification# 2712344-007
  14. Good luster and eye appeal. Really strong bands. Certification # 253549-002 Make me an offer. Thanks!
  15. On the $1 Sacagawea Native American 2009 to date, it is allowing MS coins to be included.