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  1. Random and Unsolicited Request for a Cert Number

    Yup. That's all I can think of for such a weird request. Is it for a coin that's likely to be copied?
  2. Request a new NGC Registry Set here! (Updated 3/16/2018)

    Hi Maribeth, I sent the email (with KM#s), any idea if this might be approved? I may have gone SLIGHTLY overboard with the details, the with/without gold, etc. Thanks!
  3. First post of 2018!

    Hi Lawrence, You are right that we get to upload whatever coin photo we want for each individual coin--either using NGCs like yours, or our own. But which photo is selected as the 'header' photo (the one to the right of your name and set title) is one I wish we could either choose individually or upload a brand new photo for. For example, in your set the 2003 Winter Games (sweet coin!) is the highest point coin on your set, and so it is the one featured next to the set title and your name. Maybe you would prefer a different coin or the reverse of the coin to show more prominently. My best set shows an awfully nice coin, but I'd rather it showcase the 'non-competitive' coin as it's the real treasure in the set--but gets zero points. In any case, despite my very small complaint, I am looking forward to when--and hopefully soon--the US site starts using the format the Hong Kong site uses as it is FAR superior. Maybe they can add the submission tracking to Hong Kong's site, or just meld all the sites into one format. That would be ideal. In the mean time, I will continue to stalk your 1000 yen set (though I am not even close to catching you) :D. Cathy aka Star City Homer
  4. Request a new NGC Registry Set here! (Updated 3/16/2018)

    Hello, Could you consider type sets for Italy by reign. Specifically I'm interested in a denomination set (not including gold necessarily--or one with gold and one without) for Vittorio Emanuele III. As a separate set I'd still like a set for Albania under the Italian Occupation too--also with good old VEIII on them. Thanks for considering!
  5. First post of 2018!

    Thanks for pointing out the HK site! I don't recall looking at it before and it looks like some of the beta testing for the registry has been implemented over there. Click on one of your sets and you can see what they have done with some of the formatting for the registry display. Check out your 1000 yen set (excellent set by the way--I'm chasing you on that one...slowly and will probably not catch you) Hong Kong site version of your registry set The only things I don't like about that new format are that you can't choose which photo is featured (as far as I can tell, and though my #1 in points coin might be awesome, some other photo might be better) AND the formatting is lost on lengthy comments under the set descriptor. You don't have that issue on that particular set, but I saw it on my best set. I also wish we could do a custom header photo as a choice for the featured photo. In any case I had no idea this had gone past the beta test, so it was super cool to see on the HK site. Thanks again for posting (and nice to see goals and accomplishments). @Ali E. is there a way to give feedback/make suggestions (ie complain ) about the new set format? So glad to see the changes implemented.
  6. NYINC success

    These are the coins I was able to get from the Stephen Album auction, a not so common set of the clay Japanese pattern coins. It took a bit longer for the coins to arrive, plus they showed up the same day we left for an impromptu vacation--so a bit later arrival followed by a delay in picking up from the post office. The coins are patterns that were produced by potters near the end of the war when all metals were too scarce for mere money. Krause has clay coins listed as regular coins, but they were not officially released (some were reported as circulated near where some were produced but this was not considered an official release). The JNDA (Japanese Numismatic Dealers Association) catalog classifies them as patterns. A few types are shown in the catalog, but that catalog is not comprehensive. This variety shares an obverse with one in the JNDA. I need to dig up my Cummings book, I think this one is there too. Some call them porcelain, but more appropriately they are described as clay. Most are red to reddish brown, though some are brown and, more rarely, white. The darker shades are thought to be more a factor of handling and environmental exposure rather than deliberate varieties. The top coin, the 1 sen, does have a bit darker color and a more glossy look (part of why I liked this set).

    Never saw that before, but it matches the cert photo Cert link . Is it a label error? I checked the submission tiers and even the bulk and economy submission coins get a net grade. I see no grades on regular world coins--generally bulk bullion submissions that presumably weren't MS69/70 caliber labeled 'gem uncirculated'. But even those say something.
  8. candice dodge

    Pictures with a cell phone and as close to the coin where it will focus would work. You can upload them by using the 'drag files here' paper clip on the bottom of the open dialog box.
  9. Vinyl Residue

    If it looks like greenish slime it's very likely PVC. It may or may not have affected the coins underneath. If you could post photos it would be easier to tell. Cell phone photos would likely be good enough to give us an idea (you can upload them buy using the little paper clip thingy on the bottom left the dialog box when making a reply). Have no idea re: Harco, but in 1970 there were a lot of coin holders made out of PVC containing material.
  10. NYINC success

    Well, I ended up with a final NYINC success (unless you consider the state of my bank balance) in a way. In NYC I had looked at a couple lots for the Stephen Album Rare Coins upcoming sale--a set of the Japanese clay patterns from the end of WWII. They had photographed poorly but in hand were quite nice. I was a bit leery as it was for the 1, 5, and 10 sen denominations in three different lots. That always makes me a bit anxious because I'd want all or none, and was not in the mood for nuclear bidding them. They had been offered previously and not sold at a bit higher minimum bid IIRC--not an unreasonable retail level IMO (it was not a common variety). This time they were starting a bit lower. Interestingly, there was a Japanese auction running at about the same time that had all three coins in a single lot (better photos than SA and theirs didn't look quite as nice--but not enough to make a big difference). I went for the Japanese auction but was outbid. I then realized I missed my window on the SA auction as I had messed up the timing. So, I blew in on both auctions! But the Stephen Album lots went unsold (I blame the photos and strong estimate--reasonable retail) so I had the bright idea of emailing SA. Lo and behold the coins were on consignment and they ended up selling them to me. All told I paid about 10% more doing it this way...but at least I ended up with the set I'd previewed (and liked in NYC) and made sure I got the complete set without the stress of bidding three separate lots. Not a bargain, but overall consistent with the other set once fees/shipping were considered. Hope to get them here next week and can add photos.
  11. Arabic coin

    Look right below the area where you are typing and you should see a little paperclip on the bottom left. You can either drag a file to it or click on the choose files and it will allow you to upload something up to 4.88 MB.
  12. NYINC success

    Success on the bourse, but not the auctions. Then again I blew my budget relatively early on so even though I sat in on some portions of the Stacks auctions (wanted to people watch and was rewarded a bit), there were no serious bids from me. Really enjoyed the chance to do some auction previews--allowed me to see/study/hold some pretty awesome coins, including a Yap stone. Technically I just touched that one :D.

    In my limited experience with these (I have only a few) price can be heavily influenced by weight, how well the god of plenty Daikoku or other elements are centered, and how the various elements are arranged--a blank side, Daikoku on one or both side, just a character in addition to overall condition and wear. The Ansei era (as indicated by the characters on the belly area of the god) ran from roughly 1859-1865, so that is what yours dates to. In more modern times the eras coincide with the Emperor's reign, but previously they would be declared for a momentous time frame or event. Here is a current eBay auction*. The seller references the catalog page, which does show the pricing line for yours. He is selling the more rare Daikoku/character combo vs. your Daikoku/Daikoku. Given your smaller sized version, apparent weight etc. I'd guess yours would be a bit on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. edited to add the dang link!  Forgot on my original post. *I have no relationship to this auction or seller other than I may have bought something of his at some point. He's got cool coins and his stuff comes up on my searches frequently. The one in the Stephen Album link is a nicer example of the Ansei era. For comparing, here are a couple of mine. The first shows a much larger flan, and the descriptive tag which might be interesting. The second is one of my favorites. Despite a cracked flan, the detail is still so preserved you can see the marks on the bales and the eyes of Daikoku.
  14. Book Project

    5K for a copy editor? No wonder some of those self pub Kindle books I've read (trashy fiction, don't judge) obviously haven't been professionally edited ;). Seriously though, I do like Physic Fan's idea a lot. Amazon has opened up the possibility of self pub to many. Pretty sure some folks would be happy to do a little reading for you just for the chance to peek at your book. I would, but caveat I was a Zoology major in college so my attempts to help would be suspect. How many pages are you talking? My quick google seems to indicate simple proof reading around $3/page of text, good copy editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics) $4/page, and $7 or up for 'content editing'. You wouldn't need the latter, I think your peer review has you covered there. Also, any idea if a publisher like Whitman to take an interest? Do you get to the Baltimore shows or somewhere they have a presences. That would be a long shot, but the exposure might make up for the costs they bear. I do hope this works out, I really like the classic commems and it would be nice to have a quality book to admire them. Second best would be a sweet website too.
  15. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! 8:48 am, both dogs, both children, and spouse still sleeping. I'm having the traditional solo cup of coffee, cold pizza, and chocolate covered cherries (Harry and David) treat while enjoying the peace and quiet.