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  1. Star City Homer

    NGC Grading McDonald's MacCoin Tokens

    I wonder if the slabbed ones are redeemable for the 'sandwich' Swore off McD a long time ago, but back when I was still eating it, I have to admit to being astonished at how a quarter pounder with cheese with fries tasted EXACTLY the same anywhere in the US, in Beijing, in Tokyo, in Spain and Germany too (can't remember the specific cities there). Kinda of astonishing yet creepy in a way.
  2. Star City Homer

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    A few newer ones. I was super lucky to have a guy with a fabulous collection decide to downsize a bit in my direction. A bit of a toner theme, but oh well. And, they really do look better in hand. I'll include the 'long view' of the one slab just to show how much better it can look. Getting the lighting right on these has been a challenge!
  3. Star City Homer

    photo posting

    Okay, I'm sure there is an obvious fix to this...but in trying to upload a photo, my 1.3 MB shot (to the 'latest acquisition--World' thread) was reduced to 130kb. I tried to drag the file to the box...and the initial preview looked better, but the edited post was the reduced size. Uploading shows 1.3 MB getting uploaded too. Next I tried linking to a hosted version of the photo, again, the preview looked good, but the edited post was fuzzy again. What am I doing wrong? The overall photo size is well below the limits listed...and using the url link to the hosted photo seems like should not affect the visuals. It's a jpeg file and 1920x960 dimensions (and ~1.3 MB). I would love to post a higher quality photo. (I'll try it again here too)
  4. Star City Homer

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    I've been known to send in pocket change. As you say, sentimental sometimes. Plus I tend to have slabbed coins and I like \consistency on some series that may have a few higher valued items 'worthy' of I'll send in the low value stuff too. Plenty of '$5' values on my submissions. I'm sure the graders wonder why, but oh well. Then again, I've been known to crack out the higher value stuff at times too...some things need to be in albums! Love the East Africa coin. That one I personally would not send in. Looks too nice free and clear like that, and it's a 'touchable' coin. My aforementioned 'pocket change' is 'high-grade-if-theoretically-common' type of stuff. My latest--an elusive deep scale variant of the first 5 sen coin. From the recent HA Hong Kong auction, and the toning was probably frowned upon over there. A white one would have been much more costly. Not exactly the best rendering of the coin as toning is hard for me to get right. Especially with slab glare. edited to add--is it just me, but why are my photos looking so blurry when I post them here? They seem to be getting reduced from 1.5 MB range to a 135 kb range. Okay, trying to drag the photo to the upload box instead of 'choose file' option. Nope didn't help. Uploaded the right size but posted at the reduced file size. Sigh.
  5. Star City Homer

    Issues with Board

    Wow, that was weird. Is it a general thing? Because it took me awhile to figure out to look here for a clue. Granted I'm a borderline Luddite, but it did not come naturally to me to make such a quick fix. And, that's just because I happen to have a link to my control panel on my bookmark bar--which has been the only way I'd ever 'found' the new chat boards. I mean, I hope that's not how a random person looking for NGC would find it.
  6. Star City Homer

    When will NGC.......

    Percentage-wise I've gotten more upgrades from coins out of ANACS slabs and more downgrades from PCGS. Wish I'd kept a spreadsheet of all of them, but the older ANACS do tend to do well. It may be selection or memory (or both) bias at work though. It'd be interesting to take a random sampling and see what really goes on. For my main collections I kind of feel like at PCGS they give the grade a bonus point for eye appeal. I'd rather get a technical grade and judge eye appeal for myself. Though really I don't crack much unless it's something for a registry set (which I like for documentation purposes if nothing else). All I know is my slab cracker (aka spouse) complains the most when I hand him a SEGS. Those are beasts! I don't think even the USPS can crack those.
  7. I'm always hungry after reading your reports. And, much as I love my dogs, I wish I had a coin loving kitty too (unlikely in a house with allergies and a dog who would chomp a cat in a heartbeat). Great report, but I'd like to see an NGC friend shot too...
  8. Star City Homer

    Book Project

    @JKK Howabout an urban paranormal bodice-ripper? A plucky half fae/half werewolf/half vampire (because, you know, the author can't do simple math), is being courted by the local warlock king, but the Alphabet Soup Government Agency is tracking her every move. She has to fight off a legion of orcs while pangfully resisting the Handsome Warlock to Save Him from the Government. But she collects modern commemoratives and pogs (which she collected after finishing her stint in the Air Force where she did Search and Rescue) so you know, it's coin related. Oh, and, she has a pet sassy miniature gryphon who smokes cigars and makes wisecracks every other page. It's only 500 pages and first in a series of 10. How much for you to do the whole series (understanding that book 8 will focus on the miniature gryphon rescuing his soulmate from the clutches of an Evil Fallen Angel)? ----------- (Okay, that was too much fun. Maybe I should start a career as a self publishing Paranormal Author). --------- @leeg How's the book going? I hope it is moving forward
  9. Star City Homer

    Is not a question ok?

    I looked on Amazon, but wasn't satisfied with the look inside feature, though I suppose I could download a Kindle sample (which won't show me the appendix, but at least the table of contents I suppose). Are the books super US-centric or is the information applicable to world coins too? I don't care so much about the 1955 double die cent, though I am very curious about double die vs. machine doubling characteristics for example. Or broadstruck/off center information. Brockage, delamination, etc.
  10. Star City Homer

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    Oops, wrong thread and I can't figure out how to delete the photo (which is looking oddly fuzzy anyway...). Carry on.
  11. Star City Homer

    Is not a question ok?

    I don't collect US coins much (other than a 7070) so I've never really thought about the books before, but would you recommend Volume II/the appendices as a good resource re: errors? Or, is there good information scattered throughout both volumes? I'm slowly acquiring a few Japanese coin errors and it would be nice to become more educated. (Apologies to the OP for a sidetrack in the thread--books are always worth being excited about!)
  12. Side question, if a coin is sent for conservation, is it evaluated for authenticity first? What got me thinking is this looks like it may benefit but it happens to come with a JNDA photo cert as genuine. (A common looking coin but an extremely UNcommon date, hence the JNDA involvement). I'd like to send it in to make sure those surfaces are stable, but would photos of the JNDA folder be acceptable? It's not 'mint packaging' to be returned like for a standard NGC submission, and I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY hate to lose the originals going through the NCS/NGC process. But, if I sent it to NCS first and had it returned, then the JNDA cert may look a bit different from the coin if/when sent to NGC.
  13. Star City Homer

    Biggest Story of the Year

    Just being silly...but tone does not always convey well. If nothing else, the post office is pretty good at cracking slabs.
  14. Star City Homer

    Biggest Story of the Year

    Thought it was totally cool (especially the 'crack out proof' holder serial #), but it's so far out of my collecting realm it didn't even cross my mind to post about it. Even so, an excellent story/coin!
  15. I should have asked for the same adjustments to the Japan Gold 10,000 yen set too :). Same coins/same data. Thanks!