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  1. Dave Bowers said that the Garrett collection was the most important collection of the 19th century. What would you say the most important collection of the 20th century was? By the way, I have his book on the Garrett collection and I just bought his book on the Pogue collection in which he highlights the 100 most important coins of the that outstanding collection.
  2. Last night, at my local club meeting, I had a chance to buy an 1835 Classic Head half cent graded NGC 55. I decided not to buy it as it had a rotated reverse and I don't care for coins with a rotated reverse. I'm aware that some collectors like them especially if they are rotated at least 45 degrees or more. What would you say is the average collector opinion on coins with rotated reverses?
  3. Excellent article. There's no substitute for learning how to grade coins or at least be able to recognize the low end coins in a given grade. The number on a slab says nothing about strike, luster and eye appeal.
  4. I just saw that Don Willis resigned as president of PCGS. First David Hall, now Don Willis is gone.
  5. Yes, I bought two rolls. My dealer friend who was with me bought 18. You were limited to 10 rolls per person, so I bought the other 8 for him.
  6. I attended the U.S. Mint's launch of the 2018 Block Island National Wildlife Refuge quarter today in RI. The event was held at the RI National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in Charlestown, RI. The guest speakers included David Ryder, the Mint Director. And Chris Costello, the coins designer, was also present. We were able to purchase BU rolls of the coin after the ceremony from a local bank that set up in a room for that purpose. Block Island is a small island off the southern coast of RI that's quite beautiful. It's technically the Town of New Shoreham and you can only reach it by the ferry or the island's airport. Sorry that I don't have pictures to post, but there will be media coverage. The coin is the 45th in the America the Beautiful series and the last to be issued this year.
  7. I watch HSN and Mike Mezack all the time for entertainment only. Never buy coins from TV, newspaper ads, etc. You'll be paying too much for the coins. And expensive coins should be in PCGS or NGC holders only. ANACS lost their credibility a long time ago. They and ICG are fine for lower priced coins or circulated coins that you want graded.
  8. I imagine it's only a matter of time before the change to a 100 point grading scale. That will increase submissions for the grading services.
  9. I started collecting coins in 1978 and I began using ANACS. I feel that they should never have ventured into grading coins as they didn't have a competent grading staff. They were fine at authenticating coins and should have stayed with that. When they started grading coins, they made many errors which hurt their credibility and in fact they never fully recovered. The photo certs are now worthless. When PCGS and NGC came along, they knocked them out of the picture. I still use them, but only for circulated coins. I'm sorry that things worked out the way it did for them, but their costly mistakes were mistakes that they could never overcome. And of course, if you attend a show, all you see are PCGS and NGC coins.
  10. No it's not. Unfortunately doctored coins have gotten by the top grading services. CAC gives you a second opinion that the coin hasn't been doctored and is what the label is saying it is. The TPGs do an excellent job of authenticating and grading, but mistakes do happen.
  11. In a Sept 2017 issue of NN Skip Fazzari had an article in which he said that sending your early silver AE coins in for grading could result in getting an MS-70 grade if you carefully selected them for grading. A look at the NGC price guide shows that AEs from 1986 through 2000 carry significant price tags in MS-70. Fazzari's idea is to come up with an MS-70, sell it and put the money into a "vintage coin with a past track record of slow and steady growth." Not a bad idea. I asked two local, prominent dealers what they thought. The first one said that he considers them to be just bullion and the second one said that with recent changes in the greysheet pricing of modern coins, he'd never pay anywhere near the NGC price guide listings for an early MS-70 NGC Eagle. As for me, I don't have any idea if the early MS-70 AEs have sold for anywhere near the NGC price guide levels. Any comments would be welcome.
  12. Actually, I didn't plan on buying anything, but when I saw that seated dollar and thought I could buy it at a good price, I did. I have one already, but it was a date I sold years ago and always regretted selling. I've used Great Collections and I fully support them.