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  1. Hello, No, this is something that we would not grade. Thank you, Lisa
  2. Thank you. Please email me an image of the front and back of this piece along with a photo of the COA to Thank you, Lisa
  3. Hi Bill, Thank you. We are looking into this now. I will be in touch, Thank you, Lisa
  4. Hello, It is not a coin it's a bullion silver round (medal)..... there are plenty of medals we do we put under various countries even though the country did not issue them
  5. Hello, Please email me images of these pieces. Thank you, Lisa
  6. Hello Angelair, I have been told that they aren't designated as official mint medals, they are just non official silver medals with a mexican look to them.
  7. Thank you for your questions. The Auction information should be sufficient. Thank you, Lisa
  8. Please check again as it is there now.
  9. Hi MK I'll pass this along for you. Not sure what they will be able to do. Thanks, Lisa
  10. There was an issue with the website which has now been taken care of.
  11. Dear Phipsigator, Thank you. This was just a pedigree that was request when these were submitted. Thank you, Lisa
  12. Dear Terence8788, The only other way would be is if you had your own account with FED-X or UPS. Thank you, Lisa
  13. LISA B

    Coin Flips

    Hello, You can buy them at our store,
  14. Hello, Thank you. Yes, if we feel that the coin would benefit we would conserve it at your request. Thank you, Lisa
  15. Hello, I have sent you an email regarding your request. Thank you, Lisa