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  1. Revenant

    The New '32.

    I can share but it would be short and I suspect you'd be disappointed. The approach I used for these was pretty ghetto and basic, but I use a nice camera and lens. Sometimes I use a shadowbox or some other, nicer lights. But I didn't for these.
  2. Revenant

    The New '32.

    Sleep is a splendid and wonderful thing, when you can get it. I finally got to have some rest yesterday and, rather than taking a nap in the afternoon I decided to get some pictures taken, edited and sent over to Choya with the new set and coin descriptions. He indicated his approval, so the newly updated 1932 set is up. If you've seen the set before I don't think the new version is going to have many surprises for you. Other than the updates regarding Bob to the set description it's a fairly minor update to adjust for 10 years having gone by - updated population numbers where I reference them, some discussion on the 1932 quarter about it's relatively newly acquired renegade status, etc. It needed to be freshened up but I didn't want to take a hammer to the presentation / format that won an award in 2011. The main advantage I think the new shots / images are going to have over the old ones is consistency and accuracy in the rendering of the colors, which was a major problem with the old photos. Taking the pictures all together, at the same time, with the same lights, using similar camera settings, and using photoshop on the RAW files to adjust the white balance on the shots so that I get a true, neutral white (or close to it) for the core / insert of the slab helps this greatly. Yes, the name of this post is totally (to my mind) a reference to DC comics and the "New '52." Because I'm a geek like that. I'm finally starting to research the Texas Independence Commemoratives a little more with regards to the history of the coins themselves, which is a bit funny to me given that we built that set 10 years ago. I'm starting to find some interesting things. I'm going to show the new quarter images below because the quarters are the stars of the set.
  3. Revenant

    I Am Honored

    Wasn't trying to say that it was. Just saying that at this point it is well recognized.
  4. Revenant

    OGH Rattlers

    It's a different strokes for different folks thing. We're all attracted to different things and the holders and the TPGs are an extra layer of history and story onto the coin and the hobby - similar to my comments / journals at the time I got my 1877 10G, chosing the coin that I did in part because the cert# suggests a shared history with other coins in my set.
  5. Revenant

    I Am Honored

    Congrats, Gary! You're well recognized and regarded as an author on this subject now with the journal award here 5 times and other honors heavily linked to your writing and narrative abilities. It makes sense that we and NGC wouldn't be the only ones that think so.
  6. Revenant

    Confusing NGC info

    The Red is "Best in Category." You can win this with any US or World Catehory. You win this for having the set with the highest score (and most pics where tie breaking is needed). For US sets, this includes/counts PCGS coins that are grandfathered in from before 2017. The Blue is "NGC Best in Category." This is given only in US Categories. It is given to the set with the highest score when looking only at NGC graded coins. Grandfathered PCGS coins don't count for this award. It has been awarded since 2012 - the year PCGS coins were removed from the World registry sets. This award is not given in World Categories as there are no non-NGC graded coins in World set categories anymore. If the same set wins when counting and not counting PCGS coins, it wins both awards in a US Category. Hope that helps.
  7. If you deleted them then add them back the same way you added them originally. Add the cert number to an appropriate slot in a set. If they were PCGS coins and you removed them... Sorry. Not coming back.
  8. Revenant

    Senior Momentum!!!

    The filter is, I think, mostly there to help keep things civil. We're allowed to disagree with them and each other but we aren't allowed to attack each other, threaten each other or engage in petty name-calling. Thus, the filter. Yeah, it means it kicks in when we're not actually insulting each other and sometimes ourselves. To Mokie: The "ID: 10-T error," as we sometimes like to call it, is always good for a laugh as long as you don't take yourself too seriously.
  9. Revenant

    OGH Rattlers

    I've seen people talk up the fact that it's in an old holder while asking a higher price but I don't know that I've ever explicitly seen someone pay more for this reason outside of the people that openly collect holders/slab styles because they enjoy that. Most of the old fatty NGC holders I have because the coin was in the price range I was expecting and the seller wasn't asking for grade-up money. I've also never heard of anyone beibg willing to put enough money down to thoroughly test the hypothesis of the upgrade potential.
  10. Revenant

    OGH Rattlers

    I know some prefer the old slabs visually to the new ones - for NGC and PCGS - assuming the slab is reasonably well cared for and not beat to hell. Others think grading standards in both companies were stricter back then and try to bump prices based on supposed upgrade potential while not actually incuring the risk / expense of sending it back in... Mailing in for a reholder will probably cost $20+ per coin all in after shipping so there's that. All I know on it.
  11. His last hospital weigh im was 5 lbs 13 oz. His first peds appointment is tomorrow so we'll get an updated weight then. He's supposed to gain about 1 oz a day.
  12. Oh definitely! But I still want to grumble!
  13. Things went well and fell into place yesterday and Sam was released this morning. He's finally home from the NICU after 59 days (16 days before his due date). 2-12-2019 to 4-12-2019 - Finally home from the hospital. Now the fun really starts. I may not be getting to play with coins and the camera this weekend... USPS was supposed to deliver a package yesterday for the Zimbabwe set. Apparently, even though the package has been in Houston since Wednesday, they're being a bunch a insufficiently_thoughtful_persons with it and it's probably not even going to be delivered today. I don't know how it takes even the postal service 2 days (much less 3) to make something go from one side of Houston to another.
  14. Sam has been doing well since having the shunt put in but he’s having trouble getting through all his feeds without help. He hasn’t had a brady in days though. We’re trying to see if we might be able to (finally) bring him home, even if it’s with an NG (nasogastric) tube to supplement his feeds. I went to the hospital yesterday to learn how to “install” the tube. I do not know who came up with the idea of using the word “install” to describe threading a tube into an infant’s nose, through his throat and down into his stomach. It’s actually pretty simple, but I wouldn’t call it fun. He has been in the hospital for 8 weeks. It feels like it’s been 8 months some days. He still needs to pass his car seat test though and it’s unlikely that we’ll get to bring him home before early to mid-next week. Still... maybe before Easter we’ll all be home. He’s doing very well, but just getting enough food is hard when you’re 5.5 lbs. We got to give Bob the send-off he deserved today – complete with military honors and the flag going to his wife. When it was all over, I picked up the coins for the ‘32 set from him to try to update the pictures. I also have a copy of the full obit now. I’m going to use that to further refine the updates I’m planning for the set description. I’m hoping, soon, I’ll get put up the new descriptions with the new photos in one big update to it. Since they were in the same box, I brought the Texas Commemoratives set back with me too – most of those don’t have images at all and it’s a great little set. If I’m remembering this right, Choya is a 5th generation Texan through his father. That was the major motivation for him wanting to make that set. At some point, when life maybe gets just a little more settled, it could be fun to try to take that set and build it up and make something out of it from a family history perspective. If I’m right about him being 5th generation maybe something could be done around the 5 generations and the 5 years of issuance of that half dollar... In a different vein.... Some coins, as we all know, end up in bags or rolls in the backs of big vaults and they never see the light of day and never see circulation and they survive as uncirculated beauties for decades. That’s why we still have so many BU Morgan dollars floating around, 100-150 years after production. Other coins… just don’t get that lucky… I was walking down the street the other day with my son - very slowly making our way towards a local park – when I found this in a neighbor’s driveway. Ouch… 2018… Life is brutal and short for some unlucky coins.