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  1. Funny, I've gotten a few UPGRADES from coins in ANACS holders. More than from ATS. And, for the sake of the thread, here is a photo of a jeton from my earlier attempts with my new/old camera. The hippocamp is a cool mythological beastie.
  2. Okay, here's another, and a test of the web host/NGC board interaction. This is the first silver yen I ever bought. It was used as a placeholder in my Dansco Japan Type set album for many years. After all, a chopped up yen would effectively function as a trade coin. Now I strongly suspect this was a messed with/played with coin as there are just so many chops. Any chop experts could perhaps weigh in on that. Even so, it's a sentimental piece and has character.
  3. I'm on a MacBook Pro too, but using the Chrome browser renders everything fine. Pretty much given up on Safari--too quirky on too many websites. Fun reading! I like the kitteh photos at the end.
  4. Yep, and I wouldn't have guessed numismatic items except for the response the OP got to his/her phone call specifically included numismatic items. Even though the IRS treats bullion products as collectibles I can at least see that falling under financial product from a business sense. Including ancient coins, and other numismatic items seems egregious...yet that is what the OP reported. Well, I got a second message from PayPal telling me how to open a dispute (closer but not quite what I asked) and I FINALLY got a third message--the highlighting theirs. Notice how it does not address the upcoming changes , just the current policy. << Dear XXXXXXXXXX Thank you for contacting PayPal. Payments for the following are not eligible for reimbursement under PayPal Purchase Protection: - Real estate, including residential property - Businesses - Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft and boats - Significantly Not As Described claims on custom-made items - Items prohibited by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy - Item not received claims for items which you collect in person, or arrange to be collected on your behalf. - Industrial machinery used in manufacturing - Items equivalent to cash, including prepaid or gift cards - PayPal Direct Payments - Virtual Terminal Payments - Personal Payments - For INR (non-receipt) claims, items which you collect in person or arrange to be collected on your behalf, including items bought through In-Store Checkout at the retail point of sale - Purchases for precious metals (i.e. gold, silver, platinum, etc.) purchased in bulk (bullion) or in individual coins are currently excluded from coverage To learn more about PayPal Purchase Protection, simply click "Legal" at the bottom of any PayPal page and then click "PayPal User Agreement." Or kindly refer to this link for further information https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-full >>> The applicable sentence can be weaseled... - Purchases for precious metals (i.e. gold, silver, platinum, etc.) purchased in bulk (bullion) or in individual coins are currently excluded from coverage -Purchases for .........................................silver............................purchased..............................in individual coins are currently excluded from coverage I think if it was a big enough hit PayPal would use this. But I very much dislike PayPal and tend to view them from an automatic negative light, so perhaps a less biased person than me would interpret this differently. Or, someone more well versed in legalese.
  5. So, in typical PayPal fashion, this is the response I got to the above questions.. Seriously. So on a whim I just called. First I pointed out how inappropriate the response was. Next I asked to have answers to my original questions as to what was included as a financial product/instrument--while noting that the IRS considers all as collectibles including Gold/Silver ETFs and bullion with regard to taxation. The agent first tried to discuss eBay coupons, and I again pointed out that had nothing to do with my email. Next she tried to say I had to talk to eBay. I informed her that this had nothing to do with eBay as this was a question about the recent notification for upcoming changes to PayPal policy. She tried to insist and I pointed out that eBay is only one single venue and this was only peripherally related to eBay as it is only one site. I then asked to speak to a supervisor as it did appear that she was unwilling to answer PayPal questions and merely shunt everything over to eBay. She suddenly knew how to pull up the PayPal buyer protection policy after all. She read the current one back. I politely pointed out that was not what the upcoming policy changes stated. She said it was the same. I said put it in writing and email me. I will not hold my breath. According to this unexceptional specimen everything other than boats, real estate and motor vehicles will remain covered.
  6. Did you have another email you might have used for the Collector Society account? I think they are using that email and then the message board handle to combine accounts. At the moment I'm trying to disentangle the merge...I had one name for my CS (registry stuff) and one for my message board activity. Because I had the same email for both, they are getting squashed together. For those who had two emails--one for CS and one for the boards, but the same handle it appears as though this is generating the '1' accounts (Lablover and Lablover1). This may not be what is causing your problem, but it is a problem. There is a sticky post on top of the main CGC page (https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/ ) where you can ask them to straighten it all out--which you should do as eventually the old board link is likely to go away.
  7. It's their business, their rules as long as they aren't excluding a protected group. I did not mean to imply they COULD NOT impose the rules, only that their wording was 'unclear'. Not deceitful in a legal sense so much as an obscuring sense. Perhaps 'an obfuscating manner' was what the word/phrase I was searching for in my under caffeinated state. And, it's not like you can't use PayPal for transactions, only that one would lose buyer's protection. Thanks for the edit re: product vs. instrument. IMO 'instrument' would be a negotiable financial item in current use and much easier to argue against (ie for obsolete coinage/cancelled certificates etc). A product sounds more like it could actually include collectibles, perhaps of any sort. Anything that might be touted on late night TV as a 'collectible sure to rise in value'...so maybe that Beanie Baby won't really be a safe haven after all. Google-fu has it that Financial Products include banking, CASH, credit cards, gift cards, insurance products, mortgages, credits, loans, and INVESTMENTS. If one considers collectibles part of their 'investments', 'retirement planning' or 'estate planning' it could qualify. If PayPal chooses to interpret collectibles in this fashion coins could qualify. One argument against would be the IRS treatment of collectibles--the precious metal etfs are taxed as collectibles vs investments. Sort of like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse and picking the rules and security measures. Once there was a claim, then suddenly one's 'collectible' would be considered a financial product at the convenience of the fox/PayPal. Well, I await their response and will share once/if I get one.
  8. Okay, this is what I sent them: Hello, I would like a little clarification on the new 'financial instrument' policy. 1. Does this include collectible coins? 2. Is there a distinction between different items to be found in the 'coin' category? 3. Does this apply to obsolete coinage (ie. de-monetized and of zero value for exchange). Many of these are sold in denominations that no longer exist or even for governments that no longer exist (think pre-euro coins of Europe or coins from ancient Illyria etc). 4. Does it apply to any coin that is sold for more than 'face value' or for bullion value? 5. Does this apply to bullion coins that are explicitly made as a collectible and so designated by a government body (such as proof coins which are not valued based on face value or bullion content). 6. If applying to 'all coins' does PayPal understand that many things are sold in the 'coins' section of eBay that are exonumia and don't have any stated monetary value (ie medals)? 7. Same questions for obsolete banknotes? 8. Same questions for those who collect obsolete/cancelled stock certificates? 9. If coins/notes are 'graded' and encased in third party holders does affect their status as collectibles? I'm sure I could have worded all that better, but I'm only halfway into my first cup of coffee. It still may be a problem for modern collectors, which is why I threw the TPG in. I'm of the opinion if an item sells based on face value or strict bullion value it could fall under their edict. Otherwise they are just being insufficiently thoughtful if not borderline deceitful for de-monetized/obsolete items. Hmm, deceitful is not the word, but I can't think of the right one now. I wonder how much actual $$ in coin related transactions PayPal funds...and if anyone over there thought about it. Or, maybe they lose too much in chargebacks and fraud claims and this is a nice way to dump the category. Hate PayPal as a seller as the fees are atrocious (and getting worse) but I will miss it as a buyer as it's terribly convenient, especially when buying from overseas.
  9. What number did you call? Would be interesting to hear if they give a consistent answer...which doesn't always happen. I wonder if eBay will make a note of this during payment.
  10. I don't collect Canadian but from what I've read other people saying, ICCS is very well respected. Some differences in terms of what %red will get you a red vs. red-brown type of thing, but for the non-copper types that's not an issue.
  11. Probably a dumb question (I know, I know 'there are no dumb questions'...but there are inquisitive insufficiently_thoughtful_persons! This will be an example). My chat board nickname 'Stork' is one I use here (obviously), and I like it for consistency. But I used a new nickname for the Registry. Seeing as it's neither name/handle but my email to log in with for the Collector's Society, will my nickname for the chat boards be Stork or my other nickname? I've been using 'Stork' for over a decade on the coin boards, but didn't want it for the registry stuff, and in fact made up a new handle (even grabbed a website domain for it). I'd hate to not be 'Stork' anymore--and would really hate to have my old history changed to the new name--but I also don't want to change my registry sets to the 'Stork' name as it's kind of silly. (Not that my other name is not silly .... but in a different way). Don't get me wrong, it's not a secret what my other handle is, but it's not 'me' like Stork is 'me'. Thanks, Stork/SCH/csc/etc. edited to add: Great about the upgrades though--look forward to easier picture posting!
  12. There are many reasons to buy slabbed coins, not just for display. And, you can display your coins in many fashions. A lot of people are doing websites (free to low cost hosting available) including some really neat album set ups. Take away the registry, how is this different than cointalk or CU? It still is full of interesting stuff you enjoy. This comment sounds like the old 'cutting off your nose to spite your face'. PCGS is great. NCG is great. Both have great coins. There is no need to buy only one type of slab. Shoot, some of my coins are in 'gasp' ANACS and ICG slabs. Sure I cross a few things over --- the ANACS seem to get a few upgrades here and there, or I want some variety noted that isn't. But it's the coin, not the plastic. PCGS is very good at telling people they are the Mercedes, so much so it becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy. Until it doesn't. . Now, this sounds like you are offended because NGC is acting like PCGS in terms of the registry exclusivity. Is it really WORSE for NGC to start being exclusive vs. PCGS that always was? If there are two people and if A does something you don't like, you decide to hang out with B. But, then B does the same thing. Does that suddenly make A your friend instead of B, or will you treat them equally now? Yes, Ali rocks and the customer service is fabulous here. Registry additions and help are fantastic. The only reason I have so many sets is because Ali/etc (I'm sure she does not work in a vacuum) listen and are very responsive. Do look into the custom sets. You can make one however you want and IIRC you can still put your PCGS coins in there. My 'best' set is something that does not exist as a regular registry set and I created the custom set. Any coin can be added as a 'want' including descriptions AND PICTURES. It doesn't restrict anything to a 'deep pocket' type of deal. The awards for those are NOT points based, but based on information, presentation and 'just plain awesome' (I made up that last one, I don't think it's official). There is no 'highest points' category. I'd be way more impressed if I won a custom set award vs. one for a high points set. Or, set up a website, or one of those cool albums. Maybe they aren't competitive, but you can still display your entire set (which is what you did note as being important). Now I realize you are venting, and perhaps I'm a little removed from it all as I collect mostly world coins so I hope I'm not sounding unduly harsh. Yep, it sucks to have the registry changed. At least coins are not being removed that are already in the sets. But, you do have options. I just think you are judging NGC more harshly than PCGS for similar behaviors.
  13. That is a super medal! And worth a bit as you can see by the recent Heritage sale. The pricier one was a '65', so figure a hair less. That is on my 'dream on' list--I really like it, want one, but it doesn't 'fit' my collecting interests and is too spendy to make an exception. Unless your friend wants to do a trade for a few conder tokens or something. What does s/he collect and are trades an option?