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  1. What do you mean by plastic trays? Storage boxes? Something else? Have a picture of something similar to what you want, maybe for a smaller size?
  2. Revenant

    My Most Favorite Island

    Kind of crazy to see Newfoundland spelled out so prominently on that coin. When I was starting to look at Sovereigns I couldn't for the life of me figure out how they could tell the difference between a coin from South Africa, India, Australia or London because I couldn't see a mint mark anywhere. I had to look it up/ read up on what it was and I was shocked by how small and subtle the mint marks were on those coins. Then you see something like this where they wrote it loud and proud into the legend.
  3. I think the cash economy will continue for a while longer. If they try to get rid of it people will just substitute something else for cash - maybe silver and gold bullion issues will circulate at that point. Or maybe they just start substituting the currency of a neighboring country that hasn't done away with cash yet. US stops printing actual bills? Accept Pesos! People are not going to stop dealing with illicit and illegal things unless they just decide to legalize all drugs and prostitution. People are going to continue trying to cheat on taxes and welfare by taking payment in cash "under the table." Yeah. The governments of the world would LOVE completely cashless societies but people are going to resist it. Before any of that becomes an issue though you still have to deal with the fact that, even in the US, a large percentage of the population is still "unbanked" and has no bank account and deals only in cash.
  4. Revenant

    not working

    Given the we know that scammers make fake accounts to spam these boards I REALLY don't think I'd recommend posting a phone number here publicly. I'd edit that post to remove the number.
  5. If the population of collectors drops, or if their ability to pay inflated prices for collectables in a hobby drops, the prices will drop. Honestly I think the financial nature of the hobby and hyper-competitiveness like is sometimes seen with some in the registry sometimes hurts the hobby by discouraging some. But I have no idea how to fix that. The hobby isn't about the TPGs and MS70 moderns. It's also about whitman folders and roll hunting - and that is cheap and something my sons will be exposed to while young.
  6. Just FYi, you can get 1964D Kennedy Halfs graded in MS65 on ebay for $35 or less. So, unless you are confident you'll get an MS66 or better, you will likely lose money on it after fees and shipping.
  7. Well, given that they charge a $5 fee + shipping for returning the packaging, which I'm assuming also applied to returning the COA to you, I can see why you might be a little bit cross about this outcome. I agree with the others though, I don't see not having the COA damaging the value enough to be worth a lawyer. The hourly rate on a decent lawyer, given the time this would take... ? You might as well buy a new coin. Personally, I don't know how much the original packaging even helps you now that the coin is in an NGC holder and can't even be in the original mint packaging now and the NGC slab / label gives you a statement on authenticity without the CoA.
  8. Every time one of these 1804 posts gets started or revived it makes me think of the phrase, "Hope springs eternal."
  9. Those label styles and hologram stickers on the back are newer and consistent with the newer gen pronged holders but it's a bit weird that there wouldn't be reference photos in the cert look up database for coins in new gen holders.
  10. Well... The ANACs coin isn't going to look NGC. The others would need a closer look. Is the seller / dealer well established?
  11. I don't think they use photos to verify the coin. I could be wrong though. I don't think it matters much.
  12. Someone here had to explain it to me. So I'd say market awareness isn't great. If it makes any difference in price it seems to be a difference in BIN asking prices. Didn't really seem to matter for this one because it's a silver sticker but I've seen this seller ask a lot more for ones with a Gold sticker - I guess pricing in upgrade potential or something. It's a little funny to think of a company getting $12.50 to put a sticker on something to say, "I agree with NGC's grading." Lol
  13. Not the most secure approach, but I guess it works as long as you never get your computer or laptop stolen.
  14. The thing that got us this week was stamps, stamps that were used on the wall... The luster is very solid. The "problem" with the coin, which those high-mag images make clear, is that it has a lot of individually mostly minor bag marks. But if you aren't looking at it under a microscope it's quite handsome in person. Personally, I found George V to be kind of interesting after seeing how he was portrayed as the kind-of hard-***ed father of Edward VIII and George VI that lead the country through WWI and the lead-up to WWII in "The King's Speech." I like the movie. I wish there were George VI Sovereigns but the silly ole Royal Mint wasn't willing to make that a thing in the 1940s and 1950s.
  15. From what I understand it's like CAC, but only for non-US coins. Gold=likely upgradable. Silver=good for the grade.