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  1. Here are the 1952 PDS Washingtons for my A toner Dansco. The P and the D were imaged by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.
  2. Fifty years ago today, 11/9/67, the first Saturn V flew. This was the rocket that allowed the US to send men to the Moon. It stood taller than the Statue of Liberty, was more massive than six Boeing 747 jetliners and generated more thrust than two dozen of the jumbo jets. Now the US can't even launch a human to low Earth orbit. We have to pay the Russians to take us up to the International Space Station. Post a coin from 1967 or one that has a space based theme.
  3. D_ck was a friend of mine. He was selected in NASA's 3rd group of astronauts, in 1963. He was a pilot on Gemini 11, in 1966, where he became the 4th American to walk in space. On that flight he and mission commander, Pete Conrad, also docked multiple times with 2 Agena target vehicles, and achieved the first (planned) artificial gravity in space, by connecting a tether from the Gemini spacecraft to the Agena, disconnecting the Gemini from the Agena, and then spinning up the two attached spacecraft. They also essentially doubled the altitude record to ~ 850 miles by using the rocket in one of the Agenas (it is still the highest record for a spacecraft orbiting the Earth). In November 1969 D_ck flew on Apollo 12 on the second manned lunar landing. He was the Command Module pilot, the guy who orbited the Moon while the other two astronauts landed. He was the backup commander for Apollo 15 in 1971, and was the commander of Apollo 18, which unfortunately got cut due to budgetary constraints. D_ck was a naval aviator and had a GREAT sense of humor. One example of this occurred on the Apollo 15 flight. As mentioned, he was the backup commander. The prime crew of Apollo 15 were all Air Force personnel. On the cover of the Apollo 15 Flight Plan (THE checklist for the entire mission) just under the printed words FLIGHT PLAN is a small blue and yellow sticker that says "Fly Navy" that was put there by D_ck. Please post a coin that either was minted in 1929, 1966 or 1969 or one that has a nautical motif on it, in memory of Richard Gordon.
  4. Curious Acquisition: 1943-S PL Washington Quarter

    Nice looking PL '43-S Washie!
  5. Here are the 1952 PDS Washingtons for the B toner Dansco. Finding a decently toned D mint is a tough gig, so I was particularly happy when I received this one after bidding on a blurry picture on eBay. BTW, that is not scratching on the cheek bones of the S, that is just the toning pattern. The P & D images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.
  6. Same coin, different color?

    "Same" toning. Pretty toning!
  7. Here are my 1951 PDS Franklins for the A toner Dansco. Given how butt ugly most toned 1951's tend to be, I'm quite happy with the group. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.
  8. Thank you guys for the info!!!
  9. Here are the 1951 PDS Washingtons for my A toner Dansco. I am particularly happy with the 1951-S as the toning on the reverse is as nice as the best mint set toning I've ever seen on any 1951 Washington (of any Mint). The coin is also quite clean technically, and IMO should go 66 if slabbed... not bad for $17. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he'd did an excellent job.
  10. I'm guessing this has been answered somewhere, but for those of us that have unsuccessfully looked for the answer, how do you mark a post on the "new" boards to follow it? Thank you!
  11. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    I'm sorry you got ripped on the set Bobby, but I'm glad you've got a set you want.
  12. Franklin Halves- Type 2 Business Strikes

    Nice ones. You'll also notice that the 1959 has linear features on the obverse. This is a condition that occurs on some P mint silver coins minted in 1960, and to a lesser extent in 1959. No one knows exactly why it occurs, but the best explanation I've heard so far is that it was most likely due to the rolling process of the silver sheets that were eventually stamped into planchets.
  13. 1858 Double Eagle

    Thank you. Good luck with your Grandparents birth year sets. I was born in 1958, so this is a "Pre"-Centennial.
  14. 1858 Double Eagle

    I've been working on putting together an 1858 business strike set since 2008. It's been a long, slow, enjoyable trip. There are 29 Types/MM in the set. Two of these 29 I'll never be able to afford. Given the WIDE range in prices for the assorted Types/MM I've decided to set a top price that I'm willing to pay across the board for all Type/MM. The downside of this is that the set as a whole bounces between Gem mint state coins down to lower VF coins. The upside is that I get the finest coin I can for each Type/MM. There are three Double Eagles in the set; O, P and S. The S is by far the most common. The O is one of the two coins that I will not be able to afford for the set. The P is a tougher Type 1 date/mm. Here's my P double eagle for the set. It's in a PCGS OGH XF45/CAC slab. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.
  15. Here are the 1951 PDS Washingtons for my B toner Dansco. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.