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  1. That was the million dollar question? Thin market for these " children" but I really love them. short series and they are copper! I really love BROWN copper.
  2. I have no idea the last time I was here, and I really have no idea the last time that I heard that someone liked 2 Cent Pieces.
  3. The "bad dealers" are the first to go at a coin show, and I'm talking about the internet scumbags that are just here to rip us collectors off..............
  4. I actually kind of like it here Joe. There were way to many "know it all's" ATS, and you are just a truly honest collector.
  5. You are correct Joe. I deserved to be banned because I was really trying, but you?
  6. Howdy Buffalo Head, it's good to see you again my friend.
  7. Nice coin, nice date and my series. Thanks for posting.
  8. THIS is the way I like my copper! You did good in my book Dean, I like my cooper brown sir! This coin is a real beauty.
  9. I would be untouchable in the 2 cent piece category. Who am I fooling? No one collects deuces, right?
  10. Not your style from what I've seen SM, right? But I REALLY love it! My biggie from 2017 (and I can't believe I'm typing the year 2017 and it's now 2018?)