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  1. 1944/3 copper cent

    Don't let your eyes deceive you with something that is not truly there, like say a number 3
  2. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    I doubt that, there was a string of FS designation and the operator punched out a 5FS tag, pretty much had to stop to make a make a PL tag, right?
  3. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    You won't see many 6 step nickels until the mid 80's (1985) when a new master die was fabricated.
  4. Question Regarding NGC Scoring

    ...it keeps it from getting out of reach. Like hanging a carrot in front of the mule.
  5. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    There is no sure fire way of detecting a SMS Jefferson and a business struck one unless you have a bit of frost on the SMS devices and a bit more reflective field. They just stand out. As I understand, the SMS were struck at a slightly higher pressure but still went into catch bins which created dings, dents and scuff marks. I've seen some god awful looking nickels in all 3 years of Special Mint Sets 65/66/67 there was absolutely nothing special about them. NGC is going to need to corral this particular coin and correct the deficiency.
  6. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/4649036-054/66/ WOW! Mechanical error on the label...obviously.
  7. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    Does that even exist?
  8. Error? Help please!!!

    Something circular, piece of pipe, ring circled the cent and was pressed in by a hydraulic press or other method that distorted the coin....not something seen coming out of a US Mint facility.
  9. 1882 Shield Nickel Repunched Date?

    Looks like some sort of die gouge and not a RPM. Just an opinion.
  10. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    With Jefferson proofs, the 'Full Step' designation does not apply because virtually every proof for that year has at least 5 steps incorporated/visibly struck into the design. They sell from $14-$20 for above average condition (cameo coins sell for way more and are very desirable to collectors)
  11. Such a shame

    80% of this clowns inventory is 'shake & bake' and yet he sells it!
  12. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    Very good deductive reasoning...although the example of an 'off center' strike is more pronounced, your coin exhibits some of the same characteristics. Keep looking for errors in the wild, they are out there.
  13. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    Vibrations in the coin press causes the dies to minutely (think micro) to move randomly causing a 'shelf like' appearance to the elements of the design. The die moves rotationally clockwise or counter clockwise when retracting, so the actual strike is still only "one"
  14. Error? Help please!!!

    Most definitely PMD (Post Mint Damage) It does not resemble any error that might come out of the Mint.
  15. On a 2017 d Ellis Island quarter

    No, sorry