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  1. Sean, I understand the way your marketing your merch. However, my point is that stating something is 'for sale' is not the same as saying it is up for auction. That is all. You have some very nice stuff by the way and I hope you do well. Dan
  2. I don't mean to irritate you. You have many nice coins that I would be interested in given a larger budget. When you post they are for sale, that implies that there is a price that could be offered which would result in a sale from you to me. When I click and see that it is an auction, that is not quite the same as 'for sale'. If there is an option to make an offer on any of your coins I might be interested in that. I don't want to follow an auction for 7 days hoping my max bid isn't met. Regards, Dan
  3. bajjerfan and I have done more than one deal Successfully. First one was 2012! Most recent transaction concluded today.