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  1. Hi Doug, Thank you. Yes, our P.O. Boxes are in our facility. We also have a postal worker that works in our building. When you see that it says ready for pick up this means that the truck didn't make the drop off for that day and they will bring it the next day. Thank you, Lisa
  2. Hello Dr.Said, Currently, we are still opening the mail that was delivered to us Saturday and Monday. You should see your order entered soon. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Dear EdG_Ohio, Thank you. NGC is only offering multi-holders to our bulk submitters at this time. Thank you, Lisa
  4. Dear LTMvCord, Thank you. I'm sorry that this is taking some time. By chance did we need to reach out to you regarding questions about your submission? Thank you, Lisa
  5. Dear Derek, Thank you. Yes, you can sent them all in the same package and if you wish, you can request to have them ship back to you together. If you do that, the Express order would have to wait to the longest turn around time. Thank you, Lisa
  6. Hi ErictheRed, Thank you. Yes, we will still grade and send your coins back. We will just send you a friendly reminder that it's time to renew. Thank you, Lisa
  7. Hi Alex in PA This link will take you right there.
  8. Dear Erowe, Thank you. I've checked the status and this order shipped out to you yesterday. Thank you, Lisa
  9. Hi, I have sent you an email regarding this submission. Thank you, Lisa
  10. Dear Jimbo27, Thank you. Unfortunately we are running behind. Your order shouldn't be much longer. Thank you, Lisa
  11. Dear Kingrule, Thank you. Yes, you can just cross them out. Thank you, Lisa
  12. Hi, Hi have sent you an email regarding this submission. Thank you, Lisa
  13. Dear Malachi33, As of today, we are currently opening the mail that was delivered to us on December 28th. Thank you, Lisa
  14. Dear Mike, I know that we were having some issues yesterday. Please try again. Thank you, Lisa
  15. Hi, I have had this looked at and this piece is fine. Thank you, Lisa