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  1. Star City Homer

    Score correction request

    Hello, I can't find a link on the sets for a score correction request, but I'd like to have someone look at the 1 rin set for Japan. And, if you could point out a link from doing from within the registry that would be helpful. The M.8 (1875) has two variants and the 'separated character' one is pretty scarce (though a small handful have been graded). The catalog value is quite a bit higher than for the connected as well. Though I understand the points do not exactly correlate precisely with selling prices, there is a comparative disparity between these two variants. Here is a connected/common version from Heritage to compare (from 2015, but even so, it does give an idea of the degree of difference: Common/connected version $79 including premium Vs. A recent auction for a 'raw' piece: Ginza coin auction . About $560 converted from JPY to USD including the buyer's premium. A review of Heritage archives show ONE sold ever--and though the description was correct the coin was not correctly labeled on the PCGS slab insert in 2010: Heritage auction 2010 (variety not on label) . $480 with the lower BP of 2010. Prices are stronger now than a decade ago (perhaps as evinced by the raw one selling for substantially more than this graded version). In any case, much more scarce and desirable than the connected version which should (I think) be reflected in the registry points. And, from the 2019 JNDA showing relative values (12,000 vs. 100,000 yen in lower uncirculated grades):
  2. My train gets in Thursday afternoon so I may or may not hit the show late in the day. I'll have all day Friday and part of Saturday (or to go do something else) before my train leaves in the afternoon. A new Amtrak stop ~10 miles from my house has been a game changer. It takes longer and the timing is a bit less convenient than driving, but who wants to drive that long anyway. I'd rather nap and read a book! Now, if I carried a lot of cash or valuable coins then I'd drive and make sure I did sensible stops (one time I drove with nearly all my Albanian coins for ToddCC to photo and I basically drove straight to my hotel and on the return trip hit the bathroom, fast food, and gas station on a military base...I figured that was a safer bet!). All I have to do is convince hubs to give me a ride to/from the train, though really I could just call an Uber these days.
  3. I'll be there a bit. My extreme rationalization is that I have a few coins to send/drop to NGC so I can save on registered mail. Well, that and a weekend off, enough Amtrak points for a free trip, and enough hotel points for an almost reasonable cost. Anyone else headed that way?
  4. Star City Homer

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    See if this cover photo for my sets. So many many choices.
  5. The photo and memory book is a real treasure!
  6. Nice for the repetitive posters who get snippy and won't listen to (at least initially) sincerely given advice...aka trolls.
  7. A little late to the party...but I agree s/he should have cheerfully and politely paid for the re-holder. It's not just 'the plastic holder', the grading is a large part of why I'll by a coin online. As a complete contrast I'd received this slab, though it was packaged well and sent express yet the post office managed to really do a number on it. Thankfully the coin was fine, and thankfully it wasn't a different coin in the shipment that was in one of the special Bank of Japan hoard slabs. I contacted the seller who IMMEDIATELY offered for me to send it back to him at his cost so he could get it re-slabbed. A bit risky as IIRC it was borderline for requiring a new grading event given the degree of compromise. I happened to be sending in a submission (and live a bit closer to Florida than he does) so I sent it in with my own. The seller cut me a check for all fees including shipping. The coin came back in the fresh holder and same grade thankfully. I think it ended up being just a reholder, but it was pretty close. Anyway, I guess my point is that the seller did not deliver the coin AND slab intact and immediately took all responsibility and covered costs. Some sellers seem to think their responsibility ends when they drop it in the mail. Not so. We pay to get a package delivered to us with the item as advertised. If something happens in transit that is still on the seller and s/he can take it up with the post office (or their private insurance carrier).
  8. Star City Homer

    A shout out to NGC

    So glad to hear your coins are being taken care of (yay NGC/PCGS for helping out)...I saw the pictures you'd posted ATS and was fearing the worst. Best news other than the fact you and your family made it out.
  9. Star City Homer

    New registry format questions..including what is the hex color code?

    Thanks! As for Registry commentary, I'm sure I can think of something :D. Some of the things I've wondered about have been addressed, like the custom sets, hopefully some sort of way to format/include pictures on the narratives (I've got photos of King Zog waiting in the wings for this one!), maybe getting to pick which is the featured photo (vs. the highest point coin), and other things I can't recall off the top of my head. --How do we get to the Collection Manager? Used to click on a link on the old page, but have no idea how to get there now without getting onto the old format page (the Collector Society page version). --I like how the census is linked, any chance the price guide could be too? Or even auction records, or NGC photos if you have a database? --I do like the option of a grid or a list view of the sets. However, I miss the ease of getting an overall glance of a set. Perhaps instead of two across on the grid, make three or four across an option? Increasing the grid column number would replicate the old gallery view with more information per screen. In list view make toggling off the thumbnail photos an option--that way one can get an overall gestalt of the set more quickly. --Is there (and I haven't seen it) or will there be a slideshow view? Mostly just curious. I hardly ever did that other than on my own sets. --Will there be a way to see which set categories have an update? Used to get the red 'updated' thing. --It would also nice to have the individual set's 'last update' moved to the landing page for all the sets in a category rather than having to click on the individual set. That way you can see if your competitors have been busy --The missing photo place holder icon looks a bit too much like (kind of exactly like) an old ipod. Maybe a different graphic? Seriously, that drives me nuts in some corner of my brain. Like, 'Why is that ancient iPod there'? That's all I've got right now . Thanks for all the hard work you guys (I mean that in the California gender neutral sort of way) do!
  10. I'm planning to re-do some photos on a couple sets. I've been using a white background for the vast majority, but now looking at the new display I'm thinking of uploading the images with a transparent background--but that makes for larger file sizes that seem unnecessary. It would allow to match the new background color, both for the coin slot and for the leading/header image coin. That said, I might like to try a different color. Opinions on what looks better to the registry users...white, black, a shade (or shades) of grey, another color? Grey to match the new background? To make smaller files and to match the new background I'd like to know the hex color code though (see photo attached). Also, if I were to use the NGC photos for anything I don't have shots of...short of adding them to see, how are they displayed? A slab shot? A coin with a background color (and what color)? Once an NGC photo is added is it fairly easy to swap out for one of my own? And, not so related, is there an estimation of when the custom sets will arrive to the new? It gets unwieldy trying to pull up the old format via a google-fu link just to get to the custom set. Or perhaps make the custom set radio button live and have it link to the old format.
  11. Star City Homer

    Set Upgrades / Set Downgrades

    Will that be possible in the new format too? It's easy enough to access in the old style board but I haven't figured it out in the new style.
  12. Star City Homer

    NGC Registry Awards 2018

    Silly programmers.
  13. NGC is (or at least recently was) powered by Krause. At risk of sounding like a Debbie Downer the trick with the auctions is whether or not your conditions are realistic and whether or not there is unseen issues like PVC, things which might be tough as a neophyte (and the basic XF, AU, UNC designations leave a lot of room for interpretation). A dealer buying the whole collection or even parts of it would give you a small percentage of what a book value is...they have to do a lot of work to sell this kind of material. What might actually be a fair offer might seem insulting at first if you have based your calculations on retail. Shoot, even with the best photos and everything graded, selling yourself on eBay takes a significant chunk of your profit. That said, there will be those less honest that will hope to get a 'rip'. I guess my point is that you might be disappointed if you've been using the Krause/NGC/auctions as a guide. You could take the collection inventory to a local dealer with some examples and get an estimate. You can send the list to various online dealers that carry broad selections. I'll PM you a couple I trust and that I know of that still keep significant raw inventory. If you get 5 quotes with at least three within spitting distance of each other that might give you a more realistic idea of a wholesale value to a dealer. If you have any sense of interest and are willing to invest in photo skills you could open your own eBay store. Get slabbed a selection of those you feel are most worthy value-wise to get a sense of how close you are on the grades. Take your time and have fun with it. Lower value items can be sold as lots too. Now, that all said, I personally am especially interested in Albanian coins and Japanese coins. If you have a selection of either of those I would render an opinion, but understand that opinion will be informed by the photo quality. Shoot, that collection would be a dream for me an would keep me happily entertained in retirement for a long time :).
  14. Star City Homer

    Charmy's 2019 FUN SHOW Report with Lots of Pics!

    Always entertaining and enjoyable to read. For whatever reason the post was taking for-e-ver to load ATS, so I'm glad you put it up both places. Nasty wine though. Who can possibly call wine nasty (okay, I know you were quoting someone ).
  15. Star City Homer

    Do you have any show stoppers

    My favorite set has a coin variant with a reported surviving population of 10. 100 minted/90 melted. The coin is the 1926 Prince Skanderbeg bust 20 FrA of Albania with the fasces emblem next to the R mintmark. There's a population of 5900 for the coin without the fasces mark. The coin was designed and minted in Rome for Albania, and I suspect (though have no real basis for it) that the very prominent fasces design that the Rome mint used was not acceptable to the Albanians, so the first coins were taken out and the dies reworked. I say this because there a contemporary banknote that was documented as withdrawn prior to circulation because the eagle motif was single headed and 'not Albanian' (a double headed eagle). So, a prominent Italian symbol on the gold coin would likely have been equally unwelcome. Especially a gold coin featuring the major hero of Albania. Interestingly, there are supposedly two designs (Zog and Prince Skanderbeg busts) for the denomination in 1926, but despite a reported full mintage I know of no examples of the Zog bust in 1926. Makes me wonder if the whole mintage of that one was also pulled back and melted as well. Hard to say and will probably never know. It's been long enough that if there were any hidden away in an old Italian collection somewhere it might have emerged by now. In any case, there have been 6 grading events (a 61 and 5x63) for the fasces bearing coin at NGC per the census, and none at PCGS last time I looked. VERY unusual to see at auction, though in the last couple years IIRC 3 have popped out. The sole MS-61 has had a starting bid that seems to have precluded it's sale a couple times. Two of the 63s have now passed hands too out of European auctions. One to my greedy self which I NEVER thought could happen. I mean, it was at least 10 years before I even saw one for sale. 1926 Prince Skanderbeg 20 FrA with fasces Naturally the prong is almost right on top of the defining design element So, a stopper I never thought to own given the low population. The price was high for my collecting level, though peanuts for some I'm sure. Yes, there is a collector base, but it's not large!