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  1. Sy,


    Definitely very interesting and historic items that you have managed to collect. Very impressive and I can imagine how fun and exciting it is to search for these type of items, finding them and obtaining what you want. As others have indicated, that license plate is just plain "cool".


    Amazing stuff and please continue to share with us.



  2. Mike, welcome to our forums and a nice looking Morgan there you purchased. You will find that the folks on these forums are the best, very professional, personable, willing to assist a fellow collector or someone just beginning. I think you will find this a very honest and open forum to participate in. Do not ever hesitate to ask anything on here, you will find that we are all here to learn and grow within our hobby


    Welcome again



  3. I came across this news story today on Yahoo and thought it may be of interest to some of you.




    CAIRO – Archaeologists unearthed 383 bronze coins dating back to King Ptolemy III who ruled Egypt in the 3rd century B.C. and was an ancestor of the famed Cleopatra, the Egyptian antiquities authority announced Thursday. The statement said one side of the coins were inscribed with hybrid Greek-Egyptian god Amun-Zeus, while the other side showed an eagle and the words Ptolemy and king in Greek. Founded by one of Alexander the Great's generals, the Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt for some 300 years, fusing Greek and ancient Egyptian cultures. The coins were found north of Qarun lake in Fayoum Oasis 50 miles (80 kilometers) southwest of Cairo. Other artifacts were unearthed in the area included three necklaces made of ostrich egg shell dated back to the 4th millennium B.C. and a pot of kohl eyeliner from the Ottoman Empire. The objects will all be displayed in the new Egyptian museum under construction near the pyramids of Giza.