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  1. Revenant

    Missing Newman Envelope from Part XI Auction

    Yeah, you always hate it when the side stuff goes missing. The focus is on the coin and all the side stuff that was promised with it is an afterthought that often gets lost it seems. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from these auctions so I can't help you there, but I hope you do find it. I'm sure that would frustrate me.
  2. Revenant

    Why our spouses usually shouldn’t buy our collectables…

    Well, she doesn't have a blog, and she doesn't blog. She has Facebook groups for expectant mothers, but no blog. I showed her this entry before it was posted. She got a laugh out of it and told me to post it, but she's been wanting to know what all the comments on it have been. I told her about your comment and she said that she freely admits that I knocked it out of the park.
  3. Revenant

    Why our spouses usually shouldn’t buy our collectables…

    Oh, I know! A previous comment you'd made is one of the main reasons why I stuck the word "usually" into the title of this post.
  4. Revenant

    Why our spouses usually shouldn’t buy our collectables…

    Yeah, I agree - coin books are fun. It's a shame that they are so expensive sometimes. I really need to get more of them as time goes on but it can be hard enough just to fund the hobby and I haven't gotten to do much collecting the last 10 years or so, so the coin book buying has really suffered.
  5. Revenant

    Why our spouses usually shouldn’t buy our collectables…

    With more classic coins I agree with you. I collect a fair number of modern series that are pretty generic. You don't have to worry too much about eye-appeal with an MS70 or MS69 bullion issue and those do make up a solid chunk of my collection.
  6. Forgive me if I missed an announcement somewhere along the way, but is NGC no longer printing and mailing physical certificates to the Category winners? I know last year you had to ask for it if you wanted printed ones sent to you but I haven't seen anything about that this year. I can understand if NGC is going to discontinue that. I'm sure printing and mailing all those things every year was quite an undertaking and expense. I'm mostly just curious about it.
  7. Tomorrow is my 3rd Anniversary with my wife. We decided to exchange gifts yesterday because I wanted to give her an opportunity to use her gift. She’d been secretive about my present. Lately she’s been getting me mostly practical gifts but we’re practical people. As I’ve transitioned into my 30s and fatherhood, I find I have less and less desire for random stuff in my life. My coin collection is one of the few things in my life these days that falls into a special category of “it’s mostly useless but it makes me happy.” She’d decided that she didn’t want to get me another practical gift though. She wanted to get me something fun. She also wanted to surprise me and not repeat the arrangement of Christmas where I got the money and I spent it myself (applying it towards that 1877 10G, which we put under the tree). So she goes hunting and spends I-have-no-idea-how-long looking for a link to an old wish list I had on a currency collecting site and ordered me a raw Zimbabwe 20 Trillion dollar note. She said she wanted to get me a coin, but she had no idea what to get. She was very excited. I love her to death for the thought and the effort she put into this. The problem? Well… I already have a graded Zimbabwe 20 Trillion note. A fact that came up when she mentioned maybe having to get it graded so it would go with the others and I was like… “I’m probably not going to grade this.” (and I showed her the one I already had to explain). She was confused because she thought she got something on my list… I had the 20 Billion note on my list, which I still need. It was also a PMG-graded one for about $25-30 depending on grade. We shared a laugh about it after she was done feeling a bit stupid (but, who can blame her with all those zeros?). We hugged and kissed. We’ll laugh about this for years I’m sure. The store she bought the note from has a return policy and so she’s going to hopefully return it to try to get most / all of the money back and then we’ll have a discussion about getting something else. Normally, I would have kept it just for laughs. I truly love that she tried so hard to get me something that I would love for my collection. The problem I have with keeping it is the price she paid. She just got completely taken on this note IMO. The store she bought it from is the store I bought most of my Zimbabwe note set from. Their prices have historically been quite reasonable, and you can still get many of the Zimbabwe notes from them for reasonable prices, even ones already graded by PMG for barely more than the grading fees. However, since I bought most of my set, someone there seems to have gone a little nuts - particularly on the 4 notes in the trillion set - the 10, 20, 50 and 100 Trillion notes. I’m guessing at some point someone there figured out that those are the four notes that most people want, most people don’t collect the lower denomination notes, and so they could probably get away with up-charging on those four where they couldn’t easily on the others. Seeing them charge her $60 for a raw bank note that’s as common as these are has, in all honesty, really hurt my opinion / feelings towards the company. After I showed her a PMG graded note on eBay for $42 she just said, “Oh. I just thought the price was the price.” Nope… This isn’t like buying something off the shelf at Wal-mart. If you don’t do your homework, you’re likely to get taken for all you’re worth and some people will be happy to do it to you. This all comes after, about a week ago, she realized that I have a massive watch list on eBay with dozens of items that I think would be fun to get but I will never have a budget big enough to get all of them. She told me at the time, a couple of days after she’d already ordered this Zimbabwe note, that I needed to share that with her, so I just wrote my eBay user name and password on an index card and gave it to her. She’d have to buy the item with her own account to hide it from me, but it would point her in the right direction. I feel like a horrible gift recipient, but she reads me too well and I can’t hide it from her when something’s not quite right. Honestly though it was a conversation that probably needed to happen. I wouldn’t want her to repeat this and keep over-paying for things like what happened here. Not to brag but I totally hit it out of the park on her gift.
  8. Revenant

    Invoice log-in time

    I don't know if it's an excuse so much as an acknowledgement of human nature that when you do something enough times I'm sure some minor mistakes will be made, some efforts duplicated, what have you. I have no idea how many coins / boxes / orders / invoices NGC gets in per day, but I imagine it's a lot. When things get busy and the heat is on human error rates tend to go up. Personally, I'd rather have them acknowledge getting my coins in twice than have them not acknowledge them at all or lose track of them or some other nightmare scenario. You just happen to be a person that something like this happened to so it effects your subjective view of the situation. Kind of like the fact that the error rate with UPS/FedEx/USPS is fairly low on average, but if they destroy your box that's not going to make you feel better about it. I say this as someone who has to deal with human error rates in the context of loss prevention. PCGS has to have similar mistakes sometimes - there's just no way to prevent some things 100% of the time.
  9. Revenant

    Registry Awards Question

    I could definitely be wrong (and I'm sure NGC will offer the definitive answer tomorrow so maybe I should just pipe down lol) but I always thought that only competitive sets could compete for those 3 categories and custom sets could only go for some of the 5 custom set categories (obviously, customs that aren't ancient coins can't compete for the new-ish "Best Ancients Custom Set" award). I always thought that was why we / NGC used the term "competitive" to describe that group, and so this wouldn't represent anything new. When you won the Best Presented twice did you win one or both with a Custom set?
  10. Revenant

    “Details” Coins and point values for NGC registry

    Quoting from here: Are NGC Details Grade coins weighted the same in the Registry? No, NGC Details coins earn 50% of the score given to a numerically graded coin of the same condition. NGC Details Grades include a prefix that indicates wear (UNC, AU, etc.) and a notation of the detrimental surface condition that prevented NGC from assigning a numerical grade. Learn more about NGC Details Grading. So, your score will go up but it won't go up as much as it would if the coin wasn't a details grade.
  11. Revenant

    Thank you! Congratulations! & My Hopes for 2019.

    Thanks all around on that. I don't know if your program is the same on this front but we were required to get two first-author peer-reviewed publications before we were allowed to graduate with our Ph.D.s Conference papers weren't good enough. Being 2nd author or lower wasn't good enough. So that provided quite an incentive to publish. I've written a lot of technical papers but writing my dissertation was one of the hardest things I ever did. It took months. It wasn't even that it took that much time - it's just mentally and emotionally draining and the lead up to the defense is a stressful time. Good luck with it. I'm sure you'll do great. My 2011 win was similar - I hadn't changed anything with that set for 2-3 years when I won. There's a lot of competition for those sets with the 12,000+ members and I'm sure they have to work their way "down the list" sometimes. I honestly don't even know how they approach it every year given the thousands of sets out there. I know any set that isn't at least 50% complete isn't considered and I'm sure they have screens in place based on what percentage of the coins have images and descriptions... but that still has to leave a lot of sets. I've mostly known lack-luster to poor performance on grading my own coins in the past so if you're reasonably good at it you earn my respect there. Good luck with your efforts.
  12. Thanks to the judges at NGC for the journal award – 10 years exactly after I won it in 2008. I really appreciate it! I also wanted to say congratulations to the people who won the Best Modern, Best Classic, Best Presented, Best Custom and Overall Achievement awards – especially ColonialCoinsUK, Mohawk, Coin928 and some of the others I’ve talked to in the forums lately. Friday turned out to be a really good day for me on a writing front. I found out that an old paper I submitted in December for peer-review was accepted. It’ll be the 7th peer-reviewed paper I’ve been named on and my 5th first author – my first peer-reviewed paper since I left Grad school in 2015. I’ve been planning out some professional goals for 2019 and also thinking about what I’d like 2019 to hold in a coin collecting capacity. I had been hoping that in 2019 I’d purchase 3 gold coins: a 2019 ¼ oz gold eagle, a 19th century French 20 Franc Angel type coin, and (if I got a good bonus in February / March) a 1924 gold double eagle. At this point I don’t know if it’s going to pan out that way even if I get a solid bonus. If my wife ends up getting put on bedrest and we lose her income earlier than we’d hoped that will probably put us under enough financial stress to make a lot of that unrealistic, but such is life. The 1/4th oz gold eagle would be a coin to mark the birth of my 2nd son and (to my mind anyway) would go with the 2016 I bought when my first son was born. If I only do one of the three, that'll probably be the one. We’ll see how it all comes out in the end. She’s relaxing as much as possible and avoiding over exerting herself. The main question we have is how long she can avoid having any bleeding. If she doesn’t bleed, she can keep working and keep mostly living a normal life. If she starts bleeding, even a little, she’ll be going on bedrest or modified bedrest. I’m not even sure our main concern or problem would be financial at that point – we’re fortunately pretty comfortable. But if she has to stay in bed all day it may drive her insane. There’s a chance that my 2nd son (Samuel) will share a birthday with his maternal grandfather (March 18th). He will probably be born within a week, maybe two, of his older brother’s birthday (3/26). Beyond those three, main goals / purchases I’m eyeing though I think 2019 will mostly have a focus on building up the rest of that Presidential dollars proof set as I’ve mentioned previously and acquiring new coins for a couple of series like the Kiwis, Koalas, and maybe my Kookaburras. To the extent that I pursue the bullion series I’m probably going to try to pick one or two series and focus on filling in the last decade of issues that I’ve been missing in those sets rather than just picking up random coins across all the sets and series I’ve bought coins for over time. I’m seriously considering trying to get my Koala set ready to have a #1 ranking again in December 2019. That could be a fun target to pursue.
  13. Revenant

    Upgrade or new addition to the collection?

    It might not be a hole filler though. I agree that a hole filler would be a mistake, but if I have a choice between filling a hole with a coin that I like in a grade that I like for the hole vs upgrading something I'm probably going to fill the hole. Of course, this partially assumes that the coin that would be getting the upgrade is a coin that I'm happy with and not a hole filler itself. But I usually don't buy hole fillers and I rarely do upgrades. The two are probably linked.
  14. Revenant

    Upgrade or new addition to the collection?

    Well, I suppose if you upgraded a coin you could sell the coin it's bumping out and buy something new? I guess it depends on what you're buying and selling though.
  15. Revenant

    High roller buyers

    I would think this would depend on the nature of the deal / who you're dealing with for most people. I'm very unlikely to ever go around with more than a grand in cash on me, even to a coin show or something similar. I just don't like having that much cash on my person. But since I do most of my buying online, few of my transactions are ever in cash. I wish I had more time to go to shops and shows but I'm busy being a dad. When the kids are older I'll get back to that.