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  1. You can send it in for reholder. On the paperwork you need to write "PRONG CORE" so that we know to put it in that core instead. Thank you, Lisa
  2. Dear Mr. Hills, Thank you. No, NCS/NGC cannot make any type of determination without having the coin in hand. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Hello, USPS is holding packages that are going out of the Country. Thank you
  4. Hello, Due to the COVID-19, the USPS is holding shipments at this time. I do not know how long this will be held. Thank you, Lisa
  5. The chinese panda that you have in a blister pack will not receive in the description. The only time we do that is for bulk submission into our Shanghai office. As for the Apollo 11 coin it would be really helpful if you could provide us with the cert number so that we can see what core it was put in. Then we can let you know if that is the only core available for the specific coin that he has.
  6. Hello, Please email Jim at,
  7. Hello Tobi, Our Receiving Manager Melissa is emailing you. Thank you, Lisa
  8. Hello Premy, Thank you. Nothing has shipped as we are waiting for the coins being conserved to be finished to ship to you. Thank you, Lisa
  9. Hello Iceman, You can print out another pdf submission form and write page 2 on the second one so to make it one submission. Thank you, Lisa
  10. Dear JerryBoj, Thank you. No, the online does not have the option for NCS conservation. You will need to use the PDF for that service.
  11. Dear Ed H. No, they will not be removed from the slab. These will be graded and banded. As long as the coin has not been compromised it will still be graded and banded.
  12. Hello GlobalNomad, Our website is now fixed. Did you not get your email of the images? Thank you, Lisa
  13. Hello mn0t3s, It is now working. Thank you, Lisa
  14. Hello, You would need to submit a minimum of 100 of the same type of coin like all Morgan and Peace Dollars. Thank you Lisa
  15. Hi Bob, I just checked a few on our website and I see the images. Is there one in particular?