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  1. Hey, that's cool. I didn't think you could get around the grade problem...oh wait.. Hello Admin!
  2. I think those are the NGC slab #s, but without knowing the grade I can't look it up. The look-up function has been modified to require both the # and the grade.
  3. Quarters can still be fun even without silver...and you could occasionally sneak one in for her to 'find'
  4. Perhaps "Walter-the vile pedophile-Breen", and pity is not the word I would choose. Funny story (or not), I lived in Berkeley in the mid 80s and at one time in the pre-Internet era looked up his wife in the phone book as I knew she lived around there (or perhaps it was right across the border with Oakland...I can't quite remember). I was about 20 and house-sitting one Spring break and was literally a mile from the address and being the Sci-Fi nerd that I was I walked by the house. I used to kick myself for not having the nerve to bring a book and knock on the door for an autograph (yea, I know, that would be pretty stalker-y but it wasn't really a word then). But I didn't. Years later when I found out what was going on there I wondered what would have happened...other than getting yelled at for bothering them in such a rude (and stalker-y) way. Might I have figured out there was something awful going on? Of course not, but there has been a tiny part of me that wondered if I missed the opportunity to intervene/call the authorities--and I think part of my gut deep virulent response to all this partly has to do with a not-logical 'maybe I could have done something' feeling. Anyway, I ended up passing on the auctions with his books even though that was a gut-response (and an over budget one) as they were not autographed or anything. I did pick up the other books on 1/2 cents, large cents and 2 cents so perhaps I'll learn something anyway--perhaps enough to see if it's a collecting direction I might want to take. IIRC it was an internet bidder who picked up one of the other large cent book lots that included a Green book, and the single Breen book lot was passed (starting bid $50, and the auctioneer was not cutting the bids lower than the start). Oh, and as a Berkeley grad I must point out it's UC Berkeley. USC is some minor school further south ( for any USC grads...unless it's a University of South Carolina person who is merely an innocent bystander...and am I the only one who would dearly love to see the two USC schools battle it out in a bowl game???).
  5. If you have any nearby, then going to a coin show might be fun. There are frequently people who are kind and encouraging to budding collectors, and you can watch to see what catches her eye. She might enjoy digging around the 'junk' boxes and work on a 'one from every country' type collection. That's a fun one, though it's hard to limit oneself to ONE. But it can be very inexpensive and very entertaining, not to mention educational when looking up a country's history. I think the state quarter album is a fantastic way to start and I would avoid spending on slabbed coins other than a special one here or there. Let her enjoy the coins she can touch and still find in circulation.
  6. Those are pretty neat!
  7. Did the mint sell them in an antiqued version? I confess to not paying attention to the offerings when originally done. The current site offerings do not seem to show any antiqued versions of any of the available coins.
  8. It can take a long time to figure out if there is some particular aspect you like to collect. And, what you like most certainly evolve over time. Maybe consider a type set of US coins to see if anything speaks to you. Dansco is re-releasing their 7070 album which is a nice way to start. Every series has it's keys, pitfalls, beauty and history. For world coins, perhaps the good old 'One From Every Country' aka OFEC. A lot of that challenge is deciding what constitutes a country. Flipping through a Krause can give you plenty of ideas. For that maybe get an older Krause that goes back over more centuries. Hang out on message boards. Join a local coin club if you have one. Go to a few shows. Don't be in a hurry, or if you must 'invest' or buy right away consider the more liquid and generic products. Be prepared to become a bit of a student of history. Don't 'clean' any coins until you've read something about the topic--preserving and removing contaminants is worlds different than a cleaning/scrubbing and different from 'doctoring' where coins are manipulated to improve appearances and even fool others. Don't be in a hurry. (I know, I said that one already, but it bears repeating).
  9. Don't think this applies to criminal conduct. It's part of what kept letting Breen back into places where he had access to victims...people didn't share information (pre-internet). Specifically he was banned from some SciFi fandom events but was allowed back as there was concern he was being unfairly maligned (who wants to believe such a paragon is capable of such acts). Turns out an organizer of subsequent events was not aware of the previous events/arrest and he was back.
  10. A typical mechanism of a sociopath. It's not like there was a single accuser with an ulterior motive, delusional or otherwise--but oh many times the sociopath likes to claim the accuser is mentally deficient.... There was no motive at the time she came forward and his was a pattern of behavior, not some one off thing. Not that a one off sexual assault on a child is anything to brush off, but here we have a documented pattern of recurrent behavior. The sociopath is quite skilled at minimizing, deflecting, victim blaming and of course flat out lying in a wonderfully (yuck) believable and charming fashion. If you have the stomach for it you can see some of the sworn testimony given by his wife, among other people. A more foul and disgusting couple is hard to imagine given their assaults on children. I'm sick whenever I think of how many of his wife's (and her lover's) books I purchased and read when I was younger. Exactly. His personal character informs his professional. My dilemma remains--do I buy the books (knowing a transfer of a used book conveys no royalties to whatever organization owns the rights...and with his history I would have to know), and utilize them with a boulder of salt, or just pass altogether? I don't collect many US coins other than my type set, but I would like to study US coins more. Hard to decide if these are the resources to use.
  11. I finally sent mine in...this is the 'goldine' one (aka brass). Still working on the copper and silver ones (both of those came back as 67 UC). (since then I've also had a board-software enforced name change--eyeroll).
  12. Considering his absolutely reprehensible actions--repeatedly and over the course of decades-- I find it not surprising his research contained, for lack of a better phrase, shortcuts. One can be told to 'separate the art/book from the artist/writer'...a phrase not surprisingly now used about Breen's wife. Yes, her writing had much positive impact on people when read in a vacuum. However, going back with the knowledge of her own proclivities and actions (as admitted under oath even), one can find it reflected in her fiction. I re-read a few things and it turned my stomach knowing how it related to her actions...not so much fiction as wish-fulfilment-voyeurism (vomit). As for Breen, it wasn't a 'lifestyle' but an exhibition of a persistent and complete absence of anything but pandering to his own twisted desires at the expense of the most vulnerable. I suspect that a person with such a lack of a moral compass would not be bothered if he had to 'fill in the blanks'. Being an expert/guru would bolster a self-important self image...facts/lack of facts being irrelevant if they stood in his way. Adding incorrect information might even have been a thrill...if he was even conscious of doing so. Funny this topic is front and center now. There is a lot of numismatic literature I was thinking of purchasing, and some of Breen's work is included. On the one hand there is some valuable information, on the other hand the deficits in careful research combined with the disgusting human being he was has not made me enthusiastic to purchase the books. I might...I'd certainly never buy them new without understanding where any royalties might go (I have no idea about his, his wife's go to a 'trust' that supports an individual complicit in their behavior...).
  13. I should have written, middle prong and I left out the ones I was checking were the eBay listings. It's REALLY hard to see.
  14. Nowadays the cell phone cameras can do a pretty good job. With a simple crop feature and taking shots in a good light and a plain background you could get serviceable shots. That said, if you dislike the process of photographing/storing/uploading etc. that is still a step you'd probably like to skip. On the other hand, maybe pick a short series and give it a shot (hah! see what I did there!). You may find the process interesting enough that you'll decide you like it. Or, as pf-3.14 said...it's not too hard to find an excellent photographer. I started my photo career by getting beauty shots done of one of my sets by Todd/BluCC photo/something-vette on the boards. I dropped them off at his table at a coin show and he emailed me the shots (combo shots plus white background ones suitable for the registry). Loved them! But now, after a few additions to the set, I'm taking my own which aren't quite professional but it's turned out to be another way to enjoy the coins. If you want to see the work he shot the majority of this set: Linkage .
  15. I just flipped through the 1930 NGC trade dollars and it's hard to see, but the B is quite tiny and contained fully within the tip of the third trident prong. Too pain in the tush to post screen shots, but it does look to be the case. A mechanical error that NGC will correct. Is it much of a price difference?