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  1. I've had great success treating verdigris on small and large cents with Verdicare (formerly Verdigone). Google it and you'll find posts with before-and-after images. Lance.
  2. It's more likely an error at NGC, or a very recent grading, than a fake. But certainly follow Mark's advice to be safe. 800-NGC-COIN or Lance.
  3. Architecht, Why do I get double-line feeds with a single <cr>? It never used to be that way. And I've looked through settings and can't figure it out? A little help? Thank you! Lance.
  4. Tom's advice is so good you can read it twice! I agree, don't spend to have any graded unless you identify something very special that ought to be graded/certified for authenticity and preservation reasons. Many collectors of early copper actually prefer them raw. When I filled my Dansco album I cracked-out plenty of large cents...just not the difficult, pricey ones. FWIW, you should have no trouble selling them raw at a major coin show when that time comes. Lance.
  5. That sounds great, Architecht! I'll give it a try here. These are typical 600x600 pixel images, a pretty common size for forum posting. Lance.
  6. I agree with Mark. As for the half dollars it should be very easy to get near "melt" for them by posting them on "The Money Marketplace" here: Offer them as a lot, with or without a shipping fee (Priority Mail can handle the weight in one box for a flat fee). Silver is trading at $18.31/oz. Half dollars pre-1965 are worth $6.6226 each. You can check the latest value here: Lance.
  7. The $20 double eagles are probably worth having graded and slabbed. If for no other reason than authentication. But it would be better to find a reliable source to weed out any "problem" ones unlikely to get you a return on grading fees. Do not sell any for $1200. Shoot...the gold content alone is worth $1211 at today's prices. And that's without regard to any numismatic value. As Mark said, don't clean them. Originality matters with coins, just like antiques. We are having issues with posting large images on this forum, which would really be needed to guide you. If you can save nice images to a hosting service like you can then simply link them here (to get around the forum's puny 450k image limitation). Tell us about the half dollars. How old are they? Are they worn or uncirculated? Lance.
  8. Photobucket works for me. I used "Insert other media", "Insert image from URL" and pasted the Photobucket "Direct" links. Lance.
  9. Try another browser as a test. But don't expect to upload anything but tiny images (450k max). An alternative is to use a hosting service like or Photobucket. Lance.
  10. With storage today so cheap, easy to manage, and widely available it's shocking that images are restricted to 450k. I'm surprised there is any limit at all. Forum software can resize to keep posts sensible. Yes, it is possible to reduce the data-size of an image by lowering its quality. But that makes no sense. Why would anyone want to degrade their photos? And it's just another step to take. I hope NGC comes to their senses on this. Lance.