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  1. Absolutely send it in so that you can get independent confirmation of your ID and big score!
  2. The Cu is worth more than a penny, I think, so it's whatever melt would be. No numismatic value.
  3. No. Different context. In this case it just means our big dollar coins, finishing with the Ike.
  4. Definitely seems a strange place for a fanatical religious/sociopolitical cult.
  5. Peaces are always worth something. While melt value is about $12.50 or thereabouts, cartwheel dollars always get a little more--a dealer would probably pay up to $15 for them. You didn't post the reverses, so I can't speak to grading and won't try.
  6. If I had to guess, I'd guess it was long in contact with PVC, like laying on top of a piece of it in that bar shape. Does that green stuff feel slimy? If so, acetone is the perfect advice because it will remove PVC slime, which otherwise would chow down on the coin's surface causing irreparable damage.
  7. Yes. The U in particular is diagnostic, and unlike the WE, is often not worn off.
  8. So it seems that one coin recruited three of its friends, and each of those recruited three of their friends, and so on. Nice!
  9. Fortunately, we don't have anyone here who would be that ridiculous, especially since people bringing us junk coins they suppose to be rare errors always heed the collective PMD wisdom we offer. Oh, wait.
  10. Watching muckspreading is never quite the same without cigars. I'm partial to Dominicans, myself. I find the draw on Cubans way too tight, like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
  11. It's mislabeled. While they have copied the Morgan obverse design, it's a privately minted copper round; it's not a dollar. Some people like them and will pay a little more than the copper melt value for them, whatever that is for 1/4 oz. Cu.
  12. Figured that would be one of the good options, but also figured I'd see what other possibilities might exist.
  13. I've got some coins that were foolishly glued to some sort of felt or flannel surface, so when they came up, they brought with them varying glue blobs covered with magenta cloth fibers. With no way to know what type of glue it is, other than that it's fairly old, what would you suggest to remove it? We can cross Googone off the list; no go. A few of the coins are cartwheel silver dollars, a few are Buff and Liberty nickels, and a few are IHPs. None are any great shakes of value, though I'd prefer to impact them as little as possible while getting this crapola off them.