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  1. Well, poop. I totally missed that teeny tiny detail And here I've been wondering away. Oh well, no ANA sets for me I guess! At least none that matter. I think my Saints are ranked something like #42.
  2. I wonder how things will be handled where there is a discrepancy in how NGC and PCGS utilize cataloging. For Japanese coins PCGS has moved to using the JNDA, but there are tons of slabs without certain designations vs. NGC that follows Krause and is missing (and has at least one non-existent) variety. On a simple level for example, there are three 'types' for a Japanese 1 yen in 1870. For type 1 though, there are two varieties noted in JNDA and on the newer PCGS slabs. Krause only recognizes 1,2,3. So, would the ANA set include all four of the three types (I just like saying that :D), or only 3. Then how would the PCGS slabs get shoehorned in? Will the sets be more free form? Will the custom sets carry over? Would a top pop for a given service be awarded a benefit (I know one series where one company is about a point looser, and have no intention of crossing this way and that to get the looser grade just for a registry, but we know people who will). And what about +, *, and PL? Not all equally applied. So though the ANA registry will have NGC data, I'm assuming it will have different rules. NGC and PCGS can also run their registries too. Just which playground do you want to be in I suppose. This could get very interesting especially with the non-US collections. Ooo, and will my ANA account match me to my StarCityHomer account here? I use a different handle most other places. This one got defaulted to as this was the name I had my registries under. I lost my 'other' identity here.
  3. There are some good resources for ID'ing coins. I forgot the name, but there is an app for world coins. Plus sites like Numista (though it helps if you have an idea where to start). If you can get a paper copy of the Krause book sometimes flipping pages helps. The Krause also has a few introductory pages that include pictures of certain coin features that are associated with a particular country (like a specific icon, eagle type, etc). That said, posting a few of those good too. And Krause can be woefully off on value (and the NGC price guide is powered by Krause). Like mentioned above, condition can be key. No matter the urge, cleaning is to be avoided unless you know what you are doing (akin to the difference between washing and scrubbing). Maybe start a new thread with a new title too.
  4. Only on the US side. World coins still are NGC only. This announcement really is interesting given the rather sudden return of the PCGS coins--somewhat premeditated and strategic in retrospect. And, wouldn't it be nice if a set could be made on the ANA site that has ANACS, ICG, and even raw coins. How to score points on the later would perhaps be the owner could give their grade, which would count for 75%. Photos required and anyone who doesn't agree can ask for a more 'official' determination. We all have rose tinted glasses on when it comes to our own coins after all. And custom sets? That would be cool.
  5. If you are primarily interested in encapsulated coins then look through Heritage and Stack's offerings. They sell many that are NGC graded. CNG and Shanna Schmidt are also very reliable with raw coins (as is her father Harlan J. Berk). There are many, many reputable dealers of course but just off the top of my head those three are ones to mention. Civitas Galleries too, though his are mostly raw as well. I'm not a huge ancient collector, but I've bought from all of these and more. Too many to really list, but these are good places to start.
  6. He was referring to the subtype for year 8, not year 7. JNDA distinguishes between the two types for year 8 (as well as 4 types for year 7). The Numista photo is of a year 8. Sadly I don't read Japanese and rely on a partial translation of the catalog and a translation program. Neither of which is completely satisfactory, but the best I can do. In any case the JNDA does have a good illustration for the pearl spiral as well as the calligraphy of the 7 character for the varieties.
  7. PM sent, but I'm thinking it's the style of the 1 in the 416. One of the older years of the JNDA has a special section on the 1 yen. Can't quite remember it off the top of my head but maybe the 2015 or 2016. The google translate app can kind of/sort of help but last time I looked at it seriously it was about a different year.
  8. That's so cool. You really could do one of those display thingies at a show.
  9. In case I don't mention it ATS, always a good read! I like seeing the social aspects and Penny the Kitty.
  10. It would be nice for the new to be fully integrated. I suspect the software lawsuit explains the delayed implementation. Pending litigation generally results in no comments however. Personally I am waiting for the custom sets to be brought to the new format as well.
  11. It's still the registry and the rankings are up to date. It's also the link to get to custom sets. Go to your own log in page and you can see it reflects all the updated information.
  12. One thing you might be noticing is in the more recent past (maybe a couple years) whenever I added a coin the comment section came auto-loaded with a comma as a comment. Made it look like I'd put in a comment when really it was nothing. Just chalked it up as a weird-ism of the new system.
  13. hang on, fixing link Well try this. I couldn't find a direct link without being logged in, so maybe this will work after I logged out. Rankings Or just start from your own log in page Collector's Society landing page
  14. 15...and the penmanship! I think we have an entire generation afflicted by dysgraphia. Edited to add: just to be clear, I am an honorary member of that generation, but my kids' handwriting, geez. High school and it looks like a third grader. And it's normal.
  15. Try clicking the little thingy...that should bring up your comments on an editable screen.