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  1. Dear Sir, Thank you. In order to qualify for Bulk you would need to be either an Authorized NGC Dealer or an Elite Member. You would need to submit a minimum of 100 of the same type of coin. Thank you, Lisa
  2. Hi, You were not charged at all. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Dear Trapshooter, Thank you. I've looked into this for you and this piece was evaluated by NCS and they did not feel that conservation would benefit the piece so it was just sent to NGC for grading. You were only charge for grading. If you have any further questions, please email me, Thank you, Lisa
  4. LISA B

    NCS of a coin

    Thank you. That one coin would need to go on it's own form. Thank you, Lisa
  5. Hi, Please email directly, with the certification numbers. Thank you, Lisa
  6. Hi, No, I'm sorry but we do not offer bulk for GSA's. Thanks, Lisa
  7. Hi All, As of today we are opening mail that was delivered to us on March 9th. Thanks, Lisa
  8. LISA B

    2019 W Cent

    Thank you. Not at this time. Lisa
  9. Thank you. Our Post Office box is actually located at our facility. We have an office here on site for the post office. Thank you, Lisa
  10. Dear Sir, Thank you. All mail is delivered to us. We do not pick it up. I do see that your orders were received into our system on the 9th. Thank you, Lisa
  11. Dear Sir, Thank you. The order was pre-received and then actually received on the 28th. Thank you, Lisa
  12. Thank you. As of today our receiving department is opening mail that was delivered to us on the 27th. I've checked your submission and I do see that we did receive the order into our system on the 4th. You should now be able to see it. Thank you, Lisa
  13. Thank you for your question. NGC only grades coins, we do not buy, sell, trade or value them.
  14. Thank you for your question. When submitting PCGS graded coins you will need to do so as a Crossover. The following link will explain our Crossover program. Thank you, Lisa
  15. Dear Tony, Thank you. NGC only grades coins, we do not buy, sell, trade or value them. Thank you, Lisa