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  1. Sometimes the PVC or Residue will hide improper cleaning which cannot be seen until the PVC and or Residue is removed from the coin.
  2. Thank you for your question. If the coin has a residue, PVC etc. it needs to be removed so that NGC can holder it. The graders can not always determine if the coin is improperly cleaned until it is conserved. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Sending you an email. Lisa
  4. Hi, Is it possible for you to email me images?
  5. If there is nothing on the reverse, it is usually ignored for the purposes of grading, unless there is something very detrimental like a large scratch. As to the writing, it would be near impossible to verify, so it might just get called graffiti.
  6. LISA B

    2019 W Cent

    Thank you. You would need to either be and Elite Member or an Authorized NGC dealer in order to submit in bulk. Thank you, Lisa
  7. Hello, It looks like this is in quality control as of today so it shouldn't be much longer, Thank you, Lisa
  8. The graders will make the changes when they are looking at the coins. Thank you, Lisa
  9. Thank you for your question. This just means that NGC felt that the PCGS graded coin would not grade the same or higher. Thank you, Lisa
  10. Dear Numis-F, Thank you. NGC will not grade or encapsulate anything with Hitler's portrait or any swastikas. Thank you, Lisa
  11. Hi Chilliman, Thank you. What is the certification number for this piece? Thank you, Lisa
  12. Hi, I've checked on this and I do see that it is complete. I'm going to try to have the order ship out to you today or tomorrow. Thank you, Lisa
  13. Dear Vett, Thank you. Please email me directly regarding these matters and I will do what I can to resolve these issues. Thank you
  14. Dear Travis, Thank you. I have asked our graders about this and this is something that we do not grade so we cannot help you with this one. Thank you, Lisa
  15. Dear David, We are looking into this now for you. Someone will be in touch. Thank you, Lisa