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  1. WoodenJefferson

    Strange looking 1909-S VDB

    These are 'Glamor Shots' of what will turn out to be a butt ugly, probably ungradable VF cent. A good hole filler though.
  2. WoodenJefferson

    Cheap Fitted Kitchens Birmingham UK

    Who better? We got the coin.
  3. $675.38 United States Dollar
  4. WoodenJefferson

    Time to retire the nickel?

    Problem is, retailers will 'round up' if they can't make exact change, so, most everything will cost a nickel more.
  5. WoodenJefferson

    A Numismatic Time Capsule

    Thank you for posting
  6. 15.4mm 56.0mm (typo) should have been much smaller
  7. WoodenJefferson

    1992-D "AM" WHEW!!!THAT WAS CLOSE!!!

    Your image enhanced to show separation,I would say 'no'
  8. WoodenJefferson

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    History in coin chat forums has proven tough for those still starting out, we've all been there at one time or another...as harsh as it seems, the comment about you having to grow a tougher skin sometimes rings true. There are a mix of people on theses boards where some remain quiet, to others expressing their views in a manner that offend. You have to take the good with the bad and sort it all out and you'll det most times what you are seeking. So don't leave, stick around and join the fray.
  9. Copper 154mm 560mm that's like 400 lbs
  10. WoodenJefferson

    Rare pennies stl valuable if damaged?

    Since both coin types are modern issue, complete unsearched rolls can still be found that will at times, yield gradable coins vs a details coin, so the value of finding one with damage takes away at least 90% of it value.
  11. WoodenJefferson

    Single Squeeze Hubbing ATB Class 4

    Great example, if your intent on finding one. What I mean is, if you know what your looking for and have a 10X loupe in hand, you might find one. Hand me a raw one and ask if there is anything special about this coin, I'd probably have no idea. Nice pictures btw.
  12. WoodenJefferson

    1792 Quarter Dollar

    Sorry no, it would not be prudent to send this replica to a grading service as they would just return it to you as counterfeit and your out the shipping/grading fee. Feel free to take it to a reputable dealer though and let them give it the once over. Save your money though if they ask for an appraisal fee. Note: A poster to your thread, Mr. Mark Feld was an ex-grader at NGC, had his own coin business on-line and now works for Heritage Auctions (coin section) so with that said, I would be satisfied my question was answered by an expert in the field.
  13. WoodenJefferson

    Combining of Forums

    I read that Monday, and just sat here waiting for some comment...finally lol.