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  1. I wouldn't mind getting 1/10th ounce coins for 2016 and 2019, but they just aren't really a priority for me with my cash right now - I've been taking the hit on a new generator, a new vacuum, a new TV... Boring but necessary for the most part. She has gotten me books before but not on coins.
  2. My birthday is coming up. I never would have thought we'd still be isolating and limiting our contact with people for 6 months and I'd be looking forward to a birthday in isolation but... here we are. This also means it's another one of those moments where my wife starts trying to figure out how she can give me a nice surprise without me knowing what it is or outright picking it myself. So I've been updating my Amazon wishlist for her and others in my family because I know they check it. The other day my wife asks me for my eBay user name and password - basically because she wants my watchlist. I mentioned that I'd changed the password recently just because I periodically update sensitive passwords - usually the banking ones especially - just to keep things safe and she makes this annoyed sounding half-grunt and says, "So that's why (the old password didn't work)." I probably should feel more bad about making her slightly annoyed but... I think it's good for her. She rejoices in teasing me enough. If she does buy me something off eBay there's a good chance it'll be a note for my Zimbabwe set. She joked about getting me a gold coin but we both know something like that is WAY outside of our normal budgets for birthdays with Gold near $2000/oz currently. As a further thought on this: She gives me grief on being hard to shop for but she's not much better - especially now - because she doesn't like stuff. She likes trips and experiences and that is almost impossible in 2020. Life gets even harder with Christmas in December, our anniversary in January and Valentine's Day in February, which makes it hard to have 3 good ideas in rapid succession, but I actually have a number of nice ideas in my back pocket this year, for once. Harris county is very close to dropping out of the "orange" risk level and into the "yellow." if that happens I may finally feel safe enough to venture to the Post Office to mail something off to Florida.
  3. I never would have thought this would happen but there seems to be a mini bubble in collecting LEGO sets. I imagine at some point it will pop - just like all collectable bubbles do. But I just buy what's available in the stores now. Right now I'm mostly buying duplos anyway. They're safer and more age appropriate for my boys.
  4. I don't think it'll happen. I think it was just some people reading into a rule change. But I suppose it is possible.
  5. No... I disagree there. There are plenty in the US that hate Paypal, which is why, i think, we now have Square, Venmo, Zelle, and a few others. I only really us PayPal for eBay and one or two other things and increasingly use Zelle and Venmo.
  6. A while back there was something going around that eBay, after this year I think, wouldn't allow coins, currency and bullion to be sold on the site. I remember saying or thinking at the time that, if they made that rule change, I'd probably be done with eBay just because that's literally all I shop for there and I just wouldn't see a point in looking or shopping there most of the time if that happened. Well, this week, as part of their 25th anniversary celebration, eBay sent me an email summarizing my activity / history on the site and it included this graphic. I think the electronics purchase was a control unit for a car's AC system, but... yeah. 95% Collectables and Art. Take that away and I haven't used eBay for much in the last 15 years. One track mind? One trick pony? I don't know... Actually I think I used eBay years ago to buy a cheaper used camera body to have a back-up / secondary body for my canon lenses years ago... so maybe there's that too for electronics. Or maybe the AC control unit was the "other."
  7. Sorry to hear you're hurt! Hope you heal up okay.
  8. Now, who would imagine, much less accuse, the US government of stealing so blatantly and shamelessly? Lol I honestly never heard of the 1992 program or these commemoratives, but I don't go that far North much and don't normally collect Canadian coins except for what I pull in change down here in Texas.
  9. I find myself trying to take a minute to focus on something positive as its looking like Laura is coming for us - as if the year of the ‘Rona wasn’t bad enough without a Cat 3 or 4 Hurricane to spice things up. I always hate the lead-up to a storm. The stress and worry tie your stomach up in knots. Anyway… In early November of last year, I went to Canada for a few days on a job. These trips are not usually all that fun - I usually plan them so I get in, do the job, and get back home without a lot of sight-seeing. I usually just go to the Hotel and the Job site. I often think it would be fun to get to go to a bank and get some local coins and currency, but it usually just is not in the cards. I try to get my steps / miles in every day to get my exercise though and, on this trip, I took a walk around the area surrounding the hotel. On this walk I found a quarter. It was a Canadian quarter with Alberta featured on the back. I never got around to posting about this but finding this quarter was interesting and fun for a few reasons: 1) I was in Alberta at the time of finding it. 2) The back of the coin featured / referenced the oil and gas industry and oil production. Alberta is the center of the oil and gas industry in Canada, I work in Oil and Gas, and I was actually there visiting a field with a large number of collection points and decentralized processing facilities that was in a remote area. The quarter celebrates the 2005 centennial of Alberta, and 2005 also happens to be the year I graduated high school - and happens to be the year PMG was founded and started grading notes, so bonus points there. Prior to finding this I had not realized that Canada had their own statehood quarter program / were featuring states / provinces on their quarters like the US has been (for about 20 years now). It is not super-pretty, especially on the obverse - it IS a parking lot find, after all. So, in a way, it was a perfect token / memento from the trip, and I bought it home with me - along with a snow globe, which Ben smashed within 24 hours. It has spent most of the last year on my dresser and I see it from time to time. I was supposed to return to the area two more times for follow up projects in the 1st and 3rd quarters of this year but the outbreak of the pandemic and the crash in oil projects get a lot of projects postponed - both to limit visitors to the sites and to keep spending down. It's funny sometimes to think about how different this year has been from how it "was supposed to be." One thing I will say for Hurricanes - I think I’ve made more progress on cleaning up in the garage in the last 36 hours than in the last 2 years as we try to get to be able to bring both cars into the protective envelope of the house.
  10. Yeah. I think it could be nice if there was a rule that either a set should have at least 1 NGC coin or be 50-75% NGC to win the best in category. Your post that I responded to had me thinking you were referring principally to the major awards with that comment.
  11. I don't know how much points matters to a Major award. I just know they require those to be 75% NGC graded to be eligible. So you're allowed to plus up or round out your set with PCGS coins and still be elligible for a major award but it has to be a smaller part of the set. I think that's a nice balance.
  12. I'd feel better about selling it at that point but I'd still be inclined to share the story on it before selling. I'd also be very inclined to talk to people at the company about it at that point and maybe see if they could trace back the submissions and see who looked at it each time and where the disagreement came in and why. If NGC had the disagreement I could actually see this working as they just seem more open and willing to communicate than some companies I've had the joy of dealing with. I've never worked with PCGS but what I've heard would leave me less optimistic. Edited to add: My hang up is that, even if you find an explanation, there will always be an opinion rendered by someone that is supposed to be an authority that this thing is no good. The way I approach life, I would acknowledge that. Even if it cost me money, even if the next person didn't.
  13. Yeah... Which is why a few years ago someone wanted to implement a rule whereby a description wouldn't count unless it was 200+ characters or something similar. It didn't get implemented because it wouldn't really improve things. You'd just get comments that are word soup or lazy repetitive boiler plate or strings of a's or similar garbage. As it is you still get the " ' " ones but I accept that for the extent to which it does get us "real" comments by making incentives - even though the tie breaks usually occur in modern sets of PF70s, where making "interesting" or original comments tends to be harder IMO.
  14. Very true, and very good point! But I give the judges here more credit than I'd give computer algorithms for having taste. 😆
  15. It might also be helpful to know that the system places no judgements of value on the quality or length of a comment or description. You could make a comment / description that says, "This coin purteh! Hur dee hurr hurr." And the system will weight it equally to someone that has written a 500-word love note to the coin. Which is nice given that what makes a "good" description is highly subjective.