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  1. Well, not that this thread hasn't gone far enough off the rails...I finally figured out what likely happened to make me think there was such an odd animal as Express Registered (which really makes no sense). The event I remember occurred about the time the PO rules changed and cremains were REQUIRED to go express. For whatever reason (appropriately sized and dense package) my clerk assumed I was sending cremains. I was trying send Registered. She was trying to explain the new rules that cremains had to go Express. Somehow that conflated to Express Registered in my mind--or maybe she did say that but was either misspeaking or misinformed. Most likely she said Express and I said Registered and heard both. My current lady had a good laugh at my expense when I was mailing a letter today. We both agreed 'priority registered' was silly but she did offer to hand carry/courier my next piece of registered mail as long as I covered the expenses. Did I mention I have friendly post office?
  2. As someone who has forgotten to remove a coin a time or two (got reminded when someone else was registering a coin and then went back and cleaned up the set...) it would be nice if there was a way to ensure the coins were still in the sets or even still in NGC slabs. Perhaps if it came down to a cash prize the sets could be 'verified' in a manner noted above. Also, perhaps if a member has not been active in a year or so a gentle inquiring could be sent to ask if they are still collecting. And, last thought, perhaps a great set can be 'archived', so still visible, but not counted for rankings or prizes. None of this would be easy or simple, except maybe the part about inactive over a year.
  3. Any word on when the custom sets will be visible in the new format? I'm very curious to see how the set gets rendered (and so I can fix it up). I'm sure to lose the embedded photo, but I noticed recently we can pick any photo to be the 'top photo' in the new format (yay!!), so I can use this as a workaround. Also, I have three coins in the set that are raw, and listed as 'want' coins IIRC. Will the photos and content on those three carry over? I have modifications I want to do to the set (ie update past 1970 for example) and maybe add in some error coins. But, I don't want to mess with it until they are visible on the NGC vs. Collector's Society. The Set That Started it All
  4. Thanks @derryb and @Conder101 too. This is so weird. I had tried to ship a box registered to NGC and my post office lady specifically said that cremains had to go 'registered express' (I was shipping coins). I remember the exchange very clearly as it was so very odd. I'd had no idea there was such a service (and it doesn't sound like there is). ALL my registered mail goes in a box (usually a recycled NGC box if I haven't destroyed it opening it up) that is 100% wrapped in paper security tape--no express or priority marks visible. Plus the whole cremains thing. I'd recently had my dog cremated (as in within a week or thereabouts) so I was VERY sensitive to the comment even though it wasn't meant poorly. I mean, I spent a couple years joking with her that I wasn't sending dead bodies in the mail. That postal worker is retired now, but next time I go in I will have to ask about it again. Maybe she was poorly informed...lord knows the office is small enough the newbies sometimes have little idea how to even do registered. I guess it's time to do some primary research rather than go by what my local guys/gals have to say. Not that I ever 'need' anything other than regular registered. Cremains. Ugh. My doggos are in the back yard thank you very much. They will not be traipsing around the world until they have re-entered the carbon cycle. As for thinking the priority registered moved any faster, that is probably an example of recall bias (and noting it when I moved back CONUS where everything moves faster). Recall bias is real. edited to clarify that I was NOT shipping cremains during that first exchange. It was coins naturally.
  5. I'm no expert on the fakes. The first thing is to check weight/diameters (which can vary by year). If you sent them to any of the big services I'd expect if they called it a fake, it's a fake. Go ahead and post (or send me a message), if I can help I will.
  6. How is it I'm the last one posting on this thread... Here is another huge want coin now purchased. I got lucky on this one a bit as it was in the Stack's HK auction. An uncommon variety in a better than normal condition. Now I can finish a graphic showing the differences in the type I, II, and III 1870 yen coin without using 'artist renditions'.
  7. Newish. I took a few coins to Baltimore to get slabbed or crossed. They made it back and this is one of my favorites.
  8. That may have been part of the least some of them could (or at least, did). I mailed well over 30 registered things FPO over the years (as well as received them). The registered ones I'd have to go to the main post office vs. the little(r) branch one at the hospital. That is getting on several years ago though so who knows. I did not know the priorty/express was handled the same though. Interesting as the local guys make something of a deal about it. Especially that time they though I was mailing cremains...and that was required registered express. I still tease them about that. Nope, not sending dead bodies (even cremated ones) through the mail! Though it actually makes good sense if I ever had to ship something like that. Nothing is more reliable than USPS Registered unless it's a personal courier or something.
  9. Very true! I'm normally fairly patient, but given the 'registered priority' usually moves a tad faster, well it was a notable delay on the one box. I use registered a lot and watch it like a hawk. The 30 days IIRC was from when there was just plain registered. Shoot, there is a registered express and once my post office tried to get me to use that because they thought I was mailing cremains. Nope, it was to NGC, and just a big box :D. So, at least CONUS, there are different levels. Back a few years ago I used to use registered when PCSing between duty stations, including to overseas FPO/APO type addresses. It was a great way to move something small, valuable, sentimental, and/or irreplaceable, that would not fit in a backpack or I did not want to chance with a contracted mover of dubious provenance (anything bulky went to a relatives house and coins were in an SDB during overseas tours). I had a move from Japan to Spain and sent a few boxes. One stopped moving and spent 3 MONTHS in one location. I finally found an official complaint channel as my local post office folks had no idea what to do (these were Sailors staffing the US postal office on the Spanish base, no neg on them but they did not have all the access a normal post office did). Once I got a live person the box finally moved. I guess someone either got transferred, got out, or got lazy on that one. 3 months to go 12 miles had to be a record. The box finally showed--it was mostly photos and my son's teddy bear that he had outgrown (but I had not and in fact still have ). The one with coins had sailed through no problem. This scenario is why I am a huge tracker of my mail. (And don't get me started on a check sent from Virginia to New York--it spend 17 days in Denver shortly after marijuana was legalized...all I can think of is that check went to a really good party). I guess like everything, as soon as one asks, the tracker updates!
  10. Well, as a punch line, and despite not getting any new notifications to my phone despite signing up for them...ALL FOUR packages are suddenly 'out for delivery'. Honestly, I'm wondering if they hadn't gotten to my local PO and sat somewhere unscanned. When I stopped in and asked in a friendly way (I actually know/like the folks in my little local office) to check their better tracking system, I did see the guy's eyebrows do a little dance. I asked if that meant if there was a problem and he said something like 'oh no, give it a bit more time'. Hope you will have good news soon as well @njboot @LISA B As usual, calling NGC or commenting seems to be a good luck charm too. You guys have great customer service in case you needed to hear that today :D.
  11. I always love a good story! Have fun with it! I found the registry stuff has truly enhanced my enjoyment of the hobby, beyond just the collecting nature of it. Reading more on history and learning way more than just what is in a catalog. Only a small bit has ended up in my set descriptions, but it sure is fun.
  12. For some of mine I give a small precis on things like mintage, diameter/weight, metal content--like what Krause includes. For a core set I'll add some history. On my favorite set I added population status, which is now redundant as there is a link to the NGC census. If they added a link to the price guide then there would be even more redundancy. For my custom set I did a completely different thing and used the comment section to describe each coin in a slot for a type set. Favorite set: Zog's Albania You can see I gave some history in the 'intro' at the top. Most of the coins are just what I listed above, but if you check the coin with zero points 'non-competitive, display only' I gave more details on that particular coin. Another favorite: Showa era 50 sen (double phoenix) I didn't put much under the individual coins, but did do a brief intro you can click on at the top. My Japan Type custom set: Custom set (Japan type set) This set I used a different approach. It's custom so still on the Collector's Society only version. General discussion in the top section, but each coin has something more detailed in the comment section. Neither of these are award winning (well other than general category for the Albanians) but if you look through the top awarded sets that might give you more ideas. 2018 Award winners That said, you don't have to put ANYTHING in the comments. Totally up to you.
  13. Mine arrived today in case anyone is looking for theirs.
  14. Are they stuck in DC? I had 4 shipments between 3/20 and 3/25. All got to DC in a timely fashion and were listed as 'departed' from there. Today, three were updated as leaving DC (for the second time) as of 4/2. The fourth is still listed as departing DC on 3/24. Of course, the only package with a gold coin is in that box! Anyway, I hate to see someone else is seeing delays, but in a way it's comforting. Perhaps the DC center had an unadvertised problem that is causing generalized delays. That's a lot better than a package missing. Fortunately registered is unlikely to be truly lost...too much accountability. Shoot, years ago I was using registered via an FPO address (from/to myself and from/to another FPO). One box sat in one location for three months as apparently the only dude/dudette with the key was transferred or something. My inquiry did get it moving again and I eventually got it. It was only sentimental items I didn't have room to carry in my backpack and would not trust to the military movers. But even so, my complaint got it found. In any case I too got a little worried about my slow packages from the point I even found the USPS page for hunting missing mail. I didn't use the form as it did not include registered in the drop down and there was too much fine print to read (I was busy). I checked in with NGC and the polite gentleman on the phone said they didn't get worried until 15 days. I'm guessing not including weekends, so though I'm on day 13, I'll let it go a few more days. Perhaps I can take @LISA B up on the email offer too if it goes past Monday?
  15. Well, that's who would have been responsible once eBay took custody? IIRC (from reading about it a million years ago) your job was 'done' when it arrived in Kentucky. I used it a few times a couple years ago but don't recall the details.