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  1. They have the best pictures of any of the major auction sites.
  2. Beautiful coin. I've been watching this for a while.
  3. They don't make bills at the Mint that's for sure. Currency is only printed at Washington DC and just down the street from me in Fort Worth.
  4. Try it on cheap coins first, do not use on copper.
  5. I think it's better in hand than in the pictures. I think you'd do well if it crossed into a Star holder.
  6. Just as the title says, looking to spend around 3000, paying 13.2x face. PM me with offers please.
  7. A bit shorter than I'm used to, but still a wonderful report. Thanks so much Charmy.
  8. I agree with the above assessment. I will also add that Machine Doubling as stated above with have squared off doubling, also referred to as shelflike. True doubling will have the same contour as the regular date due to being pressed by the hub twice. Keep looking though, a man found one in change not two years ago and I believe it sold for more than 30k.
  9. 63 due to lack of luster. As others have stated though it's almost impossible to tell unless you have it in hand.
  10. I sold one many years ago in NGC 67 UCAM on teletrade for over 700. With higher populations I would guess this coin would be in the $500 range realistically.
  11. I think you have to get the "No Whammies" with that app as well to make it worth your while!
  12. Great coin at a very good price. I actually thought about offering on this one, but a 1910 Matte Proof Lincoln distracted me!