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  1. 1982 small date coin

    First off, welcome to the forum, second of all, posters usually do not post personal phones numbers, addresses, etc. A simple image of the coin where we can identify the question would as in most cases be sufficient.
  2. transitional error

    Interesting that it does not appear to look like the other Sac, but we need your explanation as to why you think this is a transitional error, such as: the rim is blank, the weight is off, etc.
  3. Questionable Ebay listing

    ....correct, but for whom?
  4. Questionable Ebay listing

    Yeah, a 10K coin for 3K, Run Forest run!
  5. 1959 Lincoln with Wheat Reverse?

    ...but if true, it could very well become the 2nd 'Discovery of a Lifetime' I had read somewhere that Hoffman used a 10 ga. shotgun to make coin dies. He claimed it was a very dangerous way to make spurious coins but worked so well you could not tell they were not struck by the US Mints.
  6. Biggest Story of the Year

    We were waiting for you to post this...it is BIG NEWS as it was splattered ATS. Laughing, ppl over there saying now if it would only cross!
  7. Us 1995 quarter error

    Sorry to say, the images do not appear in your post...you must have done something incorrectly, that or it is an invisible coin, but please try again.
  8. Shipping dies was expensive in the early 19th century.

    So, 54 dies would weigh what, 400 lbs you'd probably need at least 8-10 crates to be able to move them, $390 was extremely high for that period of time ($39 per crate) so I'm glad they were at least concerned about expenses.
  9. Hits on 64-66 TPG-Graded Coins

    There are only X number of coinage available, some of those X's have been through the services numerous times, some of the times 'luck' smiles upon you and you get an upgrade. I am not going to use the word 'lenient' here ~oops~ too late, but the standards seem to vary to collectors, but I'm pretty sure there's at least a 90% accuracy (see CAC beans) overall. Not bad considering 38,000,000 grades for just one of the services.
  10. 1 of us doesnt belong!

  11. 1 of us doesnt belong!

    I still don't know what going on so here's a cat in a monkey suit licking a banana.
  12. 1999 experimental quarter

    Why do you think this is 'experimental'? Welcome to the boards!
  13. 1 of us doesnt belong!

    ...then why did you put it there then?
  14. 1 of us doesnt belong!

    Thomas Jefferson had 2 acres of hemp production at Monticello but I still don't know what is going on here.