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  1. Help me with 1999 Silver Panda

    I see the differences you have circled, but don't follow this series all that closely. Overall, I'm not sure this is the best forum to be asking about these--not that it hurts to ask, but going by the short list of answers I suspect there aren't too many folks posting here that do follow these closely. You might try googling 'China Mint Panda' and that should get you pretty close to a Chinese specific forum--much more likely to find people who can give some more answers.
  2. Oops

    Been there, done that (recently), only I think I might keep both...
  3. Dear NGC - Irma..........

    Unless they are in transit with the USPS...THAT I would worry about as I doubt the USPS has the same quality facilities. Seriously though, if I had coins there (almost mailed a submission about a week and a half ago but got distracted) I'd be concerned, but comfortable that the preparations were in place to keep things safe. Normal to be a bit concerned but in the end, not worth dwelling on so much though I get why the OP was asking. In the end though, coins are just things and I'd give 'em all up to make sure the people/pets are safe. I truly hope that all the living have been attended to and their safety arranged. With the amount of destructive force headed your way I for one will not be worried about the coins/registry/etc getting back online for several weeks. It's a bit late for the online wishes but hopefully everyone got out or got to a safe place! With plenty of water, food, batteries, dog kibble, toilet paper, and booze to hang tough.
  4. Heritage Auction

    Define lucky :D. I bought a duplicate I don't need, just because it was pretty. Kind of a waste of money but oh well. It was Albanian. When I croak I think some museum is going to wonder what the heck to do with the Albanian coin set donation. No one in my family will want them and the other three Albanian coin collectors won't need/want them.
  5. Under the "New" board, how do you follow a post?

    Well, now, that goes to show how much I'm not following any posts. Once you see the green plus sign it's a 'doh''s just hard to see things sometimes.
  6. Under the "New" board, how do you follow a post?

    Took me a minute too...
  7. Post your most recent world acquisition thread !!

    A few posts above I showed a Japanese coin I bought from a European auction house. This is a European coin (Albania) from a Japanese auction that arrived recently. Life is weird in world coin collecting. It's actually the second 'difficult' Albanian coin I've found in Japan, which makes me wonder about a Japanese collector of Albanian coins.
  8. pcgs

    Would you characterize the PCGS registry the same way? Just curious as some people get so incensed over both TPGs having aligned rules, yet the ire is disproportionate.
  9. Pictures in registry set descriptions

    Well shucks.... Sort of like keeping the PCGS coins in the registries but not allowing more. Maybe it has to do with the updating they are doing to the registry's much more photo friendly for the coins, but maybe not for the description section. Unfortunately they haven't added a live link to custom sets so I can't check my one set that has a photo. Thanks for the info. Oh well. I'm bummed so I'm posting it here:
  10. Pictures in registry set descriptions

    I've got a header photo in one of my custom sets, but can't seem to add one to one of the competitive sets. Does anyone know the coding for that? As far as I can tell I'm doing the same thing as what I did on my custom set.
  11. What do you think of this design?

    Pretty cool circulating coinage. Never heard of the sheep before either, nice to learn something new!
  12. Any one else having trouble with Photobucket?

    Does this work well for third party hosting? Backing up I can do (have a mix of hard drive/cloud) BUT what I'm looking for is a simple host. I'm probably going to get Imgur for those sites that need a third party (like for my dogs as collective coin frowns on being used for anything other than coins) and my cheapy website plan also does not want to function (by the TOS) as a third party host. I can pull off a few, but not for anything organized.
  13. Unfortunate update on kryptonite comics (Shane Canup)

    I thought this meant no third party could access the internet on his behalf. Kind of sucks if you can't access your bank account and end up being found innocent yet in the meantime you've ruined your credit over missed bill payments (and all your bills are e-bills)--or lost your livelihood if you happen to be required to do some online certifications or something. Don't get me wrong, people with these kind of obscene and internet based charges pending should not have unfettered access to the internet...but in the modern era it seems there should be some kind of 'activities of daily living' accommodation while the wheels of justice are turning.
  14. Coin Collecting

    Yes. Or a genetic disorder. Pretty sure I have a dragon gene--must hoard shiny (or not), round, metal disks.
  15. Is NGC on Holidays?

    Try the 1-800 #...I've always gotten fast and cheerful responses. And, they were probably closed Monday, and definitely Tuesday!