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  1. @Iceman, I am a big fan of Japanese coins. I started with a Dansco album, but ended up wanting better coins. Now I have a virtual Dansco (well and a lot more sets too) type set. Japanese type custom set edited to add: I hit enter to quickly. In any case, there are many appealing coins!
  2. Thank you! I will consider it. Rotation may hurt my OC sensibilities though. I'm not sure there are enough people interested in Albanian coins to make that happen....a few would go on in a 'better auction' and the rest would get dumped in a non-impressive venue. Otherwise that would be cool except I'll probably be dead first I'm so buried in these I will have to BE buried to let go.
  3. Is it possible to get a coin re-slabbed into a holder without the prongs (ie the old style)? I have a very rare coin and the design feature that is the distinguishing feature happens to fall right where the prong hits, partially obscuring and very much distracting from it. The coin has nothing of interest on the rims to require visualization with the prongs. Here is the view of the reverse. The fasces mark near 8 o'clock is what makes this a big deal. The auction house I bought it from had imaged it before slabbing and whenever I think of the unlsabbed photo I get a little wistful. It would be lovely to have that mark visible fully while still in the slab. The coin in question Original mintage for the total series 6000. 100 were produced with the fasces. 90 were melted. Total pop 10. So, seeing the fasces would be fantastic.
  4. I hang both places plus 'around the corner' at one of the non-TPG message boards. Same icon, different user name here once there was a melding collector society names/board names -- I started doing the registry here as the sets were more my speed but used the Homer name as that was the website I started noodling around with and I stuck with it here. In any case, still have the registry stuff here as these align more with my collecting. NGC customer service has always been outstanding and though the message boards are slower, they are still fun enough. Just need to be patient if you are waiting for a response from a fellow board member.
  5. Agree. Decimals. And when starting a few weirdo sets I knew there'd be gaps so I used non-contiguous numbers as well to leave more room for later add ins.
  6. Like the Shooting Talers? They are gorgeous! I only have one, and it's something I look at and wonder if I should keep it. No reason to sell it, but it's the only shooting taler I've got. I keep thinking I need to downsize and 'focus'
  7. I woke up this morning thinking that 'clearly the first King of the Isle of Man was a time traveller or alien...the cloak of invisibility and the boat moving without sails sound like technology at work'. Must have been having odd dreams...
  8. NCLT is tough. Technically 'money' as they are 'legal tender' and have denominations. Though I really like the design and story, it's appealing to my exonumia/medal collecting heart, not my numismatic heart. Really cool looking. I have plenty of 'pretty bullion', commemoratives, and NCLT myself, but in my heart of hearts, it's just not money or coins to me.
  9. Yes-my true core collection :). Add in Albania and medals and I am (quite literally) all over the map. Medals are nice as they can be anything. My last haul (eBay and Stephen Album auction sourced). It always amuses me to put a few together and see if I had a theme going. Other than females, these don't really have much other than tracking from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.
  10. Two new coins I'm happy with, both in NGC slabs with relatively modest grades. They were lumped together as a discount (?) lot at a Heritage weekly. But both are very interesting variants for their respective year. One was even labeled with the variety. Not totally overlooked as I paid about double the estimate, but certainly not what I expected them to go for. The first is an MS-62, 1873 50 sen with the 'long year' variety. My only other one (and one I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get at the time) is a details AU with environmental damage. Never thought I'd see a straight graded one (I have an MS-65 slab but that coin is actually the short year...and next time I'm at a show it's coming with me to get a corrected label). Many multiple value of the regular 'short year', even at circulated grades which is less common with the Japanese catalog. The second coin is an 1897 50 sen. Like several years there is a difference between the 'stem cut facing up' vs. 'down' version. For this year the 'stem cut facing up' is a scarcity. I've seen the variety for at least one year labeled, so I suspect the variety option was not chosen when it was submitted. Neither coin is superb, but as varieties they got me excited. My pictures do suck as the overhead lighting has been changed in the's messing with my lamp set up and neither is quite as ugly as its photo.
  11. Nothing wrong with a nice toaster Nice Toaster
  12. @GW He posts as Insider over at CT as well if you have an account at one and not the other. I am worse than useless when it comes to first thought was 'make it a pocket piece'. Obviously there is more here going on than that
  13. I can think of one dealer specifically that has made a great deal of noise beating the PCGS is the "ONLY" way to collect and it darn well better have a "CAC" sticker. ANYthing else is inferior and clearly not good enough. . Basically picking a segment of the market and packaging it a certain way and yelling from the rooftops it's their way or the highway (ie good enough vs. second rate). Honestly drives me nuts. Yes the material is gorgeous and high end, but guess what, no one gets to pick for me what/how/the level/the material I want to collect...and no, you don't get to tell me what is the 'right' way to enjoy MY HOBBY. Honestly it feels slimy and reminds me of a slick talking annuities or whole life salesman trying to tell me that only he knows how to manage my money. Um no, no one cares as much about my money as me and yes the returns will be great, but the great returns are those going into your pocket not mine. Don't get me wrong, I love my PCGS coins, I love my NGC coins, I love my ANACs coins (and I even have a SEGS or ICG running around too). What ties it all together are the COINS. And my registry game is NGC as it suits my collection. I've said it once and I'll say it again. It makes SENSE for NGC to run an NGC only registry. And the out of proportion ire if not outright fury I've seen directed at NGC is irritating. Lets say company A sells puppies. Company B sells puppies and kittens. People see room for both companies. But when company B decides to focus only on kittens suddenly there is outrage they 'only' sell kittens now. Puppies are still available. Kittens are still available. Why should only one company be in trouble for being exclusive? Shouldn't company A been feeling the same heat? It's so odd. And adopt from shelters/rescues/reputable breeders, spay and neuter. Don't buy REAL puppies and kittens from stores. This was just an example. Shoot, go get an adult greyhound (or other dog and after doing your homework) or an adult cat. Who needs puppies and kittens anyway...your rugs will thank you.
  14. Maybe things are different for collectors of elongated cents? Perhaps a gently worded email to her to suggest that she leaves the cleaning to the buyers would be well received. Or not and she might block you