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  1. seems my submissions are taking SOooooo long, over a month and ??/ 4724971 2/25/19 1 300 ECONOMY - GSA Received 4724985 2/25/19 2 600 ECONOMY - GSA Received
  2. those so called polishing lines are on most all coins, from morgens to cents. I have often wondered if a wire brush is used for polishing.
  3. 2 submission, total of 3 coins, have been in "received" for 30 days, Are these 2 sitting in a box, on the floor, somewhere?
  4. NGC sent me an email that states that 4 of the coins I sent in would be a candidate for conservation, The grades now assigned are MS-66, The question I have is, will the conservation bring them up to say the MS-67 grade, The MS-66 grade NGC value is 65.00, seems pointless to spend the extra money to keep the same grade, grading cost + Conservation cost equals no gain.
  5. Just how much "frost" on any coin is considered Cameo? I know deep cameo but if a coin has light frost both obverse and reverse, would it catch a grade of cameo?
  6. Cleaned, through a 7x loop, if the coin does NOT show a cartwheel effect when you tilt the coin in the light, its most likely cleaned, #2, if you see around the rim, or in case of Morgan's around the stars or around the figure on the coin a blackish areas, and the rest of the coin looks a bit brighter, then also cleaned. A dull field with other areas bright, = cleaned. Just my experiences.
  7. So, going over some franklin half's to send in, 1963-D has a bold doubling United States Of America and what appears to be a RPM on the D. I find nowhere where its listed as a variety on NGC or at PCGS. so what to do next??