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  1. Nice! Hadn't looked at this thread in awhile and realized I had a couple old posts I never got the pictures attached to. One was a medal and I have no idea which one it might have been. This is the coin where the photo didn't load properly--my non-coin collecting husband astutely figured out this was an awesome coin and managed to sneak a trip to a coin shop without me knowing about it when we were living in Japan. Pretty much the best present ever!
  2. conserving a slabbed coin

    Hello, I have a coin that is currently in an NGC slab and it looks like it turned a bit. I'd like to send it in to get taken care of (looks like a bit of PVC that grew up after slabbing going by the cert photos). However, it has a pedigree on it that I would like to see stay on it. I don't mind losing the old auction sticker, but the pedigree'd label is pretty important. Will the pedigree (and original cert #) stay the same? Thanks!
  3. Guess the Grade on my new Morocco 100 Francs

    Well, I'm not shocked it's the 68--a truly beautiful coin and a great pick up! I think I was hyperfocused on what looked to be small ticks, but probably are magnified by the photos.
  4. Guess the Grade on my new Morocco 100 Francs

    I guessed under your other thread. BUT...given the 66 you posted, I would like to call this one a 67. I'm sure another TPG would call it a 67 with their fondness for a color bump. The census doesn't show a 67 though, so I'd go 66, though I think it's nicer than the other one you posted. It's not the 68 is it? Lovely, thought the tarnish dislikers might not agree.
  5. Charmy's November 2017 BALTIMORE SHOW REPORT w/lots of Pics!

    Fun to read! The meal/wine in the basement always looks so good. But, Penny-the-kitty is the best (though the grandchild is awfully adorable too!).
  6. Zimbabwe Currency

    Inflation. (I crack me up )
  7. Conserving World Coins

    How funny. I just got contacted by them. Apparently I sent them something's a small little coin worth under $100. Rather funny as not too long ago I was asking what lacquer would look like on a medal (or a conder for that matter). All that time this little coin has been in my possession. I really didn't look at it too hard before throwing it in on the submission, kind of was filler as it was a small submission geared towards one coin, and it was from the same country. Anyway, I declined the offer so when it gets back I can take a good look at it and see what I missed. I had declined one other time as it was an interestingly toned 65. Perhaps with conservation it would have been a white 66-67, in which case it would have been one of many similar widgets. I kept it original. Otherwise I have taken them up on the suggestions, and always been happy.
  8. Wish I could, but it's a work weekend. I've already done next year's schedule and will be there in the Spring (barring any unforseen circumstances).
  9. If you buy a coin that had the photo vision service...

    Well that 'Ask NGC' forum is pretty neat. Already got an answer! Super speedy. Sadly, the answer is not the one I would have preferred--I wish showing ownership would allow the new owner to get a copy--even paying the full fee. I guess I will be taking photos myself and if I'm not happy with them I'll ask the auction house for copies of theirs. No way this coin will get cracked just for photos. The answer: edited to add: I may not always get the answers I prefer (you know, the kind that benefit me, me, me), but I sure do like how NGC is attentive to answering my questions whether by email, phone, and now posting.
  10. Photo Vision® question

    Thanks--somehow I missed that page.
  11. Photo Vision® question

    I'm wondering if a new owner of a coin can have access/purchase a Photo Vision® if one was done by a previous owner/submitter. The specific situation is that I have purchased a coin from an auction (awaiting it's arrival, but it's in transit --yay!). The auction house had a photo of the coin without any prongs/slab visible. The online cert photo clearly shows the prongs/slab which sadly overlie, or in very close proximity to, a very significant design feature of the coin. Given the auction photo doesn't show the slab features I suspect either they had a Photo Vision® , had a photo done of the coin after consignment but before grading, or possibly used a stock photo. The latter is unlikely as the overall population of the coin is 10 (with 6 grading events at NGC and one other raw one selling recently enough it cannot be the same coin). In other words, if the Photo Vision® exists, can I purchase it so my registry beauty shots are, well, more beautiful?
  12. If you buy a coin that had the photo vision service...

    I meant the Photo Vision® service by our hosts here, which I'm hoping the previous owner/submitter paid to purchase. The reason is I bought a coin (tapping foot and waiting impatiently for it to arrive) that was sold at auction overseas and the auction shot was quite nice and unimpeded by white prongs. When I checked the certification photo the white prong appears to lie partially over and in clear proximity to the design feature that makes this coin nearly unique, and was not seen in the auction photo. I would like to doubt the auction house used a stock photo. The coin was purchased for me by an 'agent', so even if it was a stock photo, all I wanted was a decent example of the coin ie. untampered with and the grade was nearly irrelevant. Still, it would be disappointing to have had them do that...of a coin with a severely limited surviving mintage. (Non-US, overall mintage 6000, of those 100 had a different version of the mint mark. Of those 100, 90 were melted, so at best there is a population of 10 running around). My photo attempts will be hampered by the prongs, which will be bothersome to me as that feature is so very important. I would be happy to re-pay the full fees for access to the photos, if they were done originally. Alternatively I suspect the coin was consigned, photo'd, then submitted to NGC. Which means I'm out of luck...or I can tote the coin to NGC to get cracked/Photo Vision®/re-slabbed, which I REALLY don't want to do. ------------------ I just rediscovered the 'ask NGC' section and posted there...I may even call them, but seems silly to waste someone's time on a call like that.
  13. Is the new owner able to access/buy a copy? It's after hours so I can't call and ask ;).
  14. Help me with 1999 Silver Panda

    I see the differences you have circled, but don't follow this series all that closely. Overall, I'm not sure this is the best forum to be asking about these--not that it hurts to ask, but going by the short list of answers I suspect there aren't too many folks posting here that do follow these closely. You might try googling 'China Mint Panda' and that should get you pretty close to a Chinese specific forum--much more likely to find people who can give some more answers.
  15. Oops

    Been there, done that (recently), only I think I might keep both...